Pleasant Life Series 1 - Episode 4 - Taking the McDonalds Road

Welcome to Episode 4 of "The Pleasant Life". So far we've seen spoilt rich kids Angela and Lilith Pleasant take off on their incredible journey towards Bluewater Village. They've taken part in various jobs in order to keep themselves living in a small apartment. So far the girls have worked as artists and Nuns...

Angela: What can we draw?
Lilith: I've never painted a picture in entire life. Not since kindergarten.
Angela: I know me neither.

Angela: (on phone) Hey, can i speak to Mark Foster please?
Mark Foster: This is Mark Foster.
Angela: Me and my sister need your help. We're trying to paint a picture and it's going nowhere. Would you be able to come to our Museum and help us out?

Sister Mary Simons: Well it's excellent to see you girls, we here at St Mary's hope you bring all the comfort we need to the church; we also hope to bring you some comfort as well.
Lilith: That's a lovely offer but...
Angela: We're hot, thanks.

Angela and Lilith: Woohoo! Nuns are hot!

Nun: Oh dear...

But now, after working at unsatisfying jobs, the girls are about to work at their favourite fast food place...McDonalds.

Angela: I love McDonalds; i went there every Saturday when i was younger.
Lilith: I love it to, the food is amazing.
Angela: Do the workers get to eat the food whilst making it?

Good luck girls...

Whilst the girls make their way to McDonalds, the manager is less than pleased.

Kate: I cannot stand people who are constantly late. Even if they miss the first hour they miss a hell of a lot.

Kate: Girls why are you late?
Angela: Traffic's been awful.
Lilith: Yeah, really bad from here to our apartment.
Kate: Well hurry up.

Kate: Firstly, we need to go over a few simple rules. You must obey by these at all times...
Lilith: Why?
Kate: Because if you don't you'll get sacked.
Lilith: Okay...
Kate: Rule number 1; you must never start working without your uniform on.
Angela: We don't have a uniform.
Kate: That's because i haven't given it to you yet.
Angela: Oh...

Kate: Rule number 2; you must speak to the customers with respect, remember that the customer is always right.
Lilith: What if he's a wife beater?
Kate: (sighs)

After the girls are briefed about their rules, it's time for them to get their uniforms sorted.

Kate: These uniforms are very important. Wear them at all times. Don't mess them up.
Lilith: Okay.
Angela: (whispers) These are the ugliest uniforms i have ever seen.
Lilith: Why would anyone want to wear these?

Angela: We love the uniforms. They're hot.
Kate: Good.

Kate: Now both of you will be doing different jobs here. Angela, i'd like you to be serving the food from behind the counter...
Angela: Cool.
Kate: Lilith will be taking the money and getting food for customers who come through the "Drive-Thru".
Lilith: Alone?
Kate: I'll show you what to do and then you can get down to it.
Lilith: Aww that's so sweet, are you always this nice?
Kate: No it's what managers do.

Kate: Okay Angela, first off; do you know how to work a till?
Angela: Yeah, you just scan the bar code...
Kate: Maybe if you're working at Wal-Mart or someplace like that.
Angela: So what do i do?
Kate: Well we have a customer now, i'll show you.

Customer: Hey, can i have a medium double cheeseburger mean please?
Kate: So, look for the DCheesburg and MFries. You also need to ask what drink he'd like.
Angela: Why can't i just surprise him?
Kate: Because what would happen if he couldn't drink coke or something?
Angela: Oh yeah...what drink do you want?

Whilst Angela gets started with her work, it's Lilith's turn to give the customers their food.

Lilith: Hey sexy, what did you order?
Man:'s on the screen isn't it?
Lilith: Oh yeah. Why do you want a ham burger? No one eats them anymore.

Kate: Lilith, come through to the back please...

Kate: We do not, under any circumstances, question what our customers are ordering, it's disrespectful. I'm deducting money from your wages.

After having their wages deducted, Angela and Lilith weren't determined to get back in Kate's good books...

Angela: I'm so hungry.
Lilith: I know, who would've thought that working at McDonalds would make us so hungry.
Angela: Well, she's taken wages from us, so we should just take some food or something...
Lilith: We don't have any money...
Angela: We'll pay them back when we're paid.

Angela: Can we have 2 large Big Mac meals please?
Lilith: With 2 milkshakes and a McFlurry.
Worker: Yeah, how are you two girls finding work?
Lilith: It sucks!
Angela: It's like being in prison.
Lilith: Or worse.

Worker: So you guys have never worked before?
Angela: Never!
Lilith: I did some babysitting once, but that was it.

Angela: This is so good.
Lilith: We should do this more often.
Angela: We come here like...every week.
Lilith: I know...but still.

Kate: Where are the girls?
Worker: They're sat in the corner.
Kate: Their beak ended 30 minutes ago.
Worker: I know...
Kate: I'm getting fed up of this now.

Kate: Girls!
Both: Hey!
Kate: You're supposed to be working!
Angela: We were waiting for ages for our food.
Kate: Not my problem, you need to work.
Lilith: We'll be about 10 minutes.
Kate: You can forget it! Get to work. Anyway...i thought you had no money?
Angela: We'll pay you back! When you pay us...
Lilith: Angela! (Laughs) We weren't gonna say anything...
Angela: Oops!

Kate: You haven't paid?! That's it! Get your coats, get your bags, you're going home.
Angela: We're sorry...
Lilith: Do you want my milkshake?
Kate: No i don't want your milkshake! Get out; i can't talk to you both right now!
Angela: So...should we come back tomorrow?
Kate: No! The work is over now! You're fired and you're not getting paid.

Angela: That could've gone better...
Lilith: Some people are just mean.

So after an unsuccessful day's work and hardly any money to their name, the girls decide to return back to their apartment.

Lilith: This sucks, we're broke as a joke.
Angela: I know, we need to go home (laughs)
Lilith: I'm never going to McDonalds again...
Angela: I'm never leaving the apartment again!

Lilith: F@*k it! We can have fun. We have a CD player!

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Next time, we will see the girls take on the inmates of Bluewater Police Station as they become officers working in the prison...will they survive? We'll also see the girls return home from their journey...