Richer Than Rich - Episode 11


Sandra: He’s my father and i can do what i want Jacob, there’s no way we’re moving out.
Jacob: Yes we are, Sandra, we should start fresh, me you and the baby.
Sandra: Yes, that’s what we’re doing, but i’m not leaving my family. Maybe you’re used to walking out on your father, but i’m not.

Jacob: Fine, good luck with your new life.

Betty: You never cease to amaze me Cleo.
Cleo: What do you mean?
Betty: Well you shovel Stella under the carpet an awful lot, it’s like you don’t accept how much of a threat she is.
Cleo: She’s not a threat though, is she?

Betty: Don’t worry Sandra; i’m sure it’s all going be okay.
Sandra: No it’s not, i’m losing him Betty...and i don’t know what i’m supposed to do...but i can just feel it. He’s slipping away from me.

Cleo: Yes Stella, i’m his wife now, something that you destroyed a long time ago. You’ll never break him Stella, he’s stronger than you.
Stella: That’s what you think...
Cleo: I know it Stella, and so do you. So back off before this turns very ugly.

Episode 11 – The Bond:

Sandra: Good morning Dad, have you seen Jacob around?
Morty: I’m afraid not Sandra, has he not been in touch?
Sandra: (sighs) No, it’s been almost a week now...
Morty: Well it was his week off work anyway, he starts back on Monday, maybe we’ll see him by then?
Sandra: you think that me and Jacob are meant to be?
Morty: It’s not important what I think, do you?
Sandra: (sighs) I did once...

Sandra: I don’t know, it’s funny because ever since i had the baby I’ve noticed that we’ve actually grown further apart.
Morty: Thing is Sandra, not all relationships are rosy all the time, some of them can be on and off for the majority of the couples lives...
Sandra: Well I don’t want that Daddy, I don’t want to be in a on and off relationship, I just want to be normal and if Jacob doesn’t see things the same as me then I guess we’ll have to call it a day.

Stella: I knew it; my party has been in the headlines all week.
Malcolm: I knew it would be Stella...
Stella: That’ll show Morty; did he really think he could top my party?
Malcolm: So have you done any more research on this Cleo woman?
Stella: No, Morgan’s on the case though.
Malcolm: Well i’m going to be out of town for a week or so, there’s a business trip I need to attend...
Stella: (sighs) Fine then, I’ll have to satisfy my needs with someone else then...

Malcolm: Now Stella, I’m sure there’ll be no need for that...
Stella: (sighs) Still, don’t I get something to remember you by?

Betty: Those flowers look really out of place there; I’d have put them in the dining room.
Cleo: I think you really capture their smell when you walk upstairs though...
Betty: Oh that’s great, everyone will get sneezes then.
Cleo: If anyone will get sneezes it’ll be through the amount of perfume you splash on.
Betty: If you don’t like it Cleo...

Look Betty, I know that we don’t see eye-to-eye okay, but can we just...stop please?
Betty: You’re the one that made the bitchy remarks Cleo.
Cleo: Oh come on, you’re purposely being difficult...

I am doing no such thing, how dare you...
Cleo: No how dare you, I’m sick of you judging me all the time...

Morty: Ladies, ladies! This has gone far enough. I’m sick of you bickering, we’re supposed to be a family. I’m taking Xander to his football practice so I suggest you two take the time to sort your problems out; okay?

Scarlet: So he’s not even turned up? Jeez, what a creep.
Sandra: He’s not really, it’s was the most petty argument.
Scarlet: Look girl, you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself all day, I suggest you get your best outfit on and accompany me to this business vacation. Trust me, you’ll love it.
Sandra: Oh...I don’t know...
Scarlet: Of course you don’t, that’s why I wasn’t asking you, I was telling you.

Betty: In all my years of being part of this family, I’ve defended them, I won’t stop now...
Cleo: I never asked you to, but your judgements of me are wrong Betty...
Betty: I’d like to think that, really I would, but everything you do seems to prove your statement wrong.
Cleo: It’s wonderful that you care about him, it really is...
Betty: Here we go....
Cleo: Oh what’s the point.

Scarlet: Oh Gabriella you look fabulous darling...
Sandra: Who are all these people?
Scarlet: They are business men and women, a big deal is about to be signed here.

Sandra: Sorry I asked.
Voice: Hello there, can I get you a drink?

Sandra: Oh...yes please.
Malcolm: I’m Malcolm by the way, Malcolm Landgraab.
Sandra: I’m Sandra.

