Before Show

Felicia: Hi everyone! Well, tonight's the night and I just can't wait to see all these beautiful people! Due to some technical difficulties we had to be delayed, which means our intro will be cut a bit short but don't worry! The evening will still go as planned.

Ok so I'm outside and oh my god! I'm standing near Rihanna! This is a dream come true. What about you, Mr Love?

Mr Love: Hey Felicia! I'm up on the second floor with half of the audience already, having a whale of a time! Everyone's anxious and excited to see what's going to happen tonight, I know I definitely am!

Felicia: I've gone inside, it's a bit nippy out there! There are more stars here inside the inner foyer, and I might just have a quick chat with two of them!

Felicia: Mel and Jason! How are you feeling about tonight?
Mel: Pretty frazzled actually!
Felicia: You've put a lot of work into this haven't you?
Mel: Well everyone has to be honest, they've all given support so I'm thanking everyone.
Felicia: Good luck to both of you tonight!
Mel: Thankyou!
Jason: Cheers.

Felicia: Ok! In about an hour's time, we'll be ready to hit the red curtain!