Richer Than Rich - Episode 3

Episode 3 – “Enter Stella!”

Sandra: Belle, you have will you wake Xander up for Nursery, i’m going to the stables.
Belle: So early, Miss Roth?
Sandra: Yes so early, why?
Belle: Oh, nothing, i just...
Sandra: You just what?
Belle: Nothing, have a nice day.

Sandra: Can you explain to me why you’re lurking around our home?
Gardener: Oh, i’m just bringing you some flowers; i was a friend of your fathers.
Sandra: So much so that you weren’t invited to his wedding? Beat it jerk.

Jacob: (on phone) I don’t care, Mr. Roth left me in charge and i’m entitled to see those documents.
Simon: Problem?

Jacob: Yes, it seems as Morty signed away the Tiger Productions Company, he also sold the right to hold on to any form of documentation regarding its products.
Simon: So that’s our new phone design out the window.
Jacob: It would appear so; i don’t want to bother him on his honeymoon though.
Simon: It’s business, i’m sure he’ll understand.

Shakeel: Welcome to Riverblossom Hills Mrs. Roth.
Stella: It’s Miss. Chesterson now Shakeel.
Shakeel: Of course.
Stella: So tell me, what’s become of my family?

Morty: This place is lovely; we got the best deal here.
Cleo: It is lovely; i think we should have a walk down to the beach later.
Morty: Yeah, why not. But first, let’s take advantage of our room service.
Cleo: (giggles)

Cleo: Morty, why have you brought your cellphone with you?
Morty: In case of emergencies.
Cleo: What could possibly go wrong? This is supposed to be a vacation for both of us.
Morty: I’re right.
Cleo: So let me turn it off and we’ll not switch it on until we get home.
Morty: (laughs) You got it.

Stella: So the two faced scumbag has re-married.
Shakeel: Yeah, they’ve just gone on honeymoon.
Stella: Oh?
Shakeel: Yeah, Twikki Island.
Stella: Where are the kids?
Shakeel: At home, Sandra’s an adult now...

Stella: But still at her daddy’s side eh?
Shakeel: Well...yes.
Stella: And Xander?
Shakeel: Just turned 4...
Stella: I know my children’s birthdays thank you very much Shakeel.

Stella: Well, this catch-up has been very pleasant indeed, but i need to know about Tiger Productions...
Shakeel: It’s all yours, i told you; i’m not in the industry anymore.
Stella: Oh yes you are, i need you around Shakeel.
Shakeel: We had a deal...
Stella: That you could start my company.
Shakeel: Oh...
Stella: Anyway, it’s time i made my way back to my old house.
Shakeel: Well Sandra won't be pleased to see you.
Stella: I'm not going to see Sandra; anyway, i'll need to change before i go.
Shakeel: Well i'm not famaliar with this house properly, but there's a back bedroom behind me.
Stella: This isn't your house?
Shakeel: God no, i was just staying here whilst i remained in Riverblossom Hills.

Sandra: Is Jacob in here?
Marge: He’s just left Miss. Roth.
Sandra: (sighs) Did he say where he was going?
Marge: Back to Roth Manor.
Sandra: Okay, thanks.

Sandra: Jacob.
Jacob: Oh, you’re back.
Sandra: Yes, can we talk.
Jacob: Sure.
Sandra: Firstly i’d like an apology.
Jacob: An apology, what for?
Sandra: For stomping out on me last night, i thought you would’ve been pleased.
Jacob: Pleased that you’re pregnant, i’m not ready for a child just yet.
Sandra: Well you should’ve thought about that before you decided to sleep with me.

Jacob: Oh please, i did think about it, i thought you had too.
Sandra: Look, we’re not here to debate about the past; we need to think of something.
Jacob: (sighs) You’re right.
Sandra: Let me ask you a question, do you remember what you said to me before we slept together?

Jacob: I said that i cared for you...
Sandra: Yes...did you mean it?
Jacob: Of course i meant it.
Sandra: Jacob, i know we’re both not ready...but...i care for you too.
Jacob: think...
Sandra: Should we make a go of it, together?
Jacob: God Sandra, i didn’t expect that.
Sandra: Do you care for me?
Jacob: Yes, i always have.
Sandra: Oh Jacob...

Sandra: So let’s do it, let’s get together.
Jacob: Wait...are you sure?
Sandra: Sure about what?
Jacob: About this, i seems...
Sandra: Rushed? Love is Jacob...kiss me.

Jacob: What’s that noise?

Belle: What is that?
Sandra: I don’t know, we just heard it.
Belle: It sounds like a helicopter.

Sandra: Mother?!
Stella: Sandra, darling!

Sandra: What are you doing here?
Stella: I came back to see you, of course.
Sandra: Spare me mother, why are you really here?
Stella: I came to see you and Xander; you’ve got to know that.
Sandra: Do i? Just like I’ve got to know how you hated leaving us all those years ago.
Stella: I did hate it, if i could turn the clock back i would.

