Welcome to the SimTV Awards 2011!

Felicia: Hi everyone! Tonight’s the night everyone’s been waiting for!
Mr Love: The turnout is amazing, I couldn’t wish for any better.
Felicia: I’d like to welcome you all to the SimTV Awards 2011!

Mr Love: What an applause!

Tonight we will celebrate the victors in each category, and remember those that missed the chance this year.
Mr Love: We will also be giving out prestigious prizes such as Best Series and the Contributing Achievement Award!

Felicia: So let’s get started! Before that, we’d like to play a little tribute to Simmedia, the mama site of SimTV.
Mr Love: Simmedia was the home of the SimTV shows before the decision was made to close it down and focus solely on the shows.
Felicia: Let’s take a look on how far we’ve come!

The Past of Simmedia and SimTV