Richer Than Rich - Episode 6

Episode 6 – “The Rival”

Sandra: Morning Daddy.
Morty: Morning honey.
Sandra: How long have you been up?
Morty: Half an hour, i’ve just been checking the books to the business, that’s all.
Sandra: Don’t let mum’s threats frighten you, she’s all talk.
Morty: Your mum’s threats don’t frighten me Sandra, i’m checking them because I’ve been away, that’s all.

Sandra: But don’t underestimate her either...
Morty: I don’t...
Sandra: Because she always was one of the cleverest workers you ever had, right?
Morty: (sighs) Yeah, you’re right, she was.
Sandra: So, keep an eye on her.

Stella: Hello Morgan, would you like to take a seat...

Morgan: My Stella, this place looks amazing.
Stella: Why thank you, it’s taken some time to get it all set up, but its fine now.
Morgan: So, what can i do you for?
Stella: Well, i’m looking for a man who used to live around here a few years ago.
Morgan: Oh?
Stella: His name is Andrew Martin, know him?
Morgan: I think so, Jacob’s father?
Stella: Yes, that’s right.

Morgan: Okay, well he’s still around here.
Stella: Really, how do you know?
Morgan: Because i’m sure I’ve seen him around, i’ll find out where he is though.
Stella: Thank you Morgan.

Morty: Morning Jacob, can i have a word please?
Jacob: Sure, what’s on your mind?
Morty: It’s Tiger Productions; i suppose you know that Stella’s bought the company?
Jacob: Yeah, Sandra mentioned it.
Morty: Well I think it’s time to up our game, because i’m not willing to underestimate Stella, if she wants to downgrade my company, she will do.
Jacob: That’s understandable, what do you have in mind?
Morty: I’m thinking of doing more of the community, we should try and target children...
Jacob: Wait Morty; targeting Children is what we do anyway, i think we should target the older generation, they’re not likely to buy anything with modern technology involved, if we persuade them too, we might be able to increase our sales.

Morty: Hmm, that’s not a bad idea, alright, call a meeting in my office for 10:30am, we’ll go through some ideas.

Sandra: Helping Dad with ideas?
Jacob: Yeah, i am.

Sandra: (sighs) Look, can you keep an eye on him at work?
Jacob: Why, what’s wrong?
Sandra: He’ll never admit it, but i do think he’s genuinely worried about Stella’s threats.
Jacob: So what, wouldn’t you be?
Sandra: Yes, but he’s pretend he’s not threatened and that everything is fine.
Jacob: So what do you want him to do?
Sandra: I want him to acknowledge the fact that she is a threat to him...
Jacob: He has acknowledged the fact she’s a threat...
Sandra: I just want you to watch him, okay?
Jacob: Don’t try using me as a way to feed your own guilt Sandra; you made a mistake with your mother, leave it there.

Sandra: Jacob!

Cleo: You going to work now Morty?
Morty: Yeah, hopefully it’s all in one piece.
Cleo: I’m sure it will be; i was wondering if you’d like to go over some of those schools we talked about for Xander.
Morty: When i get back, of course we will.

Morty: Hello gentlemen, thanks for attending this meeting. Now, as most of you are aware, my ex-wife, Stella Chesterton, has returned from her...absence and has secretly bought Tiger Productions.
Daniel: I thought Shakeel bought Tiger Productions.
Morty: It appears she was working through Shakeel; he bought the company for her.
Daniel: Gosh, that’s devious.
Morty: That’s not important; it’s what she threatened afterwards. She claimed that she was planning on “bringing down” Roth & Co, now i am not willing to let them happen, we’ve got to up our game...

Peter: I doubt she can bring us down Morty...
Morty: Me neither, i don’t think she can. But i don’t underestimate my ex-wife, and trust me, she can be very cunning when she wants to, so i suggest we use everything in our power to make sure that this company stays at the top spot.
Harry: So what’s the plan?
Morty: Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss. Jacob had an interesting idea about targeting the older generation to get them interested in modern products.

Peter: That’s not bad, it would be good if we could find out what the older generation find difficult about modern technology.
Daniel: Are we talking about MP3 players, or TVs, or household appliances?
Morty: I was thinking MP3 players, we could work at making a product that is similar to our MP3 players and try and make it beneficial for people at least over 60.
Jacob: I’ll get a questionnaire drawn up.
Morty: Sounds great, you can try send it to all the local residents, i’m sure they’ll be willing to help.

