Category awards

Felicia: Alright! Time to kick off the night with the genre categories!
Mr Love: I used to be a contestant with my show in these ones.
Felicia: How lovely. Our first host is a good friend of ours, the creator of the famous Sim Sketch, come on down, Rob!


Rob: Comedy is something that sometimes comes naturally, with others it doesn’t. I’m proud to give this award, as Comedy is something I love to share myself. The nominations of this award are:

Bob & Betty!

Help! I’m a PlantSim!



And the winner is…..oh my god! It’s Bob & Betty!!!

Sam: Thank you so much, wow this is awesome. Thanks to everyone for voting for Bob&Betty for best comedy. We do work really really hard to try and make it as funny as it possibly can be. I'm really pleased people have liked it so much, so thank you.
Bob: This is fantastic, thanks everyone! That's all I can say really. I'm chuffed.
Betty: It's a great honor, thank you.
Rob: Thanks everybody!

Mr Love: Wasn’t that awesome? Our next category is Best SimTV Drama show. To give the award, please welcome the two latest Reality TV winners, Rebecca from Sim Brother 4 and Kayley from Simvivor!


Rebecca: Hello SimTV! It’s great to be with you again!
Kayley: Rebecca is such a sweetie to be with! Thanks for giving us a chance to host this!
Rebecca: Drama is always happening in reality, isn’t that right?
Kayley: You can say that again – Amy-
Rebecca: Warren-
(both laugh)
Rebecca: Ok, the nominees for Best Drama are:

Crystal Town


Life of Bella Goth

Richer Than Rich

And the winner is…oh, awesome, it’s Crystal Town!

Sam: This is fantastic! Thanks so much to everybody! This is a great way to say goodbye to a show that was on for nearly four years, so thanks everybody. I'm really proud of what Crystal Town did and it's currently the longest drama on SimTV. So I'm very proud.
Kacey: This is magical, on behalf of me and the other girls thank you so much for this. We worked so hard on Crystal Town and to receive this award means everything. That's all we can say, we're very grateful.
Kayleigh: Thank you!

Felicia: Very well done to Sam and co! Our next award is a spooky one – it’s for Best Mystery show! And to present it we have some very special guests – it’s Sarah, Yvonne and Patrick from Asylum!


Sarah: Hiya!
Yvonne: It’s a real honour to present this award, if only Jason had done the second season by now we would have been up for this too!
Jason: (in audience) Oi, cheeky!
Patrick: Mystery shows never reveal too much; sometimes they extend over a long period of time in order to get the whole story across.
Yvonne: The nominees are:


Like Minded



Riverview, Again

Sarah: And the winner?
Patrick: Heh, it’s Like Minded!

Mel: Wow! I’m…in shock to be quite frank. I never thought I’d win an award for Like Minded but now I have it feels amazing! Thank you everyone who voted, you’re all wonderful.
Nurmel: Thanks guys! Hope you all tune in to Series 5!
Melody: And Series 6 if we go into that.
Mel: It will finish at some point, I promise!

Mr Love: Our next category is Best Reality show. This should be good! To host this, please welcome our own dysfunctional couple: Bob and Betty!


Bob: Good evening everyone! You’re all lucky I remembered to wear my pants!
Betty: Yes, you all really are. I’m serious.
Bob: Our show may seem like reality but the true reality is the people doing it not for money but to get noticed.
Betty: Here are the nominees:

Sim Brother



The Pleasant Life

Bob: And the winner is…Sim Brother! Sweet!

Sam: Thank you! I’m grateful to Jon for letting me take over Sim Brother; I hope I’ve done just as good a job as he ever did!
Rebecca: Thanks everyone! I’m so glad this series won an award, it was awesome and I’d give anything to go back in there!

Felicia: I do like a bit of Sim Brother, but I did enjoy Simvivor this year too! Our next award is the Best Cinema award! Please welcome back our resident wacky storyteller Mel, known as MelKaya!


Mel: Cinema is a really important part of escapism, there’s nothing better than going into a cinema and watching a blockbuster and forgetting about your troubles! The following nominees are by the same writer but they’re all so different from each other we decided to pit them against each other! Here they are:

Night of the Living Dead

The Spector Curse

Black Christmas

And the winner is…Black Christmas!

Katie Cassidy (Kelli): Massive thank you to everyone who voted for us; Black Christmas was one of the most frightening films I've worked on so far. The cast and crew were amazing to work with and Nathan was very patient with all of us girls on the set. So big thank you and I really hope to work with Nathan on movies in the future.

Mr Love: Well she was just lovely, wasn’t she?
Felicia: Careful now.
Mr Love: Our next award is Best Short! To present the award we have a familiar face – it’s Sam!


Sam: Shorts are small sketches that that just make you all laugh loud! I love seeing them in Werewolf, which is where both shorts tonight came from, courtesy of Jason. I hope we can see a lot more hilarious shorts in the future! Here are the two nominees:

Would you Andre and Eve It?

$!/\/\ |3rUV@ Fail

And the winner is…Would you Andre and Eve It?

Jason: This sketch was the very first sketch conceived for Werewolf! It was the success of writing this particular sketch that inspired me to alter the format of the show and introduce these interjecting, random funnies to break up the episodes a bit. I’m happy that you lot enjoyed it and gave me this award to show for it!

Felicia: To present one of my fave awards, Best Music, we have Johnny, the heart throb castaway from Outbreak!


Johnny: Not sure what that heart throb comment was about…anyway, music is also really important, I have no idea where we’d be without it! And with so many talented people out there shooting music videos it’s amazing to see only one contender with a multiple of categories! But after consideration we have decided the winner to be…Rihanna with Only Girl in the World!

Rihanna: Wow what an award! Erm I just want to shoutout to all others I was up against for the SimTV Music award; Leona is amazing, Rebecca, Faith you're all brilliant. I also want to thank Nathan himself for producing the videos and of course to SimTV for nominating me for this award. Thank you guys I love you all!

Mr Love: I do love Rihanna, I wonder if she’s single?
Felicia: Even if she was I doubt you’d have a chance!
Mr Love: Geez…before our next lot of awards, we want to show a little film about the Best SimTV Series award. It’s a tribute to the 6 shows up for the award, and we really hope you enjoy it!

Best Series Nominees