Richer Than Rich - Episode 8

Episode 8 – “The Matriarch”

God Damn it, who’s ringing at this time in the morning.

Morty: Hello?
Betty: Morty, it’s Betty...
Morty: Do you know what time it is?
Betty: Don’t give me cheek young man, this is an emergency.
Morty: Sorry, what’s the matter?
Betty: A pipe has burst in my apartment, i have nowhere else to stay; i asked Joan, but she’s made the excuse that she’s on holiday...but I’ve just seen her taking the garbage out...
Morty: So what are you saying?
Betty: What does it look like i’m saying Morty; i’m coming to live with you.

Sandra: What time is she arriving?
Morty: She didn’t say, sometime this morning.
Cleo: I think it’ll be great to have another girl around.
Morty: Oh yeah, our Betty’s a good old girl.
Sandra: She’s been at the head of the Roth family tree for years now, all our cousins, grandparents and other relatives died, she was the only one to keep fighting through. She hates...outsiders though.
Cleo: Well there’s none of them here, so we’ll be fine. We should get Rosenberg to make the top floor room for her.
Morty: He’s already doing it...

Sandra: Xander, what are you doing out here.
Xander: I’m playing; my toys are in the jungle.
Sandra: That’s nice, get back inside, Cousin Betty is coming.
Xander: And we can be a happy family?
Sandra: Well, Daddy, me, you and Cousin Betty, we can kiss goodbye to dear Cleo though, Cousin Betty will get rid of her within the hour...
Xander: I don’t want Cleo to go...
Sandra: That’s because you’re a child, you don’t know your own mind, now get inside.

Stella: This breakfast is delicious.
Malcolm: One of Patty’s specialties, she’s made this from me being a child.
Stella: You must have had a sweet childhood, living with your parents...
Malcolm: I don’t really remember them, well, i remember my father and how he continued to tell me to make something of myself, but i don’t remember anything else.
Stella: Nothing...why ever not?
Malcolm: I don’t know, my memory of that time is just blanked...
Stella: Well, it’s the future what’s important isn’t it?

Morty: Cousin Betty, it’s amazing to see you.
Betty: I’d say the feeling is mutual, but it’s not.

Sandra: Cousin Betty, we’ve not seen you since the wedding.
Betty: I know you look great Cassandra.
Cleo: Hello Betty, nice to see you again.
Betty: Likewise dear...anyway, where’s my room?

Cleo: She’ll enjoy it here.
Sandra: What makes you so sure?
Cleo: She seems very pleasant doesn’t she?
Sandra: One thing you should know about Cousin Betty, Cleo, is that she has the tendency to change at any time, one moment she’s your friend, the next she’s got a pitch fork and is chasing you out the door yelling “get out outsider”. I’d watch my back if i were you...

This is lovely Morty, thank you so much.
Morty: It’s a pleasure to have you here Betty.

Betty: So, how’s married life again?
Morty: It’s brilliant; Cleo is amazing, she’s cares so much for the family.
Betty: Do you love her as much as Stella though?
Morty: More than Stella...a lot more...
Betty: That’s nice.

Morty: I take it you heard she’s back then?
Betty: Stella? Oh yes, it was in the papers at the time.
Morty: She’s trying to send me to the cleaners Betty...
Betty: She always was trying to send you to the cleaners...
Morty: It’s annoying me, i don’t know what underhanded scheme she’ll come with next.
Betty: She’s nothing but a fly in your way Morty, underhanded or not, nothing can touch Roth & Co at the moment, at least not some tiny company that’s currently working at a loss.
Morty: I really hope you’re right Betty, i really do.

Stella: We could be on you know, Malcolm’s the perfect candidate for me to lean on whilst Tiger Productions grows.
Andrew: Then what are you waiting for, pounce.
Stella: I don’t want to seem desperate, besides, i need to think of a way to make it sound like the company will succeed.
Andrew:’ve already let him strip you naked...i’m sure he’ll be willing to help by now....
Stella: Do you have to be so crude?
Andrew: I could’ve been cruder.

What are you doing about Jacob now?
Andrew: I’ve been planning a cover story to make him come out to Florida with me.
Stella: Oh, and what’s that?
Andrew: Suicide....
Stella: I think i like it.

Betty: Oh Belle you haven’t changed a bit.
Belle: Neither have you Betty.
Cleo: Hello Betty, are you settling in?

Betty: You make it sound like a hotel, everything is fine dear.
Cleo: Oh sorry, i was just checking.
Betty: So, do you enjoy being married to a Roth?
Cleo: I love Morty, and i feel that the family is one that I’ve needed for so long.
Betty: Is there...something wrong?

Cleo: Nothing’s wrong, why?
Betty: You seem to be preaching to me here.
Cleo: Oh, i’m sorry, it’s just...i’m a little uptight because I’ve never really spoken to you much.
I’m here to give everyone a chance dear, pull up a chair; we can chat about the old days.

