Richer Than Rich - Episode 4

Episode 4 – “Reunited”

Sandra: There’s nothing on here about my brother...
Belle: Maybe he wanted his affairs kept quiet.
Sandra: Hmmm, i wonder where my mother is staying.
Belle:  Sandra, i know i don’t have to warn you, but your mother, she tends to...
Sandra: Lie? I know, but if she’s telling the truth, then it means that Daddy was lying.
Belle: Have you called him since?
Sandra: Yes, he’s not answering his phone.
Belle: Ah well, i don’t blame him to be honest.
Sandra: Convenient, he always said my mother wasn’t around when i needed her, but where is he when i need him?

Morty: Good morning darling.
Cleo: Morning Morty.
Morty: Are you coming down for breakfast?
Cleo: Oh, i was wondering if you fancied walking out for breakfast.
Morty: Of course, where did you have in mind?
Cleo: There’s a small place at the other end of the island, it’s quite a walk, but they serve breakfast there, it’s overlooking the sea.
Morty: Ah, the perfect sea air as we have our breakfast.
Cleo: That’s what i thought too, i'll get changed then we can walk out there.
Morty: Hurry then.

Stella: Shakeel, i’m reading these files about Tiger Productions...
Shakeel: Yes?
Stella: This Company is dead, it’s products are almost non-existent in the media and its cash flow forecast shows it’s working at a loss.
Shakeel: Yes, Morty made it clear...
Stella: To who, to you?
Shakeel: Yes.
Stella: So when were you going to tell me?

Shakeel: Look...i was just following your orders.
Stella: Oh Shakeel, you sound pathetic. There’s no way i can take on this company with it working at a loss like this.
Shakeel: So...what’s going to happen?
Stella: I’m going to get help, professional help.
Shakeel: Who?
Stella: You’ll find out.

Sandra: Mother, i’ve been searching for you everywhere.

Stella: Why on earth would you be searching for me, you made your feelings pretty clear last night.
Sandra: I want to talk about your little...confession last night.
Stella: Oh, from what i recall, you didn’t believe me.
Sandra: I saw the paper.
Stella: So you know i’m telling the truth now?
Sandra: Can we grab a coffee or something?
Stella: (sighs) Why not, i always have time for my darling daughter.


Sandra: So, what you said last night, you left to brother?
Stella: Yes darling, you’ve got to believe me.
Sandra: Did you find him?
Stella: Would you be interested if i had?
Sandra: Of course i would, he’s my brother.
Stella: Yes, yes i did find him.
Sandra: And he’s...okay?

Stella: He’s fine, he was a little shocked when i told him.
Sandra: And he’s...quite rich?
Stella: Yes; look i know this is much to take in, but he’d really like to meet you.
Sandra: I’d like to meet him, can you arrange it?
Stella: I’m afraid not, i’m leaving.
Sandra: Why?

Stella: Well, there’s nothing left for me here. I’ve got nowhere to stay; you don’t want me at the house, so i’m best going back to Belladonna Cove.
Sandra: If it’s a place to stay you want, stay at the house.
Stella: mean it?
Sandra: My father lied to me for years after you left, so anything he says is ignored now.
Stella: Oh Sandra, i really appreciate it.
Sandra: So we can have lunch tonight, and you’ll bring him?
Stella: Yes, i’ll bring him.

Morty: Do you mind if i just phone back home to see how things are going on.
Cleo: (sighs) If you’re so determined to switch that phone back on, then why not.
Morty: I’ll switch it straight off after i’ve done.

Morty: You know what; forget home, they can manage without me surely.
Cleo: That’s the spirit.
Morty: How about i give you a massage?
Cleo: Now that's an offer i can't refuse.

Stella: Shakeel? Shakeel?

Stella: (reading note) “Dear Stella, I’ve gone now, it’s over now. I’m not going to be your lap dog anymore; goodbye; Shakeel”
Stella: Oh dear, i was growing so fond of him too.

Sandra: Can you prepare Daddy and Cleo’s room.
Belle: They on their way back so soon?
Sandra: No, Mother is moving back in.
Belle: Sandra...don’t let her...
Sandra: “Fool me”, i know, but maybe Daddy is the one who’s been fooling me all along.
Belle: You know what your Mother is like.
Sandra: Yes, and i know every bad thing about her...because my Dad told me. She was telling the truth, she was visiting my brother and my Dad told me a pack of lies. His rules or restrictions against my mum no longer stand. I’m the lady of the house, what i say, goes.

Jacob: What’s going on?
Sandra: My Mother’s coming to stay.
Jacob: What, since when?
Sandra: Since i found out the truth, did you know she originally left to track down my brother?
Jacob: What?
Sandra: Yes, she left because she was told where my Brother was, she found him, he’s alive.
Jacob: But Morty said...

Sandra: Exactly, Daddy lied, and he’s not willing to answer his phone.
Jacob: (sighs) I don’t know Sandra...
Sandra: Well i expect you attend dinner tonight.
Jacob: I can’t, I’ve got to work.
Sandra: Forget work, this is more important.
Jacob: Sandra, i can’t just “forget work”, i’m manager now.
Sandra: (sighs) Fine, it’ll be me, mum, Xander and my brother then.

Sandra: This table looks stunning Belle, thank you.
Belle: just following orders Miss Roth.

Sandra: Right, Xander, why aren’t you dressed?

Xander: I hate wearing the outfit, it rubbish.
Sandra: Where’s Angelina, she said she’d dress you.
Xander: She upstairs.
Sandra: Right, go with Belle, she'll dress you.
Xander: I want to stay in these clothes...please.
Sandra: (sighs) Fine then!

Sandra: They’re here!