Stella: Hello, Morgan, how nice to hear from you.
Morgan: Stella, i’ve found him. He’s living in one of those old trailer apartments in the rougher area of Downtown.
Stella: Oh, how predictable.
Morgan: It’s pretty rough.
Stella: Let me do the criticizing when i get there.
Morgan: You’re going there now?
Stella: Yes, now, so what’s his number?
Morgan: Number 4.
Stella: Super, your cheque will be on your desk tomorrow morning Morgan.

Sandra: Back so soon?
Morty: Yes, it was pretty simple, where’s Cleo?
Sandra: Upstairs.
Morty: Thank you.

Sandra: Jacob, i want to talk about the way you spoke to me earlier.
Jacob: Not now Sandra, i’m getting some applications drawn up.
Sandra: God damn it Jacob, where do you get off, i’m the mother of your child and you barely look at me.
Jacob: I’m working Sandra.
Sandra: Okay, well when our child asks you to play with him and you say “i’m working”, i’ll do the explaining shall i?

Jacob: Get off my case.
Sandra: Yes, i’ll tell him how much of a waste of space his father is!

Tramp: (wolf whistles)
Stella: Calm yourself darling, you could never afford me.

Stella: Andrew, long time no see.
Andrew: Stella, you look...
Stella: I know, amazing. Can i come in?

Andrew: I’d get you a drink, but i’ve not got any expensive wine.
Stella: Don’t worry Andrew; i’m not here for your drink.
Andrew: What is it?

Stella: Well, let me start off by saying how disgusted in you i am.
Andrew: Why?
Stella: Living in this place, what happened?
Andrew: I left Riverblossom Hills. Betty sold the house, and Jacob moved in with...Morty.
Stella: Now that is why i’m here.

Andrew: Morty?
Stella: Yes, he’s practically “lording” over your son like the perfect Father, but me and you both know he’s not so “perfect”, neither is he a good father.
Andrew: I tried everything Stella, i held him hostage on his wedding day...i tried my best...
Stella: (gasps) You did...what?
Andrew: I knew someone, named Tony, he worked with this military crew, i arranged for him to hold Morty hostage. I covered it up to pretend it was about some papers, but i would’ve arranged for him to be shot anyway.
Stella: That’s...nice of you.
Andrew: But it backfired, Morty found out it was me, Tony’s crew are now behind bars, and Tony himself is dead.
Stella: Oh you idiot, if you want to get back at Morty, don’t do it physically, do it mentally.
Andrew: Mentally?
Stella: I’ve come here with a proposition for you Andrew, I’ve bought Tiger Productions. I’m planning on increasing the company to get my reputation built back up again. I want to bring Morty down, he should pay for casting me out the way he did.

Andrew: I don't know Stella, i want what's best for Jacob...
Stella: Jacob is your son Andrew, your own flesh and blood. And Morty would be nothing without his right hand man; i want you to lure Jacob away from Roth & Co.
Andrew: “Lure” him away? He never gets lured anywhere.
Stella: You’re his father Andrew, i have a plan. If you contact him, put on the waterworks, you can tell him some lies, tell him that a big gang of thugs are after you and you need help, improvise. He’ll help you, Jacob’s got a good heart.
Andrew: He’s also the father of your daughter’s baby.
Stella: I know, but it’s a sacrifice i’m willing to make.

Andrew: What do i get out of this?
Stella: Your son, plus i’ll give you £60,000 to get out of town for good.
Andrew: Okay, i’m in. But can i give you some advice?
Stella: Go on.
Andrew: A way to increase your reputation; get in touch with a rich businessman, tell him you’re starting up a company, he’ll help you out.

Stella: See Andrew, we can help each other out. Thank you.

Jacob: (whispers) Sandra?
Sandra: Get lost!
Jacob: Sandra, first look beautiful...secondly...i’m sorry...

Sandra: Yeah, well you should be. I’m pregnant here, i deserve some respect.
Jacob: (sighs) I know, i should be paying you attention.
Sandra: Your work is taking up too much personal time Jacob, i hardly see you.
Jacob: I’m going to spend more time with you from now on, i promise.
Sandra: Only say it if you mean it.
Jacob: I do, i love you Sandra.

Sandra: (sighs) I love you too.

(Doorbell rings)
Stella: Who’s this at this time in the night?

Stella: Oh, my trusted spy, what have you got for me?
Voice: Some information regarding Roth & Co...
Stella: Well...spit it out.
Voice: It’s Morty; he’s planning on taking his company to the next level...

Daniel: He plans to target the older generation and create a product they can easily use; all you have to do, is make your products even bigger...even...better.
Stella: You better come inside...

To be continued...