Pleasant Life Series 1 - Episode 1 - Starting the Journey

Ever wondered what you get when you take two rich, socialite sisters; take away their money, take their plush life style and place them doing jobs that they've never done before?

Angela: Hey, i'm Angela Pleasant.
Lilith: And i'm Lilith Pleasant.

What do these girls have in common besides there family connection and red hot sex appeal; they're planning on leaving home to live a life which they've never seen before. With no money, no credit cards, no family contacts and no pampered saloons; what can we expect from The Pleasant Life?

Angela: Basically, me and Lilith are going to show you all that we can go without having money or our parents behind us all the time.
Lilith: We can totally do this, everyone thinks we're two girls who have hidden behind our parents all our lives, and that we can't do anything.
Angela: We can totally do this...
Lilith: It's going to be amazing. We're gonna rock!

1 month living in a Bluewater Village apartment; working to earn their rent and pay for food and drinks - can these girls make it?

Lilith: Trust me; we can do this, we're so ready for this.
Angela: It's gonna be easy.
Lilith: Piece of cake!

Good Luck Girls...

Before the girls set off on their trip they are given one last chance to spend as much money as they can on their credit cards.


The Bluebird Shopping Centre:

Angela: (trying on dress) I like this one.
Lilith: It's hot!
Angela: I know!

Angela: (looking at self in mirror) I think these glasses really suit me.
Lilith: You should so try wearing your hair down with that.

Angela: (Now with hat on) That's hot!


The Pleasant Mansion:

Mary-Sue: I hope the girls can cope without us.
Daniel: Well they're all grown up now, we can trust them
Mary-Sue: I think it'll be hard, they're used to having their slippers brought to them...
Daniel: I think it'll be a nice challenge.

Angela: Hey Mom, Hey Dad, we're home!

Mary-Sue: So are you all set then?
Angela: No, we haven't even packed yet.
Mary-Sue: What did you buy?
Lilith: We bought some nice clothes and some shoes.
Mary-Sue: Aren't you supposed to buy things for your...trip?
Angela: These are for our trip.
Lilith: We're gonna go and pack now.

Mary-Sue: This is going to be a disaster!


Angela's Bedroom

Angela: (going through closet) I think i'm going to take at least half of my wardrobe.

Lilith: I think we'll need at least 30 shoes.
Angela: Yeah, at the very least.

Mary-Sue: This is going to be a one-of-a-kind trip; i hope the girls do well.


2 Hours Later

Angela: We're ready!
Lilith: How do we drive to the hotel?
Angela: It's an apartment!
Lilith: What's that?
Angela: It's like a hotel but they don't have an en suite.
Lilith: Oh right.


The Mansion's Hallway

Mary-Sue: Girls, there is a truck outside waiting for you.

Lilith: A truck?
Angela: Let's take a look.

Angela: (walking to the truck) Oh my god, no way!
Lilith: No way can they expect us to drive this?
Angela: It looks like a peasant wagon!

Angela: (sitting in truck) I feel like a trucker!
Lilith: It smells in here! When was the last time it was washed?
Angela: Probably never...

Well, before the girls set off on their journey, it's time to say goodbye to Mom and Dad.

Mary-Sue: (hugging Angela) I'm gonna miss you both!
Angela and Lilith: We're gonna miss you too.
Mary-Sue: (hugging Lilith) You take care of each other!
Lilith: Of course.

Daniel: We love you girls!
Angela: Bye Dad!

So the girl's journey has not begun and 2 hours on the road...they're lost!

Angela: Okay...what turn to we take next?
Lilith: Erm...right!
Angela: There is no right; left or straight ahead?
Lilith: Oh, erm...left.
Angela: Left it is!

5 minutes the middle of nowhere

Angela: Okay i think we're lost.
Lilith: Let's ask someone.

Lilith: (shouting to someone from the car) Excuse me, Mr? We need your help

Man: What's up girls?
Lilith: We are on this trip to Bluewater Village and we're lost. Do you know where it is?
Man: Erm, turn around and keep going until you get to a roundabout. Go right and you'll see a sign.
Angela: You said it was straight Left, not straight ahead.
Lilith: No one can read maps anyway. By the way Mr, could you spare us like...five dollars or something?
Man: I beg your pardon?
Lilith: Really, we're broke as a joke!

Lilith: Thanks for nothing you @$&hole!
Angela: (laughs)
Lilith: What a jerk, i bet he's not had it in a while.

Well after a good four hours in the road, the girls finally arrive at their new apartment.

Lilith: Where do we park the truck?
Angela: I don't know, let's just leave out here.

Angela and Lilith: Hey!
Angela: I'm Angela.
Lilith: I'm Lilith.
Landlord: Welcome girls, now; first off you cannot park your car there, you need to park it on a suitable parking lot.
Angela: Oh...
Lilith: Could you do it for us?
Landlord: No ma'am i'm afraid i can't.
Lilith: Why?
Landlord: Because we don't do that here. Anyway, i'm going to show you around the apartments. There are 4 rooms...
Lilith: We'll take room 4.
Landlord: Excuse me?
Lilith: We'll take room 4. Cut this short.
Angela: We're really busy today.

Landlord: Okay, you just sign the contract here.
Lilith: Okay, we'll have pay for you every three days.
Landlord: I'd like that very much.

Lilith: (notices man watching them) Hey sexy, how old are you?
Man: Erm i'm 27. Are you two...?

Lilith: I'm Lilith Pleasant and this is Angela.
Man: Oh my god!
Angela: Do you love it?
Man: I love it!
Lilith: Well where do you live?
Man: Right across from you.
Angela: That's hot!
Man: So if you want to lend some sugar or something; just let me know.
Lilith: We will do.
Man: Alright.
Angela: Thank you
Lilith: Thanks gorgeous.

Now that they've got to meet their neighbour, the girls check out their new apartment.

Lilith: This is tiny.
Angela: We have to sleep in here? There's only one bed.
Lilith: What?!
Angela: Look!

Lilith: No way! I've got an idea!

Lilith: Hey, what's your name?
Man: It's Ben.
Lilith: Oh great, i really need to borrow something from you!
Ben: Oh yeah?
Lilith: Yeah, how many beds do you have here?

Angela: Two beds are so much more fun. Thanks to Ben!
Lilith: Thanks Ben?! Thanks to me.
Angela: Thanks to us.
Ben: That's hot!

After settling into their new surroundings, the girls receive a phone call...

Lilith: Hello?
Rita: Hello, i'm Rita Thornton; may i speak to Angela or Lilith Pleasant please?

Lilith: This is Lilith.
Rita: Oh right, well i'm calling you to inform you that you will be working at my art museum tomorrow. I want you both here at precisely 10am, i also would like you to come wearing suitable clothes.
Lilith: That's hot!
Rita: Right then, i'll see you tomorrow.
Lilith: Okay, love ya b!tch
Rita: Erm...goodbye!

Lilith: We got our first job!
Angela: Where?
Lilith: A museum i think!
Angela: Loves it!

After a long day, the girls finally decide to turn in.

Angela: I hope our job will be fun tomorrow.
Lilith: Me too. How did she sound on the phone?
Angela: Like a stripper.
Lilith: That's hot! Night b!tch.
Angela: Goodnight b!tch.

Tune in next time to see Angela and Lilith take on their first job; however will they cope?