Show Specific Awards

Felicia: That gave me goosebumps!
Mr Love: Not much does.
Felicia: Eh?
Mr Love: Nothing!
Felicia: Hmm…our next round of awards is up and we’re starting with Best Leading Male! To present the award, we have two lovely ladies from the hit show Like Minded: please welcome Melody and Nurmel!


Nurmel: Cheers again for the award for Best Mystery, we’re really chuffed!
Melody: A leading male has to be likeable, funny, kind and basically a leading male…*cough*
Nurmel: Here are the lovely dashing men who make the shortlist:

Bob Newbie

Keith McDowling

Zach Hall

Chris David

Johnny Smith

Melody: The winner is…that loveable fatso! Bob Newbie!

Bob: Wow, this is a huge honor. I'd just like to say a big thank you to my fellow three main cast members, you're all amazing girls. And I'd also like to say a big thank you to Sam and Rob for making Bob as funny as he is and I look forward to bringing more comedy from Bob over the next few series'. Thank you!

Mr Love:
We can’t have leading males without leading females! Bring on the ladies! Presenting the award are two dashing young men, Zach and Keith from our favourite supernatural shows Werewolf and PlantSim!


Zach: Rickroll!
Keith: Oh dear.
Zach: It’s a bit odd seeing us not in makeup isn’t it?
Keith: Easy for you to say, you don’t have to have green everywhere!
Zach: Yeah but I still got to have fur everywhere.
Keith: haha! I love it really. Here are the lovely ladies up for the award:

Stella Roth

Juliet Henderson

Nurmel Rosetta

Tina Stripe

Betty Newbie

Davina McCall

Zach: And the winner is...that feisty redhead Nurmel Rosetta!

Nurmel: Gee whiz! I can’t believe I beat Davina! I mean, she’s good so I wasn’t expecting anything! Thanks to Mel for putting up with me on set, I do love my work and there have been rough times but I love the show and I really hope it looks fantastic later on!

Felicia: Good old Nurmel, I hope things get better for her in the show.
Mr Love: She needs a good Mr Loving.
Felicia: Not from you, I hope! Our next award is for Best Storyline, and to present it we have a veteran show maker, Jason!


Jason: I always value storylines when making a show, they help develop the characters and keep a show interesting! Here are some of the best Storylines:

Nurmel’s discovery of more Like Minded in the world

Tina Stripe’s downfall and death

The earthquake 

Nurmel and Melody finally meet

The “love” triangle between Stella, Malcolm and Sandra

Jason: And the winner is…Nurmel and Melody finally meet!

Mel: What?! The earthquake in Crystal Town was way more dramatic! Come on! Haha! No, I am really happy, and surprised too. The meeting between the two girls was a climax, and a bombshell when it finally happened, so I am proud of that moment. Thank you everyone who voted for me!

Mr Love: Our next award is Best New Character! It’s always fun to have a fresh new person in a show! Please welcome to the stage, the three girls from Crystal Town, Tina, Megan and Kacey!


Tina: New characters are always fun especially in a drama like ours!
Megan: But sometimes the old ones are still the best.
Kacey: Not that we oppose new ones though!
Tina: The nominees are:

Sandra Roth

Gay Jay

Arlette Adler

Juliet Henderson

Phil Costello

Megan: And the winner is…oh my! It’s a tie between GayJay and Phil Costello!

Gay Jay: This is honestly the best moment of my life. To play such a popular and well loved character who's also gay is amazing enough but to receive this award just makes it so much better. Thanks everybody! Honestly!
Phil: I’m just surprised people voted for me to be honest! I mean, I’ve only been in the show a couple of episodes, I guess I made a really big impact? I’ll be in Series 5 a lot more, so I hope people look forward to that!

Felicia: Which moment of SimTV has made you belly laugh? Time for us to see Presenting the award of Most Funniest Moment, please welcome Maddie and Amanda from Ollingdale!


Amanda: Although my character doesn’t look it, I do like a good laugh, it’s good to laugh!
Maddie: So here are the nominees:

Bob has a nightmare that Betty is Marge Simpson

Bob’s attempted seduction of Betty in Deep Space Bob

Gina’s statement, “Someone said something sexy.”

Keith burning down Rhiannon’s house.

Zach and Jamie as rich Victoria gentlemen

Sinistre and Ruse’s failed plans

Yvette Fielding takes over the house

Amanda: And the winner is…the Marge Simpson nightmare!

Sam: Thank you so much for making the Marge Simpson cameo the funniest moment! I'm really proud of it, it was so funny to write and produce it and at least the Simpson's have made someone laugh! They haven't done that in years, so thank you!


Mr Love: Every good show needs it's villain! So which one did you pick? Time to find out! To present, we have Ophelia from The Spector Curse!


A villain is always the atagonist - someone sinister. And I almost got chopped up by one! Spooky stuff! Here are the frightfully evil subjects:

Stella Roth

Mary Waynes

Winston Benning

Amanda Littlewood

And the winner's another tie! Between Stella and Winston!

Oh my gosh thank you so much for this award. I didn’t think I’d get this at all; it’s an absolute honor working on Richer Than Rich and to actually receive an award for doing it is a massive bonus for me so thank you so much.

Winston: Thanks for thinking of me even after it was so long since I was last in the show! (laughs) I'm happy to have made a bad impact on all of you, and no matter what my character might say, I adore Nurmel to pieces!


Felicia: Our final award in this section is the Best Exit of a Character. Whether it's death or just being left behind, it's sad to see a loved character leave. To present, please welcome Poppy from cop mystery Confidential!


Thanks everyone for your support of Confidential! I hope we can reach a second series. It's always a hard thing to do, to say goodbye to a character. Here's some moments you remember the most:

Tina Stripe’s death

Jessie Rose being left behind

Winston Benning’s incarceration

And the winner is...Tina Stripe's death in Crystal Town!

Thanks so much everyone! It was an amazing way to depart the series, which turned out to be the final episode so I really am touched. Thank you everybody! I love you all!
Sam: Well she pretty much said everything I wanted to! Thank you for voting for Tina!

Mr Love: Time for another break. This time, let's look at the shows that have finished recently, or started and never quite kept going. Here's hoping some of them will return for more.

Past Shows

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