Felicia: Hi everyone! It’s a lovely day out here; a little nippy but ah well, I’ll be going inside in a minute. Well, the Awards are only a few days away and just to get you riled up we’ve been allowed to give you a sneak preview of the venue before the show!

Felicia: This is the Simhardt Theatre, in the most glitzy and glamorous part of Downtown. You would normally find an average play or a musical being shown here, but this theatre saw its lucky day when the nice producers chose it as the venue for the award ceremony!

Ok, now let’s take a look inside!

Felicia: Well, inside and I’m already getting the glamorous feel. The fenced off holes in the ceiling give a feel off expansion; these renovations were to re-enforce the two storey windows and doors! In this foyer is the box office and stairs up to a bar and buffet where the stars will be chillaxing after the ceremony I presume before moving onto the part-ay! Ok, there are two archways either side of the staircases that lead into…

Felicia:The secondary foyer! This will be another bit where the stars will be socialising before and during the event. It looks really bare now but we’re getting in some framed prints of almost every SimTV show in here, as a special treat. Which screenshots will be used? Something to look forward to on the night!

Felicia: And through these curtains is where the magic happens!

Felicia: This is where the action will be taking place; we have the whole stage with this year’s logo, and the lovely looking rows of seats on that gorgeous starry carpet – just perfect for who’s going to be walking on it!

Felicia: So when someone wins an award, they will just need to walk up these steps on either side of the stage…

Felicia: And then give their speech to accept the award! Feeling excited? I sure am, in fact I’m pretty nervous about presenting the darn thing in front of you all! I hope I do a good job, but the talented Mr Love will be accompanying me all through the night so he’ll watch out in case I do slip up.

Anyway, that’s all we have time for so watch this space for any new announcements or adverts, and I’ll see you all Saturday at 7pm for the fireworks to begin!