Life of Bella Goth

Who is Bella Goth? Many of you will know her as the "missing sim" that disappeared in Pleasantview in 2003. Where did she go? Rumours suggest she was spotted in Strangetown, a desserted community on the outskirts of the city's. The first series of "The Life Of Bella Goth" takes us through the Bella's life before her disappearance, and eventually leading up to that tragic day. The second season then begins several years after Bella's disappearance, and a group of residents in Belladonna Cove demand answers; who is the lady on the statue? Why does no one know who she is. They all set out to find the real Bella Goth, but when they find her, could they leave themselves disappointed by the results, and what will happen to Belladonna Cove, when they realise who Bella really was?