Richer Than Rich - Episode 7

Previously on Richer Than Rich...

Sandra: How dare you!
Cleo: No how dare you, your father could be dead and all you’re thinking about is your hatred towards me. You claim to have your fathers best interests at heart but really, you’re just out for yourself.

Stella: I’ve come here with a proposition for you Andrew, I’ve bought Tiger Productions. I’m planning on increasing the company to get my reputation built back up again. I want to bring Morty down, he should pay for casting me out the way he did.

Andrew: Okay, i’m in. But can i give you some advice?
Stella: Go on.
Andrew: A way to increase your reputation; get in touch with a rich businessman, tell him you’re starting up a company, he’ll help you out.

Daniel: He plans to target the older generation and create a product they can easily use; all you have to do, is make your products even bigger...even...better.
Stella: You better come inside...

Episode 7 – “Malcolm”

Stella: Hello Henry, I’ve just got your leaflet for the Charity event, am i right in thinking it’s taking place now?
Henry: Yes, it’s taking place right now, you coming?
Stella: I think i’ll be able to make an appearance; yes.

Sandra: Oh, sorry Daddy, i didn’t realise you were up.
Morty: Ah that glitter in your eye, i never tire of seeing you happy.

Sandra: Well me and Jacob made friends and we’re finally planning on settling down.
Morty: I’m glad everything is working out for you.
Sandra: It is, it really is. Daddy, i’m sorry for letting Mother back in here, I’ve been so stupid.
Morty: Don’t worry Sandra, your mother is a very calculating woman, I’ve believed her stories in the past as well.

Sandra: Well i’m going to head off to bed, goodnight.
Morty: Night darling.

Stella: Ah Henry, it’s wonderful to see you.
Henry: It’s wonderful to see you too Stella, looking as beautiful as ever.
Stella: Oh flattery will get you everywhere.
Henry: This is Marge who works for the Charity we’re sponsoring today.
Stella: Hello Marge.
Marge: Hello there Mrs. Chesterton, if you’d like to take a seat, the raffle it taking place.
Stella: Oh, don’t mind if i do.

Waiter: Glass of Red wine madam?
Stella: Oh, yes please.

Henry: Hello and welcome to this special evening as we all gather in hope of raising money for the children at the “Lost Home House”. We’re going to begin tonight with the new artwork which has been recommended by Mr. Powell and his art company to be the new design of the house itself...

Stella: (sighs)

Morty: I thought you’d have gone straight back to bed now.
Cleo: Oh no, i just thought i’d catch up on my novel.
Morty: I’ve just been speaking to Sandra.
Cleo: Is she alright?
Morty: Yes, she’s just happy that her and Jacob are working it out.
Cleo: I’m happy for her.

Morty: You know, it’s a shame you two didn’t really hit off well...
Cleo: (sighs) What can i say, i’m the tramp who used to be your secretary.
Morty: Well, i was thinking that maybe you two could start again?
Cleo: Oh i don’t know Morty; she seems to just...dislike me.
Morty: Then why not make an effort, she seemed very happy downstairs, maybe tomorrow you could try and build bridges?
Cleo: (sighs) Okay, i’ll try, but i’m only doing it to please you.

Henry: ...and now onto the donations.
Stella: Here we go.
Henry: We’re offering you a vintage red dress, which was shipped straight from France.

Stella: (gasps) This is so mine.

Henry: Okay, we’ll start the bid at £500...£550...£600...£650...£700...£750...
Stella: Henry...

Stella: Top this; £300,000.
Guests: (gasps)
Voice: £400,000.

Henry: Oh, hello Malcolm Landgraab...ahem, any takers on £400,000?
Stella: £500,000.

Malcolm: £600,000
Stella: £700,000
Malcolm: £800,000.
Henry: Any takers on...
Stella: £900,000....

Malcolm: ...£950,000....

Henry: Erm...Stella?
Stella: (sighs) What can i say, the dress is...erm...yours.
Henry: Sold to Mr. Malcolm Landgraab.

Stella: Goodnight Henry.
Henry: Speak to you soon Stella.

Stella: (sighs) What a night that was.
Malcolm: Stella?

Stella: You stay away from me Mr. Landgraab, how dare you outbid me!
Malcolm: I could say the same to you, i mean, my family is more well known
Stella: Listen here, you can keep the dress, but if you try and cross me again...
Malcolm: Oh come on Stella, it’s just some fun...can we start again?

Stella: Excuse me?
Malcolm: I’d like to take you to dinner one day this week, to make up for it?
Stella: First you embarrass me, now you want to take me to dinner?
Malcolm: As i said, a way to make up?
Stella: (sighs) Fine, pick me up tomorrow evening at 8pm, and Malcolm...

Stella: I hate a man that’s late.

Cleo: You off to work now Morty?
Morty: Yes darling, i’m afraid i am. I’ll be back later okay?
Cleo: Okay, speak to you later.

Cleo: Sandra, you look happy this morning.
Sandra: (sighs) Well...i was...
Cleo: Oh, something wrong?
Sandra: Nothing, bad joke.
Cleo: Are you free this afternoon? Maybe we can go out for dinner?
Sandra: Why would i want to go out for dinner with you?

Cleo: (sighs) Look, i know i’m not your favourite person Sandra, but your Father really wants us to get along, so i said i’d make this effort to talk to you. Won’t you come to dinner, for your father?
Sandra: (sighs) Okay, but i get to pick the restaurant.
Cleo: Fine, okay.

