Pleasant Life Series 1 - Episode 6 - Reunion

Debbie: Hello and welcome to The Pleasant Life Reunion. I'm Debbie McClean and i'll be your host for the evening.

Debbie: What an amazing challenge for two of the richest rich kids in Pleasantview. To go into a fresh new town, with no money, no credit cards, no contact with their family and no make-up or hair extensions. To actually get a job and work for a living...

Debbie: I know, it sounds impossible. Well guess what, they did it. The girls survived The Pleasant Life. Tonight we're going to be talking to our girls and reunite them with their managers. But before that, let's take a look at the girls before they set off on their journey, let's see what their expectations where.

Angela: I hope we can show the people of Bluewater Village how to have a good time.
Lilith: I think some people may love us, because they know who we are. We're very famous.
Angela: Do they have clubs in Bluewater Village?

Debbie: Well, we don't need to answer that, the one thing the girls moaned about the most was the lack of clubs and boys in the Village. Joining me now is the girls 1st employer Rita.

Debbie: Welcome Rita.
Rita: Hey Debbie.

Debbie: So Rita, you've seen the show and you've spent a full day with our girls, how did you find it?
Rita: I loved watching the show, the girls were hilarious. It's funny; since my episode was aired i have had lots of visitors to the gallery.
Debbie: Is the girls painting still up?
Rita: It is, it's funny because someone offered my $200,000 for it. I turned it down though, just because it reminds me of the time they came to stay.
Debbie: Aww, you must've enjoyed them being there.
Rita: I wouldn't say that now. They did cheat their way to win, but it was nice having them around.
Debbie: Of course, have the other two girls not complained because of the Angela and Lilith cheating?
Rita: No, i haven't heard from them for a while now.

Debbie: Has your art museum changed any since the girls had been there?
Rita: No, sadly. It's still the same. I'm trying to raise some money to expand the museum, as you saw it's incredibly small.
Debbie: Well, sales might improve even more with this show!
Rita: (laughs) You never know.

Debbie: Anyway, are you ready to meet the girls again? Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Angela and Lilith!

Lilith: Hey Everyone!
Angela: We love you!

Debbie: Welcome girls, how do you feel sitting next to Rita?
Lilith: I'm scared.
Debbie: (laughs) Why?
Angela: She knows we cheated.
Rita: Water under the bridge girls.
Angela: Aww thank you.
Debbie: Girls, do you have anything you'd like to say to Rita?

Angela: Erm, we really enjoyed working at your museum.
Lilith: Yeah it was awesome. I loved it; i love your coffee maker.
Debbie: Would you girls consider working there full time?
Both: No.
Debbie: (laughs) I believe you both have something for Rita don't you?
Angela: Yes, Rita we knew you wanted to expand your museum...
Lilith: So we've decided to give you $100,000 to put towards your funds.

Rita: (gets emotional) Oh my god! Thank you so much.
Both: You're welcome.

Debbie: So, the girls have made Rita a very happy woman. Now, as we saw on the girls Fourth day they went to work at their favourite food place McDonalds, it didn't go too well, let's take a look at their McDonalds experience...

Kate: Rule number 2; you must speak to the customers with respect, remember that the customer is always right.
Lilith: What if he's a wife beater?
Kate: (sighs)

Lilith: Hey sexy, what did you order?
Man:'s on the screen isn't it?
Lilith: Oh yeah. Why do you want a ham burger? No one eats them anymore.

Angela: Can we have 2 large Big Mac meals please?
Lilith: With 2 milkshakes and a McFlurry.
Worker: Yeah, how are you two girls finding work?
Lilith: It sucks!
Angela: It's like being in prison.
Lilith: Or worse.

Kate: You haven't paid?! That's it! Get your coats, get your bags, you're going home.
Angela: We're sorry...
Lilith: Do you want my milkshake?

Angela: That could've gone better...
Lilith: Some people are just mean.

Debbie: Oh, joining me, Angela and Lilith now is Kate!

Debbie: Kate, now we want no holding back here, but where Angela and Lilith just plain pain in the arses?
Kate: Yes they were, they both tried to cut corners to make their job easier for them, that's not what i call work, and you can't do that in a food place, you need to get on with the job you're given.
Debbie: When did you realise the girls had reached the final straw?
Kate: When i was told they'd gone an extra hour on their break and stolen food from the place.
Lilith: We didn't steal it; you took the money out of our wages so stop staying we stole.
Kate: I shouldn't have had to take the money from you; you should've done your job.
Angela: We were going to pay you back.
Kate: Shouldn't have taken it in the first place.

Debbie: Now, now ladies. Don't turn me into a referee. What did your workers think of Lilith and Angela Kate?
Kate: Same as me, that they're both two stuck up airheads who have no real life experience of their own.
Angela: (gasps)
Lilith: Oh and you must know loads, working at McDonalds and all.
Kate: She asked me a question, i answered it, don't interrupt.
Angela: You wouldn't be on TV if it weren't for us, so shut your mouth.

Debbie: Let's take a look at Angela and Lilith's final moments on their journey.

Angela: I'm going to miss Bluewater Village. It's been quite nice here.
Lilith: Me too, i still think they need more clubs though...
Angela: And more hot guys...
Lilith: Yes, and that too.

(Car stops)
Angela: What the hell happened?
Lilith: I don't know you're the driver!
Angela: I'll go and check it out.

Angela: (on phone) Hey, can you come and pick us up, we have a situation.

Both: Bye, bye Bluewater Village...

Debbie: So, as the show draws to a close, looking back, how did find the journey girls?
Angela: Well i loved it. I thought it was amazing. I feel like i learned so much from it.
Lilith: I enjoyed it a lot. It was real good fun. I appreciate people more than i did before. I also appreciate my things.
Debbie: What were your favourite jobs?
Angela: For me it was working at McDonalds. I just enjoyed being on the over side of the counter. I'd never do it again, purely because that woman put me off, but they still sell good food.
Lilith: Well i'm torn, because i really loved seeing the Nuns, we're Christians, but actually seeing how religious people deal with their...religion was very good. I liked the prison job too; the only thing that let it down was me not having a gun.

Debbie: God you were obsessed with having a gun (laughs).
Lilith: I wanted to fight crime Debbie!
Debbie: Well you did, by throwing a watch in the bin.
Lilith: I know (laughs)
Angela: I can't believe they made such a big deal over that. It was £5 for f***s sake.

Debbie: Anyway, the show ends here. I'd like to say thank you to our guests and all people who participated in the show, we really appreciate it. I'd like to say thanks to the viewers for watching the show and finally, well done to you two for actually getting jobs. Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen.