Richer Than Rich - Episode 5

Episode 5 – “The False Son”

Morty: Just given our bags into the reception, they’re waiting for us.
Cleo: I can’t believe that our honeymoon is over.
Morty: Me neither, it’s been great hasn’t it?
Cleo: It really has.
Morty: We’d better get going anyway, say goodbye to our little hotel room.

Cleo: (sighs) Bye hotel room.

Stella: Belle, i don’t suppose i could get a glass of pink champagne in the garden?
Belle: Special event?
Stella: Just do your job please.

Sandra: I can’t believe you had an idea that the woman was stealing and didn’t say nothing.
Dominic: I did, after i took her on a date though.
Sandra: (laughs) You’ve had such a fascinating life, i’m surprised you wanted to come back here.

Dominic: A chance to see my family again is better than anything i had back there.
Stella: Having fun?

Sandra: Yes, we’re just talking about Dominic’s life and what he’s been up to.
Stella: He’s got a grand apartment, you should see it sometime Sandra.
Sandra: I’d love to, what’s your address?
Dominic: Oh, i’ll give it you another time; truth is i actually can’t remember it.
Stella: Nonsense, its floor 5, room 654 at the La Rouge Apartment block.
Sandra: That’s great; i’ll keep that in mind. Anyway, I’ve got to check on something, i’ll be back later.
Stella: Alright darling.

Dominic: What are you doing?!
Stella: Having breakfast.
Dominic: When all this goes wrong on you she’ll have my address.
Stella: Do you really think she’ll come looking for you?
Dominic: No, but Morty may.
Stella: (sighs) Honestly, you’re like a big girl, enjoy the free meals, enjoy living the life of luxury, anyone would think i’d sent you to a prison.

Belle: Here’s your champagne Stella.
Stella: Thank you Belle.

Morty: Not long now, we’re nearly home.
Cleo: Yep, back to work.
Morty: Oh don’t sound so sad, we’re married, what could possibly go wrong?
Cleo: Nothing, nothing at all.

Jacob: I believe that Morty is back today, so we can sort out the problem later..
Daniel: Look, i’ve been told that there’s been some developments on the Tiger Production front, they’ve started re-modelling their offices and are making deals with other companies that could be potential mergers.
Jacob: Morty was certain that they would not prove to be a threat.
Daniel: But you’re not so sure anymore are you?
Jacob: (sighs) I don’t know, he’s back today and then he can sort it all out.

Peter: How did it go?
Daniel: Guy doesn’t have a clue, i knew i was right about him, but Morty never listens.
Peter: Well he’ll be back today and that’ll be the end of the kid.
Daniel: I hope so.

Stella: Belle, i would like a cup of tea waiting for me when i return from my trip, Dominic has gone to collect more of his belongings...
Belle: He’s moving more things in?
Stella: Yes, why, is that a problem?
Belle: With all due respect, you’ve only been here three nights.
Stella: Listen Belle, i’m fed up of your opinion around here, you’re a servant, not a member of this family...
Belle: I don’t know what poison you’ve been feeding your daughter, but Morty will be back soon, and your little plan will backfire.
Stella: Morty is history Belle; it’s time you start to admit that.

Belle: You got back here through chance, he just happened to be on holiday, but when he’s back, you’ll be long gone.
Stella: That’s what you think.

Sandra: Hello there Scarlet, is Joey feeling better?
Scarlet: I’m afraid not Sandra, he’s still a little down.
Sandra: Oh right, because, well, i wanted to talk to you about something...
Scarlet: Oh, what is it?
Sandra: (sighs) It's...complicated.
Scarlet: Come and sit down...

Sandra: It’s Xander, i know there’s a big age significant difference between a 4 year-old and a 10 year-old, but i really wondered if you could help me out with some tips to get Xander to go to “art hour”. Joey loves it, so you said, and Xander’s nursery recommended it.
Scarlet: Ah, i see. Well, the trick is, to make Xander believe that he’ll benefit from going to art hour, that’s what i do with Joey.
Sandra: A four year old is hard to be convinced about benefits.
Scarlet: They don’t have to be serious, promise him a new toy, or his favourite meal...
Sandra: Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea.
Scarlet: And how are you, how’s your baby?
Sandra: You know?

Scarlet: Sweetheart, the whole of the media world knows.
Sandra: Huh?
Scarlet: It was in the papers last week.
Sandra: Oh, i had no idea.
Scarlet: You can’t keep these things a secret any more.
Sandra: No, i guess not.
Scarlet: So, how does it feel?
Sandra: Great, i guess. But I’ve got massive things to think about right now.

Scarlet: Like what?
Sandra: Like my mum being back with my brother, who i was told died when we were both born.
Scarlet: Good lord...
Sandra: Yeah, i guess it really is a “good lord” situation, i wish i could contact my Father to talk about this, he’d know what to do.
Scarlet: Your father isn’t a bad man Sandra; he’s been there for you when your mother wasn’t.
Sandra: But according to my mum, she was going to be there, but Daddy forced her out.
Scarlet: Sandra, you know your father, better than anyone; he’d never do that, you know it.
Sandra: (sighs) I don’t know what to think any more.
Scarlet: You've got to listen to what your heart says Sandra, don't looks at the facts and figures, listen to what your heart says.

