Season 2

Simvivor is back and this time it’s taking place on the famous Pearl Islands!
The first season of Simvivor introduced us to some of the funniest, nicest, argumentative and interesting contestants; we have fond memories of Kayley, Stacey & Kyle, Amy, Tania, Sam and even Josh. But as a new year arrives it’s a new start, new island, new logo, new contestants and whole new batch of rules.

This year Simvivor is dividing the contestants like never before by placing half of them near the Pirate Bay and the other half to live by the beach. Yes, it’s the Pirates VS the Villagers as the two tribes will compete to win that special “buried treasure” at the end of the competition. The two groups won’t even see each other until they come face-to-face at challenges to win immunity for their tribe. It’s a game of “outlast” as the group with the most islanders left automatically becomes the main island.

There will be all sorts of hidden treasures on the island; it is Pearl Islands after all, where famous pirates have said to have stayed there over a short period of time. What can the contestants expect; a cave hidden deep within the island that contains some of the most intriguing and unusual objects. Treasure Hunt; there is buried treasure on the island, which brave soul dare follow old “Captain Moody’s” Map to find it?

The public voting system will still feature, however how it works is slightly different, instead of crowning the leader of the island, the tribe who fails the immunity challenge must decide which of their group members should face the public vote. They must write their chosen islander on a scroll and send it back to Captain Moody; he will then reply with a letter to the chosen contestants and they will face the vote for elimination. Harsh times!

To mark the return of Simvivor we’re going to give you a one-off special to look at what the contestants from last year have gotten up to since they left the famous island. Season One winner Kayley will report back from London in each elimination episode to give us a glimpse at what the public thinks and her over all eviction prediction.

So do you fancy yourself a Pirate? Or are you a Villager who just wants to get rid of those pesky Pirates? We know you’ll have your favorites and your least favorites. This is Simvivor after all…