Sandra: Oh Mother, thanks for coming.
Stella: Thanks for having me Sandra.
Sandra: I'll get Belle to take your things upstairs.
Stella: Ah, thank you darling.
Sandra: So where’s Dominic?
Stella: He’ll be here soon.

Sandra: What do you mean “soon”, is he not coming with you?
Stella: Oh darling, i can’t just click my fingers and make him arrive, he’s on his way.
Sandra: (sighs) Alright.

Xander: Mummy, do you live here now?
Stella: Why yes darling, Mummy’s home.
Xander: Yay!

Cleo: Do you remember when i first came to work for you?
Morty: How could i forget?
Cleo: I went home convinced i didn’t get the job.
Morty: You were the best candidate for it.
Cleo: (sighs) It’s strange how a petty job interview can change your life.
Morty: I was going through a very bad time as well.
Cleo: With Stella?

Morty: (sighs) Yeah...
Cleo: It’s okay to talk about her you know.
Morty: I know darling, i’d just...rather not.
Cleo: She hurt you?
Morty: In more ways you could possibly imagine.
Cleo: Morty, don’t ever think that i’ll hurt you like she did, i love you so much, i’d never do anything to upset you, or your family.
Morty: I know that darling, i’m glad i broke up with Stella...because i met you.
Cleo: I feel the same way.

Morty: Well, wherever she is, i hope she’s happy.

Sandra: Mother, it’s been an hour since we were supposed to eat, where is he?
Stella: He’ll be here.
Sandra: Will he, because you know what i think, i think you lied to me to get your way back into this house.
Stella: (gasps) How dare you!
Sandra: I do mother, I’ve watched you make yourself at home in the past few hours, and the only reason i allowed you back in was because i thought you were reuniting me with my brother.

Stella: See what i mean, this is exactly what your Father has done, twisted and turned you against me.
Sandra: Where’s my Brother mother?
Stella: He’ll be here.
Sandra: No, he won’t. Because you made it up didn’t you?
Stella: What?
Sandra: ...just like you made up the story of the reason why you left, you don’t care about me, you never have.

Belle: Erm, Sandra...

Dominic: Sorry i’m late.
Stella: Dominic, you’re here.
Dominic: Yeah, sorry, my train into Riverblossom Hills was delayed. I hope you haven’t waited.
Stella: Dominic, this is your twin sister, Sandra.

Dominic: Hi Sandra, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.
Sandra: Yeah...likewise.

Stella: And this is your little brother, Xander.
Dominic: Hey Xander, how’s it going?
Xander: Hi, boy, you sure do look like Sandra.
Belle: If you’d all like to take a seat, dinner will be served.

After Dinner:

Sandra: I’m so shocked to see you’s just...upsetting for me.
Dominic: Not in a bad way i hope?
Sandra: No, it’s just, my father always convinced me that my mother left because she didn’t care, and now she tells me it was because she was trying to find you...
Dominic: Well, maybe our dad can explain when he returns?

Sandra: Hmmm, maybe. Excuse me a moment.

Sandra: Mother, can i have a word.
Stella: Of course darling.

Sandra: I’m sorry, okay, i acted like a total bitch earlier, and I’m so sorry mum.
Stella: (sighs) Oh Sandra, i can understand why you reacted like that; the doubt is still in your mind isn’t it?
Sandra: I...i...guess so...
Stella: It’s never going to leave you Sandra, because your father lied to you...he has been feeding these lies to you for a while, so it’s hard to see things differently when you’ve been told something so many times.
Sandra: To be honest, i don’t know what to think any more. I’d like to speak to him.
Stella: You know he’d just tell you more lies though?

Sandra: (sighs) I guess so.
Stella: Your brother and you are reunited now Sandra, you’re back together again. And one day, you’ll have children and you’ll know how i felt...
Sandra: Well, it may happen sooner rather than later...
Stella: Excuse me?
Sandra: I’m pregnant with Jacob’s baby.
Stella: Oh Sandra that’s marvellous, why didn’t you say earlier?
Sandra: Guess i had other things on my mind.
Stella: Well we must celebrate.

Jacob: (sighs) What a day...

Andrew: Well, well, well you’re still working with the big guys huh?

Jacob: Dad, what are you doing here?
Andrew: Just thought i’d come for a glimpse of my son, it’s all i seem to get from you these days.
Jacob: Get away from here.
Andrew: You say it with so much hate, do you hate me Jacob, your good old Dad?
Jacob: No, not hate, hate would mean i actually care. Goodbye Father.
Andrew: Sit tight with your friend Morty, Jacob, because sooner or later, he’s going to get his comeuppance, mark my words.

Sandra: Goodnight then Mother, i’ll speak to you tomorrow, night Dominic.
Dominic: Night Sandra.

Stella: (sighs) My old bedroom.

Dominic: Don’t mind if i come in do you?
Stella: Why should i mind...son?

Dominic: Listen, i’m not sure about this anymore, that girl looks like she’s had it hard.
Stella: Who, Sandra, she’s a daddy’s girl; she’s had it perfectly fine.
Dominic: I’m serious; I don’t want any part of this anymore.
Stella: Too late, you’re already part of it.
Dominic: Gosh woman, this family seem happy, what’s going to happen when they find out that i’m not their long lost brother...
Stella: Keep your voice down.

Dominic: I’m leaving tomorrow.
Stella: Oh come on Dominic, do you think that they’ll stop there? Morty Roth has money, he’ll track you down and you’ll be forced to confess either way.
Dominic: So why are you doing this then, what’s the point?
Stella: It’s to show this family that they cannot mess with me any longer, i won’t have my name tarnished in the mud whilst these vultures live happily ever after...

Stella: No, Stella....Roth is back and i’ll stop and nothing until Morty and his family are brought down to my knees.

To be continued...