Richer Than Rich - Episode 10

Episode 10 – “How I Lost You and Your Brown Eyes”

Hello darling.
Cleo: Hello Morty how’s the party planning?

Morty: It’s going great; I’ve sold over 200 tickets so far.
Cleo: That’s fantastic; you should have a main attraction to get even more.
Morty: What like?
Cleo: Well you see party’s that have lots of aspects that draw people to it, like if it was a wedding or if it was an awards ceremony.
Morty: Well it’s a business party that me and board threw together to promote our products.
Cleo: Well why not have a famous model to promote the product that way you can guarantee that people will want to see them.

Morty: Hmm, well it’s really a promotion to show people what we plan to do in the future.
Cleo: You need an attraction Morty, something that will attract them, have a think about it eh?

Betty: How’s the party planning going?
It’s going great; it’ll be good to get the family out together as well.
Why, things not been rosy round here lately?
Well, with Stella lurking around it’s put a bad atmosphere around.
Betty: I’m sure Cleo is here for you isn’t she?
Morty: Oh yeah, she’s very supportive of me making business deals.
Betty: I bet...
Morty: Anyway, i better get to the restaurant to organise the decorations.
Betty: Okay Morty.

Stella: Good afternoon Morgan, what can i do for you?
Morgan: Just thought i’d fill you in, Morty’s having a party tonight.
Stella: Oh yes?
Morgan: Luxury food, lots of guests; he’s announcing what he plans to do with the future of Roth & Co.
Stella: What’s the attraction?
Morgan: I have no idea.
Stella: Well...he can’t announce anything if no one’s listening can he?

Morgan: Eh?
Stella: I’m not letting him announce any future plans, he hasn’t got a future. I’m going to throw a party that this town will never forget.
Morgan: That could be difficult Stella...
Stella: I already know what i’m doing Morgan.
Morgan: It’s going to have to be pretty impressive to get all the guests from Morty’s party.
Stella: I’m going to call in an old favour from a friend; trust me, i’ll have guests quicker than you can say disco stick.

Sandra: Oh gosh, i’m really starting to show now.
Jacob: You look great.

Sandra: Hardly, my jeans used to fit once, now i need cutting out of them.
Jacob: (laughs) Don’t worry, as i said, you look great.
Sandra: I hope Cousin Betty isn’t here when the baby is born, that room upstairs would look great.

Jacob: It would if we were staying here.
Sandra: We are staying here...aren’t we?
Jacob: I thought you was all set to leave before?
Sandra: Ah well, Cousin Betty taught me not to walk out on your family, so i’m staying put.
Jacob: There’s no way i’m staying here and living off your family Sandra, they’ve done enough for us.
Sandra: Why should we move out though, we’ve got everything we need right here.
Jacob: Sandra, you’re going to be a mother soon, you need to grow up. You can’t live off Morty for the rest of your life.

Sandra: He’s my father and i can do what i want Jacob, there’s no way we’re moving out.
Jacob: Yes we are, Sandra, we should start fresh, me you and the baby.
Sandra: Yes, that’s what we’re doing, but i’m not leaving my family. Maybe you’re used to walking out on your father, but i’m not.

Jacob: Fine, good luck with your new life.

Sandra: Jerk!

Cleo: Jacob what’s going on?
Jacob: Ask that selfish, spoilt daughter of Morty’s.

Betty: Don’t get involved sweet pea.
Cleo: I wasn’t, i’m going to clean the mantle-piece in the living room.
Betty: We’ve got cleaners for that.
Cleo: Is there a problem here Betty?
Betty: I don’t know Cleo, is there?
Cleo: (sighs) Never mind.

Morty: This all looks amazing Peter, thank you.
Peter: That’s okay Morty.

Cleo: Sandra, are you going to get ready for Morty’s party?
Sandra: Please go away Cleo.
Cleo: Look Sandra, i know that you’re very stressed right now, what with the baby and Jacob, but you can’t put your life on hold...

Sandra: Don’t try and advise me Cleo, you’re the last person i’d take advice from.
Cleo: Would you take advice from Betty?
Sandra: ...maybe.
Cleo: Look Sandra, i’m not your enemy here, i’m trying to help.
Sandra: You really want to help?
Cleo: Yes, i really do.
Sandra: Then go away.

Cleo: (sighs) Fine then Sandra, i’ll explain to your father that you’re not coming.

Stella: Welcome, it’s lovely to have you all here tonight. The drinks are being served at the bar, the music will be playing throughout, so enjoy yourselves.

Clyde: This place is really busy Stella, how did you manage it?
Stella: Well...there’s someone coming that i’m sure people will want to meet.

Cleo: Hello darling, where’s the guests?
Morty: Good question, i’ve been here since seven and no one have arrived.
Betty: That’s odd, did you send the invitations out?
Morty: Of course, i spoke to lots of people this morning and they said they were looking forward to it.
Cleo: Give them a call.
Morty: I will do now; there are drinks in the corner girls.

Betty: I bet that Stella has something to do with this.
Cleo: Oh don’t be silly, i’m sure they’re all just caught up..