Morty: Welcome home Mrs. Roth.
Cleo: Welcome home Mr. Roth (giggles).

Morty: Hello there Belle, did you miss us?
Belle: Of course, how was your holiday?
Morty: Fantastic!
Cleo: Is Xander upstairs?
Belle: Yes, he’s just got home from nursery.
Cleo: I’ll go and see him.

Morty: Fancy a drink Belle?
Belle: Morty, there’s something i need to tell you.
Morty: What is it?
Belle: Well, i think you may need that drink before i tell you.

Cleo: Hello there Xander!
Xander: Mummy!
Cleo: It’s wonderful to see you.
Xander: I ‘miss’ you.
Cleo: Oh, i missed you too.
Xander: Is daddy home?
Cleo: Why yes he is.
Xander: Yipee! I really need to speak with him about mummy.

Cleo: Why honey, what’s wrong?
Xander: Mummy said Daddy was a bad man and that i should watch out.
Cleo: I never said that, i’ve been on holiday.
Xander: Not you, my real mummy.

Cleo: (gasps) Stella?

Belle: Whilst you was away, many things have happened, Sandra found a newspaper which contained information about a Dominic Roth, allegedly, your son that was kidnapped when he was born.
Morty: What?!
Belle: There’s more, Sandra has been made to believe that your ex-wife, Stella, left a few years ago to find him, and that you wanted no part in knowing your son...
Morty: Stella...that...
Belle: And now, Stella’s moved in and so has Dominic.
Morty: Moved in...Where?
Belle: Here.

Morty: What the hell is Stella playing at!
Belle: I knew there’d be an explanation for you not going with her to search for your son Morty...
Morty: (sighs) My son died, he died at childbirth, we had a funeral for him. Whoever has been living under this roof is not my son.

Stella: I want you to keep an eye on Morty for me, and i insist that you make sure that you find out more while he’s away. Yes, thank you.

Dominic: I’m still not comfortable with going back there tonight; i might just take off back home.
Stella: Honestly, do you ever stop moaning.
Dominic: Look Stella, i can’t go back and look that girl in the eye and lie to her; the fact that you can really disturbs me as well.
Stella: Don’t pass comment on me and my family, you know nothing about it. You’re getting paid, money is all you want, so just smile.
Dominic: (sighs) How long for?
Stella: Until all comes out, now let’s go, Belle will have our dinner ready.

Dominic: Well what’s this place all about then?
Stella: This is an apartment i’ve decided to buy, you know...
Dominic: In case it all goes wrong?
Stella: Nothing ever goes wrong for me Dominic, minor obstacle appear, but that’s about it.
Dominic: So, when are you moving things in?
Stella: When i need to.

Sandra: Daddy, you’re home.
Morty: Yes darling and i know everything.
Sandra: (sighs) Yeah, me too.
Morty: Look i don’t know what your mother has told you, but your brother died all those years ago, i promise. We had a funeral for him...
Sandra: (sighs) I know, i always knew, it’s just...seeing him made me...wait...who’s Dominic then?
Morty: That’s what i’d like to know, and i’d like to know why Stella came up with this sick plan!
Sandra: She’ll be back soon.
Morty: And we’ll be waiting for her.

Stella: Trust me Dominic, everything will be fine.

Stella: Sandra, we’re home.
Sandra: Through here mum!

Stella: Sandra wha....

Morty: Hello Stella and...Dominic?

Dominic: I’m sorry!

Stella: Dominic you get back here! Coward!

Morty: So Stella, you finally stooped to the lowest shelve.
Stella: (sighs) Enjoy your honeymoon?
Morty: Stop right now! What the devil were you up to, fooling Sandra like you did?
Stella: Fooling Sandra! You’re the one that brainwashed our little girl you monster.

Sandra: Daddy never brainwashed me Mother, you’re the one that tried to just a few days ago.
Stella: Oh Sandra, what i did wasn’t to hurt you; it was to show you how much your Father has lied to you.
Sandra: No Mother, you’re the one that lied, you’re the one that was wrong, how dare you, how dare you try and make me believe that my brother was alive. You don’t care for me, you don’t care for Xander; you never have! All you care about is yourself and your foolish attempts to bring Daddy down, well no one will take you seriously anymore, because we all know what a lying, evil, scheming bitch you are!

Stella: (sighs) That hurt me Sandra.
Sandra: Good!
Morty: Now get out here Stella, it’d be in your best interest if you crawl back to the place you came from.

Stella: You think you’ve won, don’t you Morty? You think you’ve got the upper hand, well believe me, i’m the one that’s won here and i will continue to win no matter what.
Morty: What the hell are you talking about?!
Stella: Do you really think that Shakeel was interested in purchasing a company which was working at a loss Morty? No, it was me. He bought it for me. I own Tiger Productions.

Morty: Is this supposed to scare me or something?
Stella: It should do Morty, because i plan to bring your company down, and if try and step in my way, you’ll pay for it. My god, you’ll pay for it!

To Be Continued...