Season 4


We're back!

It's time to log into your laptop and get comfortable in your desk chair as Simvivor is returning to SimTV for it's fourth outing. It's been 2 whole years since Simvivor last graced your computer screens with Simvivor: Celebrity & Now the time has come for it to make a return. The fourth season will be set at the Guatemala island, the place that is known for it's hot weather, the forging of the Mayan Empire and the last remaining ruins of the Mayan's cities. This year is going to be different from the previous series' of Simvivor. Gone is the luxury of the contestants being provided with a cozy beach setting for their stay. Gone are the privlidges of being provided with food left, right and centre. Gone is the contact with the producers, Debbie and even the talking camera. Instead, the contestants this year have no seats, no beds, no nothing; all they're provided with is a campfire. They have to catch their own food, they have to make their own comfort. No huts, no nothing. If they want beds, they have to find them themselves. There's no communication with anyone other than themselves, they have no little room with a chair to discuss their feelings, instead they have to do a daily journal that will be recorded by the contestants at the end of each day on the island.

The format is slightly different too, the contest is much more ferocious this year as the battle to be leader of the island returns from the first series in dramatic form. Although this series the leader won't just choose who faces the public vote (yes, the public vote is back), they have the option to control and edit who has been placed up for elimintion by the other contestants. The contestants are provided with an island store again, but this store can only be used by using coins, which can be won at the challenges, to buy essentials like a fishing rod, a knife to cut up the meat, or to purchase rice and even luxury's if they have enough coins. Debbie McClean returns to host the elimination shows.Eliminations themselves are different, instead of being visited by Debbie the contestants are told to gather at a Tribal council where they will await to hear Debbie's voice through a loud speaker from the studio where she will reveal who has been eliminated from the competition. The contestants voting to eliminate two contestants each week will return, however this will also take place at the Tribal Council.

What's more interesting about this series is that there are plenty of twists and turns that will shock and surprise not only the contestants but the audience too, we intend on keeping everyone on their toes to create the 'Did that just happen?' 'I don't trust that person any more' 'I think that person is on some sort of secret challenge'.

The show itself is going to be longer than ever before, lasting a total of 6 weeks. We've searched Sim City to find you the most outrageous and explosive contestants the show has ever seen, so we promise not to disappoint. The premiere will be announced in due course, so stay tuned and get ready for what we hope will be the greatest Season of Simvivor yet!

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