Richer Than Rich - Episode 9

Episode 9 – “The Back Story"

Betty: “As i sat in the dining room of Roth Manor, i began having one of those moments, you know, one of those where you start to think of what could have been. I’ve been in and out of this home all my life. Starting off as a very distant was very hard for me to fit in...

Sandra: Cousin Betty, Xander here wanted you to read him a story tonight.
Betty: Oh, okay then dear, let me read you a story.

Betty: Now, what would you like Cousin Betty to read you?
Xander: I want to read “The Witch and the Warlock”
Betty: You read that last night.
Xander: It’s the only good story i have.
Betty: (sighs) Well there must be something else we can come up with.
Xander: Can tell me a story.

Betty: What would you like to know?
Xander: Tell me about Daddy.
Betty: Daddy? What on earth for?
Xander: What was daddy like at my age?
Betty: Well, he was kind and very polite; he was a lot like you Xander.

Sandra: I want to listen to this actually.
Betty: Oh dear lord.
Xander: Please Cousin Betty!
Betty: (sighs) Oh alright...i guess this story would have to start with a farm.
Xander: A farm?

Betty: A farm...

Cassidy: Hey son, why don’t you pick up that shovel and start digging me a great big hole round the back of the Chicken huts.
Morty: Yes dad.

Morty: (sighs) Another boring day at the Roth’s farm.
Voice: Listen here Cassidy, you’re nothing to us, we want our cash now.

Cassidy: Please, i can’t get it right now the farm isn’t going too well...please...
Dan: (laughs) “The farm isn’t going to well”? How very funny.
Cassidy: Please Dan, i was grateful you leant me the money, but please, i’ll get it you back, i promise.
Dan: Grateful? Grateful? I want that money back Cassidy, you’ve got two more days to find the money, if you don’t have it by the time i return you won’t like what happens.

Dan: Oh and Cassidy, take a bath...

Cassidy: (sighs)
Morty: Dad, what was all that about?
Cassidy: Nothing son, just...go and keep yourself busy.
Morty: Dad...
Cassidy: Do as i say Morty!

That night:

Sara: Cassidy what were you thinking.
Cassidy: I was thinking about us Sara, we didn’t have any money, and I had to borrow some so I could pay off our debts.
Sara: If you would keep control of your stupid gambling problems we wouldn’t be in this mess.
Cassidy: This isn’t my entire fault and you know it.
Sara: Yes it is no one forced you to take money from Dan Staunton, you went and did it yourself; you put our whole family in danger.
Cassidy: Oh get real...

Morty: (sighs) Please just disappear.
Mary: Morty, what’s going on?

Morty: Oh hey Mary, why are you out so late?
Mary: I saw you over here and thought i’d come and check on you.
Morty: Oh, nothing, just my parents arguing again.
Mary: Oh what’s it about this time?
Morty: My father has taken money from Dan he’s threatening to kill us.
Mary: Oh gosh Morty, that’s horrible.
Morty: Yeah, major drag...
Mary: What’s going to happen?

Morty: I don’t know, i think my parents will sort it...
Mary: If you ever need anything, my family are just across the street Morty.
Morty: Thanks Mary.
Mary: Wanna go and hang out by the lake tomorrow then?
Morty: Sure, why not.
Mary: I’ll come here tomorrow then, see you Morty.

Next Day:

Betty: “Morty spent lots of time with Mary that day, they went by the lake for a while, then they went to the arcades, then they stopped somewhere for a bite to eat. Morty fell in love with her..."

Morty: Thanks for such a great day Mary, you really made me feel better.
Mary: Oh it’s no problem Morty.
Morty: Mary...i...i...

Mary: What’s wrong?
Morty: I think i love you Mary.
Mary: (gasps) Morty...i don’t know what to say.
Morty: Don’t say anything...just...

Morty: ...kiss...


Mary: (sighs) I guess i’ll speak to you tomorrow then Morty...
Morty: (sighs) Yeah...

Morty: Hey mum, hey dad.
Sara: Son, you’ve been gone all day, you had us worried.
Morty: I’ve just been hanging out with Mary.
Cassidy: We did it feel?
Morty: Err...what?
Sara: The kiss!
Morty: I’m not having this conversation with my parents.

Sara: (laughs) We love you Morty.
Morty: I know you do, i love you too.

Sandra: So what about this Dan guy, what happened with him?
Betty: was the second day after his visit.

Cleo: What’s going on in here?
Xander: Cousin Betty is telling us a story about daddy.
Cleo: I’ve just spoke to your father, he’s on his way home from his business trip now.
Sandra: He’ll be here tomorrow afternoon then?
Cleo: I think so; so what’s all this?
Betty: They wanted to hear about Morty’s life, so i decided to tell them what i know.
Xander: Sit down mummy, it’s a nice story.
Cleo: Alright then.

Sara: So today we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.
Morty: Didn’t that Dan guy say he would be stopping by today.
Cassidy: No, no he didn’t son.
Morty: I’m not stupid Dad, i heard you know.
Sara: Son, we can’t afford to pay back that money, so we need to make sure we’re all together today...i don’t think he’ll attack us if we’re in our home.
Morty: Why don’t we all just go out for the day?
Cassidy: Because...we’ve seen two guys that work for him pass this house four times in the last 15 minutes.
Morty: I...i can’t believe this...