Stella: Is Morty here, I need to speak to him.
Betty: Erm excuse me, you can’t just walk into this house like that.

Stella: Betty Goldstein, you haven’t changed.
Betty: Neither have you, you’re still as poisoning as ever.
Stella: (laughs) Why are you here anyway?
Betty: I could ask you the same question.
Stella: I’m here to speak to Morty..
Cleo: What do you need to see Morty for?

Stella: Is he home, I need to speak to Morty, not his little body guards.
Cleo: No he’s not, even if he was, I’m sure he’d tell you get off our property.
Stella:, there was me thinking it was just Morty’s.
Betty: Go on get out of here.
Stella: If you see him tell him to contact me, it’s about Xander...

Betty: (sighs) You see, see what this family has to put up with.
Cleo: I already knew Betty, I always have.
Betty: I just don’t think you’re strong enough for Morty, he needs a woman that will support him non-stop...but she’ll need to be strong with it too.
Cleo: Betty I love Morty, I love him more than i’ve ever loved any other man before. And if Stella believes that she’s going to drive a wedge between me and Morty she can think again.
Betty: I care about Morty you know Cleo, I care about him a lot.
Cleo: I know you do Betty, and so do I. But if we keep falling out we’ll not get anywhere will we?
Betty: No...I suppose not. Truth is, it’s the happiest i’ve seen Morty in a long time. Just make sure you keep that smile on his face Cleo...for me?

Cleo: I promise Betty...

Malcolm: So what are you doing here exactly?
Sandra: Oh I tagged along with my friend.
Malcolm: Ahh we have an intruder then.
Sandra: Yeah...I guess someone better arrest me.
Malcolm: That would be too awkward, even for one of these events.
Sandra: So Mr there a special lady in your life?
Malcolm: As a matter of fact there is....

Sandra: What’s her name?
Malcolm: Oh it’s irrelevant right now; how about you?
Sandra: Yeah...I think there is anyway...
Malcolm: Oh are you having trouble?
Sandra: I guess you could say that. I’ve got a boyfriend that’s just disappeared after an argument...
Malcolm: I’m sure he’ll turn up.
Sandra: How can you be so sure?
Malcolm: Because if I had a girlfriend as beautiful as you, I’d never let you go.

Sandra: What about your mystery woman then? Is she not beautiful?
Malcolm: Yes she is, but she’s also cruel and calculated.
Sandra: There’s a lot of those type of women around isn’t there?

Morty: Is it safe to come in?
Cleo: It sure is.
Morty: No broken glasses?
Betty: Honestly Morty, we weren’t that bad.
Morty: Xander, tell them the news.
Xander: I scored two goals today!
Cleo: (gasps) That’s fantastic Xander, how about we celebrate tomorrow by going for some ice cream?
Xander: Sounds like a plan Mummy.
Cleo: Come on, let’s get you all clean for bed.

Morty: So, is it all okay now?
Betty: She’s a good girl you know.
Morty: Oh I know she is...
Betty: But do you know something Morty, soon, Cleo and Stella will fight over you...and when it’s all over, Cleo will know exactly what I’ve been talking about.
Morty: Cousin Betty, Cleo’s not into all that bitchy fighting...
Betty: She’s already there Morty, I’ll give her two weeks and then the claws will emerge.

Sandra: Thank you for tonight, Scarlet seems to have disappeared.
Malcolm: It’s alright Sandra; it’s nice to speak to you.
Sandra: You’re the first person that’s spoken to me like a human being you know...
Malcolm: Well us rich guys aren’t all that bad you know.
Sandra: I guess not.

Sandra: Okay...that shouldn’t have happened...
Malcolm: It was my fault, i’m so sorry.
Sandra: We’ve both got know...
Malcolm: I completely understand I’m sorry.
Sandra: I guess my ride is over there, I’ll see you around Malcolm.

Malcolm: Wait, don’t I even get your number?
Sandra: Follow a trail of filthy money and a masked family...i’ll be there.

Stella: Morgan, I trust you have some news?
Morgan: Yes I do Stella...
Stella: And...go on...
Morgan: It turns out that Cleo Shikibu isn’t as innocent as she appears.
Stella: (gasps)
Morgan: It appears she spent time in prison two years ago...for attempted murder...
Stella: (gasps) How Juicy...
Morgan: It gets better...the guy she tried to murder...was her then-husband; Leod McGreggor.
Stella: Thank you Morgan...I have all I need to know...

Stella: It’s time to rip that Halo right off Cleo Roth’s head...


To Be Continued...