Shorts - Would You Andre and Eve It?

Adam: Heyyy, Big Guy!
Heavenly Voice From the Sky: Good afternoon, Adam. What can I do for you?
Adam: It's a bit chilly out here. D'ya think you could turn up the temperature a little?

Heavenly Voice: Sure. You're only wearing a leaf, after all.
(Giggling) Go on, ask for it.
(Whispering) Okay, okay. (Loudly) And whilst you're at it, would you care to get me another beer?
Heavenly Voice: Shouldn't you two be busying yourselves? Didn't I tell you to go forth and multiply?

Adam: And whilst you're at it, how about a juicy hog roast?
Heavenly Voice: Oh, so am I your slave now?
Adam: Well we can't get busy on empty stomachs, can we?
Heavenly Voice: (Sighing) Fine. But I'm expecting a damn good civilisation from you two!

Eve: (Tittering) Okay Adam, that's enough now.
Adam: And also, how about a TV down here? I'm boring my arse off in this garden. I mean, what are we supposed to do for entertainment around here?
Heavenly Voice: (Groaning) How do you know about the television? It isn't even invented for a few more millennia!

Adam: Now that's He's occupied, it's time for me to grab a quick snack. These apples look juicy -
Eve: Adam, no!
Adam: What? It's not like they're forbidden or anything.
Eve: (Glaring) You really don't pay attention, do you?
Adam: Don't worry, He'll be proud of us when evolution is done sending us to the top of the food chain.

Heavenly Voice: ENOUGH!
Eve: Oh, now you've done it...
Adam: (Gulps)

Heavenly Voice: Science has no place here! Your soul shall be banished from this garden forever!
Adam: (Whimpering) Help me... Eve...

Heavenly Voice: Ooh, arr. Is he really dead...? Uh oh...
Eve: He's not breathing!
Heavenly Voice: He wasn't supposed to die... I was just meant to banish him into pergatory for a few epochs and whatnot. Oh dear...
Eve: So now what? What about the fate of the human race?
Heavenly Voice: Listen lady, I've been slaving over creationism for the past 6 days, creating the universe. Cut me some slack!
Eve: Well I can't mate without Adam!
Heavenly Voice: What about asexual reproduction? No? Okay then, there's only one solution to this...

Heavenly Voice: Eve, meet your new spouse: Andre.

Heavenly Voice: Well, I'll leave you two love birds to it. Go forth and multiply, but if I find you two using contraception, I'll damn you both to an eternity in hell. Ciao!
Eve: (Dumbfounded) Huh-? Wait-!
Andre: Heeyyy there good-looking! You looking for some sugar, baby? (Winks)

Eve: You know, there's a whole load of unexplored garden at the back there. Maybe you'd feel more comfortable living down there?

Featured in Werewolf! Series 1 - Episode 01