Sara: We’re in the same situation son, but we’re a family, we need to stick together.

: Come on...answer Mary.
Phone: “The number you dialled has not been recognised...”
Morty: Damn it.

Sara: What’s up Morty?
Morty: I’m trying to call Mary; she was stopping by later but her numbers not even recognised any more.
Sara: I’m sure she’ll be okay Morty; she might not have put the phone down properly.
Morty: But it’d just say it was engaged, not that it couldn’t be recognised.
Sara: (sighs) You can go and visit her tomorrow Morty, but right now, we’re staying in here.
Morty: I hate this; this is all dads’ fault! We shouldn’t be prisoners in our own home.

Sara: Don’t talk about your father that way Morty; he did what he did because he loves us so much.
Morty: What? He put us in danger? He’s never cared for the family mum; he’s always done what he wants.
Sara: That is enough, now feed Barney will you.
Morty: (sighs) Okay.

Cassidy: We’re doing a great job i think, i got Patrick to look after the farm today, everything is fine.
Morty: How can you say that? We’re locked away in this house like dogs...
Cassidy: I know...i’m sorry...i just...
Morty: Kidding yourself; kidding yourself into believing that this farm will work and that you could take on Dan in the first place. You’re a farmer, you can’t aim higher above your stations because you don’t have the power or money to do it.
Cassidy: Don’t talk to me like that you little...
Sara: Please...
Morty: You need telling Dad, this family is in danger because you can’t accept that your career is failing!

Cassidy: I don’t have to be spoken like this by you.
Morty: Then who will it take Dad, who can tell you the truth because if your own family can’t then the people out there are doomed.
Cassidy: Morty...just...shut up.

Sara: Barney’s outside.
Morty: What?!
Sara: He’s out there, we need to get him back in.

Morty: Wait here.

Sara: Morty wait up, you’re not leaving here on your own.
Morty: Mum go back inside, i’ll get Barney and come back in, just go back in the house.

Morty: Come on Barney, we need to go back inside!

Morty: (gasps) Mum!

Morty: Mum, oh no...Mum...please wake up...
Sara: little’re...all grown up...
Morty: Mum...please...hang on in there...
Sara: Morty...don’t blame your father for this...just...go what you want to do...make the Roth name one to be remembered...don’t let anyone forget the name Roth.
Morty: Mum...please...
Sara: I
Morty: I love you too mum...please don’t go...i need you.

Morty: Dad, dad where are you?

Morty: Dad? Where did you go?

Morty: Dad where did you go?

Morty: Mary, Mary are you in?

Margaret: Excuse me young boy, what are doing here?
Morty: I’m looking for Mary Gavigan, where is she?
Margaret: The Gavigan’s left Riverblossom Hills early this morning, the parents found a new home in there something wrong dear?
Morty: Everyone is gone...everyone i gone.

Betty: He never saw her again, not after his parents died. Morty ran away from Riverblossom Hills after that, he went to live in Strangetown to escape all he’d been through. Many of us thought he’d been taken with his father.
Sandra: Oh my god...
Cleo: So...then what happened?

Betty: “Dan Staunton was arrested for the murder or Mr and Mrs Roth, he died in prison three weeks after his initial arrest; some say it was suicide. After a short time, i had a knock on my door...”

Betty: Hello? Oh sorry young man, we don’t want any bible classes today, thank you.
Morty: Cousin Betty, it’s me, Morty.
Betty: Morty who?
Morty: Morty Roth, the son of Cassidy and Sara.
Betty: (gasps) Good lord.
Betty: Morty! You’re all grown up, where have you been all this time?
Morty: I moved to Strangetown to get away from Riverblossom Hills to start a new life for myself.
Betty: So, how did it go?
Morty: Well, i’m back here aren’t i?
Betty: Oh come inside dear

Betty: What happened to you mother and father Morty?
Morty: You know what happened, they died.
Betty: Dan Staunton was arrested for the murder you know.
Morty: Good, he was the one who killed them.
Betty: Where’s your father?
Morty: He ran away and left me and mum there to die, i don’t know where he went to.
Betty: Oh dear...
Morty: Cousin Betty, i’ve got something to tell you; my mother told me to do something before she died, she told me to go away from here and start a new life...make the name “Roth” one to remember...

Betty: Yes...
Morty: That’s why i’m back, i’m planning on making our name so big that everyone will talk about us, i want to make sure that no one forgets us.
Betty: Morty...that sounds brilliant...what’s your plan.

Morty: ...Business.

Betty: (whispers) I think we’d better get Xander to bed now.
Cleo: Yeah, it’s really late.

Cleo: I had no idea all this happened to Morty...
Betty: That’s what concerns me Cleo.
Cleo: What?
Betty: He told Stella this when he first met her...yet with you...he’s said nothing. Which is making me wonder...what are is feelings towards you?
Cleo: Betty...i...
Betty: All i’m saying is, you must be very closed off from him if he’s not told you about that time in his life.

Cleo: I love Morty.
Betty: I hope so Cleo, i really do. Because if anyone plans on hurting him again i will take them down and i won’t feel bad about it.

To be continued.