Richer Than Rich - Episode 12


Sandra: He’s my father and i can do what i want Jacob, there’s no way we’re moving out.
Jacob: Yes we are, Sandra, we should start fresh, me you and the baby.
Sandra: Yes, that’s what we’re doing, but i’m not leaving my family. Maybe you’re used to walking out on your father, but i’m not.

Jacob: Fine, good luck with your new life.

Malcolm: Oh are you having trouble?
Sandra: I guess you could say that. I’ve got a boyfriend that’s just disappeared after an argument...
Malcolm: I’m sure he’ll turn up.
Sandra: How can you be so sure?
Malcolm: Because if I had a girlfriend as beautiful as you, I’d never let you go.

Betty: I care about Morty you know Cleo, I care about him a lot.
Cleo: I know you do Betty, and so do I. But if we keep falling out we’ll not get anywhere will we?
Betty: No...I suppose not. Truth is, it’s the happiest i’ve seen Morty in a long time. Just make sure you keep that smile on his face Cleo...for me?

Sandra: Okay...that shouldn’t have happened...
Malcolm: It was my fault, i’m so sorry.
Sandra: We’ve both got know...

Malcolm: Wait, don’t I even get your number?
Sandra: Follow a trail of filthy money and a masked family...i’ll be there.

Morgan: It turns out that Cleo Shikibu isn’t as innocent as she appears.
Stella: (gasps)
Morgan: It appears she spent time in prison two years ago...for attempted murder...the guy she tried to murder...was her then-husband; Leod McGreggor.
Stella: Thank you Morgan...I have all I need to know...

Episode 12 – Unsettling Past

Betty: Hello there, where did you end up last night?
Sandra: Oh me and Scarlet went to a party.
Betty: Oh not that dreadful reporter?
Sandra: She’s actually really nice.
Betty: She’ll stab you in the back before you can say “pose”.
Sandra: Whatever...

Stella: My hero returns.
Malcolm: I missed you.
Stella: Funny, I thought you would have picked up a beautiful woman at the meeting.
Malcolm: Oh please...

Malcolm: Did Morgan come up with anything about Cleo?
Stella: He did as it happens, apparently she went to jail for attempted murder.
Malcolm: (gasps) Really?!
Stella: Yes and I bet her husband was a rich man too...
Malcolm: You think she could do the same to Morty?
Stella: Who cares, if it splits them up, then it’s my gain.
Malcolm: So how are you going to approach it?
Stella: I’m not, I’m going to make her go crazy with worry before she confronts me.

Morty: It has been lovely having you here Cousin Betty.
Betty: Well my house is all repaired now so there’s no need for me to stay.
Morty: We’ll miss you.

Betty: Goodbye Cleo, it really has been lovely to finally get to know you.
Cleo: Take care Betty.

Betty: Now Sandra, you make sure you look after that child.
Sandra: I will do cousin Betty, thank you for everything.
Betty: And now isn’t the time to be fighting amongst ourselves, we need to stick together.
Sandra: I know...

Betty: Take care Xander...
Xander: Will do Cousin Betty.

Betty: Right, that’s me off.
Morty: You know you’re welcome back here anytime?
Betty: Of course I do Morty and if you have any trouble from that ex-wife of yours, come and get me.
Morty: (laughs) Goodbye.

Cleo: Sandra have you heard from Jacob?
Sandra: Don’t pretend you care Cleo, it doesn’t suit you.

Cleo: Oh that who I think it is?

Patricia: Too right it is.
Cleo: Oh my gosh Patricia I haven’t spoken to you in years.
Patricia: I know, it’s been a long time.
Cleo: Well don’t just stand there, come on in.

Stella: Look Rodger I know what i’m doing here...
Rodger: I mean it Stella, this business of yours won’t pick up unless you get a higher company to support you on it.
Stella: Yes, you keep telling me...
Rodger: Do you have a company in mind?

Stella: I think I might...

Cleo: So how’s Gabe?
Patricia: Oh he’s fine, he’s working at that Grocery store where we used to live.
Cleo: Awww Gabe always said he wanted to work in a Grocery store...
Patricia: Look Cleo there is a reason why i’m here...
Cleo: Oh?
Patricia: Yes...i’m just going to say it...I think someone has been checking up on you.
Cleo: Checking up on me?
Patricia: I got a visit from a man who was asking questions about you; about your past etc.

Cleo: What sort of questions was he asking?
Patricia: He was asking...about Leod....
Cleo: (gasps) Oh no...
Patricia: I know, I didn’t say a thing...but I thought i’d let you know.
Cleo: No you did the right thing, I appreciate it.

Sandra: (sighs) Where are you Jacob...
Morty: Sandra...what’s going on?

Sandra: I’m just feeling sorry for myself.
Morty: Hey, don’t worry too much about things, you’ve got a little baby in there...
Sandra: Yeah, it’s the only thing that’s making me feel better at the moment.
Morty: Come on Sandra...where’s that old Roth charm you used to have?
Sandra: Do you want to know what’s actually getting to me now Dad...
Morty: What?

Sandra: It’s the fact that...I don’t miss Jacob any more...I actually don’t care that he’s gone...
Morty: Oh Sandra...
Sandra: I don’t love him any more Dad...I just don’t...
Morty: Is there someone else Sandra?
Sandra: You know something...there was someone else...but I doubt i’ll see him again.
Morty: Well at the moment none of that is important...the only thing you should concentrate on is your baby.
Sandra: (sighs) Yeah...I suppose you’re right.
Morty: I’ll leave you to it then.

Sandra: (gasps) Ouch!

Sandra: (sighs) Stupid contractions...

Malcolm: This is lovely Stella.
Stella: Malcolm...there is a reason why I wanted to talk to you...
Malcolm: Yes, I gathered that...
Stella: I want to talk
Malcolm: Business eh?
Stella: Company is about to get up and running’s just...there’s a small piece of ingredient missing...
Malcolm: Oh...and what’s that?
Stella: You...

Cleo: I’ll speak to you again Patricia, thanks for everything.
Patricia: Goodbye Cleo, come around for supper one night.

Morty: Your friend gone?
Cleo: Yeah she has.
Morty: Is everything okay?
Cleo: Yes, everything is fine, now go on, you’ve got that meeting to get to.
Morty: I have indeed, see you later.

Malcolm: So you want me to support you on this?
Stella: Yes, what do you think?
Malcolm: I don’t know...merging companies could be really difficult...especially as it’s a family one.
Stella: But imagine the profit we’d make. The Company i’m starting would bring in a fair amount but if you combined yours with mine then we’d make a mint.
Malcolm: It’s a big step...
Stella: Come on trust me don’t you?
Malcolm: (sighs) Yes...of course I trust you.
Stella: So what’s holding us back?

Malcolm: Alright...alright...partner...
Stella: To the joining of the Landgraab’s and the Chesterton’s.

Morty: See you later gentlemen...

Jacob: Hello Morty.
Morty: (gasps)’re back.

Cleo: Sandra I need to talk to you.
Sandra: (sighs) What do you want?
Cleo: Well i could ask you the same question.
Sandra: What are you talking about?

Morty: cleared your head now son?
Jacob: Yes, It’s more clear than ever before.
Morty: Sandra’s been worried about you.
Jacob: (sighs) Morty...I’m sorry to tell you this...but i’m going to break up with Sandra...
Morty:’s come to that has it?
Jacob: I’m sorry, I know you had high hopes for us...but I don’t think I can go on like this. I don’t love her any more...
Morty: And what about the baby?
Jacob: I’ll support my child and Sandra no matter what...

Morty: Well you two have been on the rocks for a while now...
Jacob: Yeah, I must say you’re taking this very well...
Morty: Ah I expected it Jacob...
Jacob: I just need to know...if we break I still have a place in this Company?
Morty: Do you really need to ask that?
Jacob: Sorry, I was just curious.
Morty: You’ll always have a place at Roth Manor, Jacob, no matter what.
Jacob: Thanks Morty...

Sandra: Oh, you think I’m that sad that I’d want to check up on your sad life?
Cleo: Yes actually...
Sandra: Just get out Cleo...
Cleo: No because I want you to answer me...was it you?
Sandra: Just leave me alone.
Cleo: Oh that’s right, push your head in the sand and hide behind someone Sandra. I’m sick to death of trying to justify myself to you, Betty accepted why can’t you.
Sandra: Because you’re a no-good gold digger that wants to destroy this family...
Cleo: Really...well done Sandra, you’ve proved what a horrible judge of character you are.
Sandra: Oh just get out of my way! Ouch! (gasps) Oh my god...
Cleo: What is it?

Sandra: (breathes) Oh my god...I think the baby’s coming...
Cleo: Are you sure?
Sandra: Course I’m bloody sure! Oh me....

To Be Continued...