Sandra: Do you want to know something; you’re even more beautiful and uglier than that grand blonde woman i vaguely remember and whom I’ve tried very hard to forget existed these past years.
Stella: (sighs) It’s good to see your father got your teeth fixed...

Stella: ...if not your tongue.

Cleo: I’ll have the sushi please.
Morty: I’ll have the same, it looks tasty.
Cleo: (sighs) I can’t believe how happy i am.
Morty: Me neither, it’s been long overdue...
Cleo: The sea air is beautiful.
Morty: It is lovely.
Cleo: Nothing could spoil this.

Sandra: For goodness sake, why does my father insist on taking a cellphone with him when it’s switched off?
Stella: What will Morty do, send me away?

Sandra: Funnily enough, you seem to go away on your own.
Stella: Ah but you see, i left because i was made to Sandra, nothing to do with me.
Sandra: Just get off this property before i call the police.
Stella: Darling, don’t you want to have a nice chat with your mother?
Sandra: I’ve heard enough from you, now get away from here.

Stella: Not before I’ve seen Xander.
Sandra: When has he bothered you before?
Stella: He’s my son Sandra; i have a right to see him.
Sandra: You have no rights Mother.
Stella: You seem so well spoken, yet you know nothing of a mother’s right do you Sandra?
Sandra: Can you blame me? I’ve not had a mother around to teach me them.

Xander: Sandra!!
Sandra: Hey champ, come on inside.
Stella: Xander, it’s me...your mum.

Xander: Mummy?
Stella: Yes Xander, look how big you’ve grown.
Sandra: That’s what kids do; god you call me un-experienced.
Xander: Mummy!

Xander: Come inside mummy, i want to show you my room!
Stella: Of course i’ll come inside honey.

Sandra: This is a disaster.
Jacob: Where is your dad?
Sandra: I bet he switched his phone because of dear Cleo.
Jacob: We need to keep an eye on her.
Sandra: You’ve got work Jacob.
Jacob: Simon’s covering at the office, besides...weren’t we about to seal our relationship?
Sandra: (sighs) I hate the fact she’s “strolling” back into our lives again.
Jacob: Just kick her out.
Sandra: She’s here for something, i don’t know what it is, but she’s here for something.

Stella: Oh, it hasn’t changed a bit.
Xander: Look at my castle; daddy said he’ll buy me the knights set from Toyland soon.
Stella: How about i take you over there...
Xander: Really, when?!
Stella: Right now if you like, i’ll take you in a helicopter, we can fly there like a superheroes.
Xander: Yay!

Morty: What a lovely meal.
Cleo: Morty, you know when we go back home.
Morty: Yes.
Cleo: Well, i’ve been thinking, will i be allowed to use the attic as a studio for my music making?
Morty: Of course you can darling.
Cleo: I didn’t want to give you the impression that i’m getting my feet under the table too soon.

Morty: Oh Cleo, i love you. You can have all the studios in the world.
Cleo: I love you too Morty.

2 Hours Later:

Belle: Have fun Xander?
Xander: I got my knights!
Stella: He’s worth every penny.
Belle: Go on upstairs Xander.

Stella: I see you’re still here Belle, and Rosenberg, where is he?
Belle: I’m not one for abandoning my services, or my friends. And Rosenberg is on holiday.
Stella: No, i thought not. You like the idea of having a family call upon you for everything don’t you?
Belle: You seemed to enjoy my services when you were here.
Stella: Very much so, i did miss them.
Belle: I take it you’ll be on your way now.

Sandra: Too right she will.
Stella: Sandra, didn’t i teach you not to sneak up on people.

Sandra: Get out!
Stella: Before you remove me, i have something to share with you.
Sandra: What is it?
Stella: Do you want to know the reason i left all those years ago?

Sandra: Oh go away.
Stella: Why, scared of the truth. You’ve heard nothing but lies from your father, now it’s time to hear me out.
Sandra: What is it?
Stella: Remember when you were born, how you know about your twin brother going missing?
Sandra: Yes?
Stella: I left because i had a tip-off from someone, who said they saw him in Belladonna Cove.
Sandra: What are you talking about?

Stella: He’s alive Sandra, your brother is alive.
Sandra: You liar!
Stella: Am i, well, take daddy’s word for it, but the reason i left was to track him down. And i have...
Sandra: I don’t believe you.

Stella: You don’t have to, but take a look at the newspaper i left on your coffee table Sandra...he’s alive.

Maid: It’s probably all lies Sandra...
Sandra: We’ll see...

Sandra: (reads out loud) “Successful businessman Dominic Johnson has decided to leave his business after reuniting with his long lost mother. Dominic was kidnapped from his hospital bed 22 years ago, his mother spent two years to track him down and is now finally reunited with her son...”
Maid: Oh Sandra...

Sandra: She was telling the truth, my brother is alive!

To be continued...