Betty: You never cease to amaze me Cleo.
Cleo: What do you mean?
Betty: Well you shovel Stella under the carpet an awful lot, it’s like you don’t accept how much of a threat she is.
Cleo: She’s not a threat though, is she?
Betty: What do you think she’d want to do more than anything?
Cleo: Have a company bigger that Morty’s?
Betty: Yes, but i’m sure she’d love to be back in his arms again, she’ll start on you soon.

Sandra: Xander, where have you been?
Xander: Sorry Sandra, i was talking to my friend.
Sandra: What friend?
Xander: The man that looks like James Bond.
Sandra: What, i’m lost.
Xander: He’s always asking about you, dad and mum.
Sandra: Oh Xander, Belle is upstairs, go and ask if she’ll get you some clean pyjamas.
Xander: Okay..

Morty: Well it turns out all my guests are now at the Lulu Lounge...Stella’s having a gathering.
Betty: I knew it.
Morty: I’m going over there now, she obviously didn’t get the message last time.
Cleo: Oh hurry back Morty, we can always go for a meal or something.
Morty: Is that it Cleo? This gathering was important to me, she’s not getting away with this.

Betty: I agree with the man.
Cleo: Oh Betty stop it.
Betty: You love him; okay, but you’ve got to see what’s going on around you.
Cleo: It’s none of my business.
Betty: It’s affecting him, it’s obvious; isn’t that your business Cleo?

Stella: (laughs) Don’t you worry Paul, i won’t reveal any secrets.
Paul: (laughs) This has been a great night so far Stella.
Stella: It’s about to get better.
Paul: Who’s this superstar you mentioned on the invitation?
Stella: Wait and see.

Stella: Damon, when our guest is ready, just announce her on stage.
Damon: Will do Stella.

Stella: (sighs) Morty, don’t you have a party of your own?
Morty: Oh get lost Stella, why is it that half of these guests were invited to my party?

Stella: I don’t know, surely you don’t people as classy as these guys?
Morty: Quite the jokes Stella, you did this on purpose...
Stella: I told you Morty, don’t cross me because you’ll lose, every time.
Morty: You’re so annoying.
Stella: Funny, you said that on our second anniversary.

Damon: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not time for you to meet the special guest of the night...
Stella: Now if you don’t mind, my guest is here.
Morty: Let’s see who this “superstar” is.

Damon: Please give it up for...Lady Gaga!

Morty: (gasps) What?!

Lady Gaga: Thank you, you’re so kind.

Watch in high quality here:

He’s been a while.
Cleo: This is getting stupid, i’m going to go and see where he is.
Betty: I’ll head back to the house then, see how Xander and Sandra are doing.

Stella: You have no idea how much i despise you Morty.
Morty: The feeling is quite mutual.
Stella: I really feel you screwed me over...
Morty: Stella, you were cheating on me.
Stella: Because you were never around Morty, i was on my own a lot.
Morty: Why is it that women use that excuse all the time?
Stella: Because it’s true.
Morty: I felt more screwed over by you...

Stella: Oh please, i lost everything, my home, my
Morty: You didn’t think about us when you were cheating Stella.
Stella: I regret what i did, but you have to admit, you were in the wrong too.
Morty: (sighs) I didn’t do anything wrong, but i’ll agree with you for now.
Stella: This is the first conversation we’ve had...since the last day we were together.
Morty: I know, it’s awful isn’t it?
Stella: It is (laughs).
Morty: I best head back now anyway, thanks for ruining my evening.

Stella: One thing...

Stella: ...when you walk out that door, everything goes back to how it was; i still want to make you suffer for what you did.
Morty: Wouldn’t have it any other way Stella...

Betty: Sandra, you’re still up?
Sandra: Yeah, waiting for Jacob.
Betty: Oh honey it’s past midnight, maybe he’s slept elsewhere?
Sandra: (sobs) Oh Cousin Betty...i don’t know what to do.

Betty: Don’t worry Sandra; i’m sure it’s all going be okay.
Sandra: No it’s not, i’m losing him Betty...and i don’t know what i’m supposed to do...but i can just feel it. He’s slipping away from me.

Cleo: Oh, is Morty here?
Stella: He just left.
Cleo: Was it true, that you stole half of his guests?
Stella: Stole makes it sounds so wrong, i merely took them.
Cleo: Why can’t you just leave him alone Stella?
Stella: I beg your pardon?
Cleo: You heard me, what the hell did you think you’d achieve coming back here like this?
Stella: It’s none of your business, run back to being his’s his wife now right?

Cleo: Yes Stella, i’m his wife now, something that you destroyed a long time ago. You’ll never break him Stella, he’s stronger than you.
Stella: That’s what you think...
Cleo: I know it Stella, and so do you. So back off before this turns very ugly.

Stella: Ugly? Huh, you have no idea what it means Cleo...
Cleo: Maybe, but every time i see you Stella, i know exactly what it is.
Stella: So the mouse has turned into a rat...wouldn’t it destroy Morty if the rat was to drown in the river?

To be continued.