Stella: Morgan, have you done any more research on Mr. Landgraab yet?
Morgan: I have got quite a lot of information actually.
Stella: Oh...?
Morgan: Well, he’s the son of Malcolm Landgraab III, he was left alone as a child because both parents died in a car crash.
Stella: Oh?
Morgan: He was raised by his grandparents and left in charge of the Landgraab Empire; which is an empire of owning half of a shopping district named Bluewater Village.
Stella: I’ve heard of that, it’s on the outskirts of Riverblossom Hills.
Morgan: Yes, he’s had some bad press recently, he was involved with a red headed girl from Pleasantview, and the pair was caught by a member of the press in his hot tub.
Stella: Scandal sounds great. Thank you Morgan, I’ve heard enough for now.

Jacob: Morty, i’ve got some important news.
Morty: What is it?
Jacob: Don’t freak out’s just...
Morty: Jacob you’re scaring me, come on.
Jacob: Tiger Productions has released information on a new product that will be there to match their re-opening...
Morty: Yes...
Jacob: It’s a music player...aimed at elderly people.

Morty: How did she find out?
Jacob: That’s been my question exactly, no one knew about it apart from the people in that meeting.
Morty: Which means one of the board members is working for Stella.
Jacob: Yes.
Morty: We need to find out who it is Jacob...immediately.
Jacob: I have an idea Morty; i was thinking that maybe we could set up a few decoy products in order to see which one reaches Stella’s ears.
Morty: Decoy product?
Jacob: I’m thinking that we can tell each member of the board different product ideas, whichever one gets back to Stella is obviously the traitor.
Morty: Great plan Jacob, i like it.

Cleo: Oh this is a nice place Sandra.
Sandra: Yes, my Dad introduced me to this place.
Cleo: You’re very close to your father Sandra, you’ve both got a really nice relationship.
Sandra: Yes, i hate the thought of anyone hurting him.
Cleo: You know i’d never hurt him don’t you Sandra?
Sandra: Shall we order now?
Cleo: Sandra please, you just switch off when i speak to you, i really care for your father...
Sandra: Oh i know how much you care about...some...form of Father, but not all of him.

Cleo: No Sandra, all of him. I care about him completely. You seem to ignore it though which is very upsetting to me.
Sandra: (sighs) I don’t think you’re good enough for him, i just believe that your...behaviour isn’t exactly wife material.
Cleo: Be honest Sandra, it’s my wealth isn’t it?
Sandra: Yes, that as well. I think that someone who has never had money may take all she can grab...
Cleo: Your father’s money means more to you than it does to me.
Sandra: How dare you!
Cleo: And whilst you’re trying to give your...professional opinion on my relationship with your father, maybe you should look at your own.

Sandra: This dinner is over.
Cleo: If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about you Sandra it’s this; you like to give it out but you can’t take it. And i’m giving some back to you, your relationship with Jacob is built on a baby, not love.
Sandra: And what would you know?
Cleo: I think I’ve learnt a lot in my relationships, trust me, a baby doesn’t hold it together.
Sandra: I don’t have to stand here and be insulted by you, i’m going home.
Cleo: Oh, but it’s okay for you to insult me?

Morty: Hello Sandra, enjoy your dinner?
Sandra: It’s the last one we will ever have; honestly father, why can’t you see her for what she is?
Morty: Sandra...i...
Sandra: I can’t live under this roof any longer.
Morty: Why, what happened?
Sandra: She started insulting mine and Jacob’s relationship; she said it will never last because it’s based around a baby!
Morty: What did you say to her?
Sandra: Oh...typical! Take her side, well i’m not going to sit around here waiting for you to open your eyes, i’m moving out and so is Jacob.
Morty: Sandra, don’t be silly...
Sandra: Silly? This is the most sensible thing I’ve ever done!

Stella: You’re late Malcolm.
Malcolm: Late, no, you’re early.
Stella: Oh don’t be silly...

Stella: Oh my gosh...

Malcolm: Your carriage awaits dear lady.
Stella: This is wonderful.

Morty: Do i need to ask?
Cleo: I presume you already know.
Morty: That you insulted her relationship with Jacob?
Cleo: Go on, say it, i know i shouldn’t have, but she keeps having a go at me all the time.
Morty: I think it’s good you stood up for yourself Cleo.
Cleo: Really?
Morty: Absolutely.
Cleo: Well that’s a relief...i thought you’d have thrown me out.

Morty: Cleo, Sandra is moving out, she just announced it before you came in...She’s always going to move out, me and you, on the other hand, are for life.
Cleo: I’m sorry i can’t get on with her Morty, i really am.
Morty: Don’t worry about it Cleo.

Stella: So tell me about yourself Malcolm.
Malcolm: I think you already know Stella...
Stella: Excuse me?
Malcolm: I knew that you’d have to do some kind of research before you came on a date with a guy you hardly knew.
Stella: Possibly.
Malcolm: I also knew that you’d want to check if i was telling the truth...about the money i have.

Stella: The son of the Landgraab Empire, i think I’ve gotten lucky here.
Malcolm: Believe me, i’m the one who’s lucky.
Stella: Possibly.
Malcolm: You have the prettiest eyes.
Stella: So I’ve been told, numerous times before.
Malcolm: You do this often do you?

Stella: More often that i’d like to say.
Malcolm: I bet you have had rich men climbing out of your pocket.
Stella: Possibly.
Malcolm: So tell me...what's our next step?
Stella: Well...

Stella: That was amazing.
Malcolm: Tell me about it!
Stella: You know what they say, rich men are filled with passion!
Malcolm: Funny, they say that about rich women as well.
Stella: I guess they're right!

To be continued...