Showmaker Awards

Felicia: Welcome back! We're onto our final part of this evening - the Showmaker's Awards and the last two awards of grandeur!
Mr Love: Ok, let's get crack-a-lacking!
Felicia: Please don't say that again.
Mr Love: Yes ma'am. Our first award of this round is for Best Management! Here to present it - it's a good face of ours, Absolute!


Absolute: Hey, remember me? (laughs) Having good management means getting your show done on time, not making empty promises and generally being organised, Here are the nominees:






And the winner is...another tie!! This time between Sam and MelKaya!

Sam: This is awesome! Thanks so much everybody, I work so hard on the shows so I'm thrilled with this. It means a lot. Thank you so much!

Mel: Oh dear lord, I don't deserve this award after what a disaster I had today! I can't aplogise enough! But thank you for voting for me!


Mr Love: Aww bless.
Felicia: Our next award is for Best Literacy! Can you spell properly? We shall see! To present the award, please welcome our music lover Nathan!


Nathan: I guess I'd better use spellcheck more often if I didn't get nominated for this! (laughs) This isn't just for spelling, this is also for good punctuation and grammar. Here are the nominees:





And the winner is....Jason!

Jason: I are much excited too except this award for good Ingrish! Receiving this award makes me absolutely ecstatic, because it’s refreshing to have good literacy recognised for a change. Before finalising scripts and publishing shows, I meticulously analyse each episode for typos and grammatical errors, using spellcheckers and by re-reading several times, to make sure everything is as close to perfect as they can get! I offer proofreading for other people’s scripts too, so get in touch if you want to take me up on the offer! *Winks at Sam in the audience*

Felicia: Ooh arrr I do like that Jason I do.
Mr Love: You know he likes men, don't you?
Felicia: So do I, we have something in common!
Mr Love: Sad. Our next award is for Best Photography! Come on down, Stella and Sandra from Richer Than Rich!


Sandra: I may not like her in the show but I do love her in real life!
Stella: Oh you! Photography really helps bring out the beauty in your actresses.
Sandra: Yeah, could you imagine us all faded out and horrible because of rubbish photos?
Stella: Disgraceful. Here's some examples of the nominee's photography that DOES stand out:

MelKaya - Like Minded

Sam - Bob & Betty - The North Pole

Sam - Outbreak

Nathan - Satanism

Sandra: And the winner is...MelKaya for Like Minded!

Mel: Saaaaaweeeeeeeet! Thank you for voting me, again! I keep saying thanks but it will never be enough. I do enjoy doing the shooting for Like Minded, purely because I love being creative and experimenting with the camera angles and the surroundings. I also religiously go by the camera and lighting mods I adore!

Felicia: Our next award is for Best New Writer! Now this one is tricky since everyone after 2007 is new, basically! But let's see what you have thought! Bring the results in, Stewart!


Stewart: SimTV is always looking for talented and creative writers for new shows. When the veterans such as myself hang up the towel (but I do want to finish Sim Street first at some point...) it's nice to know the younger ones will be there to keep on the legacy. Here're the nominees:






And the winner is....Absolute!

Absolute: I'm actually... speechless. What an honor! Well, I hate long speeches so I'll keep this short. I just want to thank everyone who voted for me. This was definitely unexpected. Oh, and I'll take this opportunity to let you know about my latest project - Bridgeport Hills. A show that will take "show making" to a completely new level. And I'll leave it at that. Thanks!

Felicia: I hope he does come back and write for us again!
Mr Love: Time for our last writer-specific award now - Most Improved Writer. To present it, here's Jamie from Werewolf!


Jamie: Hi! I guess they chose me to do this award because I'm a geek in Werewolf and so can tell improvement or something (laughs) I'm happy with the privelage though! I hope people continue to watch Werewolf when it resumes. Anyway, here are the nominees who have improved since they begun:




And the winner is...Sam!

Sam: Thanks for voting for me on this award everybody! I've come a long way so thank you! I'm very grateful!

Felicia: It's now time for Best Forums Game award! Get your strategy caps on! Here's some famous reality faces, Natalie, the winner of GSM and the Pleasant twins!


Natalie: Hi everyone! It's been a while since I was last involved with SimTV. These two are a right handful but it's been fun to get to know them.
Angela: That's hot.
Lilith: So, like, here are the two nominees for the Best Forums Game, althought they suck because they don't involve us.
Angela: That's......not.

Forum Sim Brother


Natalie: And the winner is...Forum Sim Brother!

Stewart: Thank you so much to everybody who voted for Forum Sim Brother. It's great to make the show but it wouldn't be half as good or as fun if it weren't for all amazing housemates there have been over the years... and Pheobe. So special thanks to all the housemates as well as the people who vote, read and write about the series. It's always a blast making the show so here's to many more series to come. And hopefully next year I'll be on this stage collecting an award for Sim Street, because the final season will be on SimTV this year. I promise. Thank you and goodnight.

Felicia: We now have our final two awards! I know - almost over!
Mr Love: Time for it! Here's the Best SimTV Series award for 2011!
Felicia: You've seen them in the movie beforehand, now who will be crowned?
Mr Love: To present, here's two lovely ladies: Kerry and Lauren from the awesome Sim Street!!!


Kerry: Hey everyone!
Lauren: You can tell this is a big one, everyone's quiet!
Kerry: Well, you know the nominations: will it be the fast-paced Outbreak?
Lauren: Will it be the hilarious Bob and Betty?
Kerry: Will PlantSim steal the bark from Werewolf's namesake?
Lauren: Will Sim Brother teach Like Minded to be more realistic?
Kerry: We can confirm that the SimTV Best Series for 2011 is...





Mel: OH MY GOD!!!

Mel: Wow...this is amazing, seriously...I'm so shocked! The other 5 nominees were so awesome, and to pick mine out of them must have been a really hard Thank you so so much! Thank you to everyone who voted, to everyone who's commented on Like Minded and I really hope you enjoy the next installment of the story because the ending is far from near. If that makes sense. It'll be a big finale, I hope (laughs) Ok goodnight and thank you!


Felicia: It's now time for our final award!
Mr Love: Yup, the Contributing Achievement Award!
Felicia: This award was a toughie, because some people gave good reasons and others gave not so good reasons.
Mr Love: 5 words doesn't really count as good.
Felicia: This award is going to go to a guy who's contributed loads to the site - his personal growth has been amazing and he's done so well. He started off with no idea how to stop those blasted speech bubbles but now he's gone on so far as to create such gory shows it makes me want to cry and hide behind the sofa!
Mr Love: If you haven't guessed already - it's....



Felicia: Well done Nathan! And bad luck to those who didn't win - now you'll be motivated to do even more for the site and the community!


Mr Love: Well that's all we have for this evening! What a great haul! Thankyou for watching us til the end, drive back safely and I hope everyone has a good time at the after-show party! I know I will...I've got my eyes on Davina.
Felicia: He just won't stop will he?