Morty: Jacob, did you tell everyone the confidential information?
Jacob: I haven’t yet, we should tell them now.
Morty: Call them in individually and we’ll finally see whose leaking information to Stella.

Morty: Damon, I’ve brought you here because i want to share some information with you, you can’t tell anyone this, not even the board members. The truth is, we’re planning on scrapping the idea for the elder music player, instead we’re opening new doors and planning on creating a mobile phone for elderly people, so they can control it better and understand how to use it.
Damon: That’s amazing Morty, i think the MP3 thing was a bit of a stretch, how many pensioners do you see wanting mp3’s.

Jacob: Our plan is to merge with another company, a company which also provides customers with internet and phone services.
Josh: That’s stupid, how is the company going to increase if it merges with another, we need to try and keep to the top, through its own name, not through someone else’s.

Morty: It’s vital that the information regarding moving buildings is kept private, can i trust you Lewis.
Lewis: Oh yes Morty, don’t worry, your secret is safe.

Morty: How did it go?
Jacob: Didn’t seem to be showing any signs of leaking info, but what are we looking for here?
Morty: Tonight’s news bulletin, we’ll see what Tiger Productions new planes are shall we?

Betty: Morty has always been a sensitive man, that’s why he couldn’t see through Stella.
Cleo: He never talks about her, it’s strange.
Betty: Why should he, he wants to erase her from his memory.
Cleo: I know, it’s a shame that their love ended so bitterly.
Betty: It was all on her part, you know that right?
Cleo: Oh yes, I’ve heard that about her.

Answering Machine: You have one message...
Stella: A message?

Josh: “Stella, it’s me; I’ve got some information about Roth & Co...”

Sandra: Hello cousin Betty, how are you?
Betty: Fine Sandra, how are you?
Sandra: Just fine, so, what do you think of Cleo?
Betty: The question is Sandra; what do you think of her?
Sandra: (sighs) That she’s no good for Daddy; that she’s using him for his money, that she’s a filthy gold digger and will never have a place in this house.

Betty: Well, well Sandra, you’ve got a lot of hate for someone your age.
Sandra: I care about my father.
Betty: Is that it, or are you just scared
Sandra: Scared, what could i possibly be scared of?
Betty: Losing your place by your father’s side...
Sandra: I...i...i’m always by my father’s side.
Betty: Exactly, so why do you hate her so much?
Sandra: This conversation is over Cousin Betty.

Betty: The love between father and daughter can be too much...sometimes...poisoning.

Jacob: Morty, i think you’d better take a look at this.

Jacob: “The latest instalment for Tiger Productions has been revealed; owner Stella Chesterton has decided to match her mp3 players for the elderly, she will throw in a phone which will also provide the older generation with another way of using modern technology.”
Morty: It’s Josh!
Jacob: Yep.
Morty: Get on the phone to the office; it’s time he was removed immediately.
Jacob: Where are you going?
Morty: I’m going to pay a visit to my ex-wife.

Cleo: Morty what’s going on?
Morty: I’m going to see Stella for a moment; I’ve got something to drop on her right now.
Cleo: Oh Morty, can’t you just let it go.
Morty: You have no idea what i’m referring too so keep out of it.

Betty: Let him do what he’s doing Cleo, Stella deserves everything she gets.
Cleo: I’m aware of what Stella’s like Betty, i just think that Morty reacting like this only provokes her.
Betty: No, you don’t know anything about her, you have no idea what’s she’s capable of.

Stella: Excuse me, you can’t just barge in here like that.

Morty: I know Stella, i know about your links with Josh in Roth & Co.
Stella: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Morty: Come off it Stella, i set this up, i gave the board members 5 different links of information and Josh’s ended up as bulletin for Tiger Productions.
Stella: Oh...damn...

Morty: You’re damn right; i’m sick of you, everytime i look over my shoulder i’m scared of seeing you. You came back here and you’re doing my nut in, what will it take to get rid of you?
Stella: Don’t come over all “high and mighty” on me Morty, you may own the big house, but you haven’t got the biggest mind in this business.
Morty: £50,000?
Stella: Ha, you think that’d buy me off, well you thought wrong.
Morty: (sighs) £100,000!
Stella: Morty...i...
Morty: Think about it Stella, £100,000 could be yours right now, if you just leave.

Morty: How dare you!
Stella: No, how dare you! You think you can storm up here and give me the third degree; i let you drive me away from here once before and i’ll be damned if i let you do it again.
Morty: Just...go...
Stella: No Morty, it’s time for you to realise, the day of Morty Roth is now over, you’re finished. I’ll break you into little pieces before i leave here and i’ll do the same to your little family over there too.
Morty: The kids...
Stella: I didn’t mean them, i meant you and Lucy Liu.
Morty: Now listen here...
Stella: No you listen, it’s time for you to move on now; i will stop at nothing until i see you in the gutter; the time for Mr Morty Roth has finally come to an end; you're finished.
Morty: You want to fight me Stella? Bring it on...
Stella: You're saying this now? I brought it on a while ago...and my's going to be one hell of a dog fight.

To be continued...