Richer Than Rich - Episode 2

Episode 2 – The Wedding (Part 2)

Sandra: Have you called the police?
Claire: No...i mean...
Cleo: Then where is he? He wouldn’t just run off.
Maid: I’m sure he’s fine Cleo; he may be stuck in traffic.

Sandra: Or maybe he’s seen sense...
Cleo: You’d love that wouldn’t you? You really are as spoilt little bitch!
Sandra: How dare you!
Cleo: No how dare you, your father could be dead and all you’re thinking about is your hatred towards me. You claim to have your fathers best interests at heart but really, you’re just out for yourself.

Sandra: I’m going to rise above your idiotic comments because you’re too hysterical to make a good judgement.
Cleo: Keep telling yourself that!

Morty: I’d like to know who you’ve been sent by.
Tony: You don’t get to make any demands here, just tell us where your documents are.
Jacob: Don’t tell them anything.
Shakeel: This is my house...

Tony: Shut it! (phone rings) Hello?
Voice: Has he told you?
Tony: No he’s not saying anything.
Voice: Who’s with him?
Tony: Some tanned guy and Shakeel's house.
Voice: Kill one of them, turn up the heat.

Tony: So, you’re not going to tell us where the documents are...
Morty: No.
Tony: Then you leave me no choice.

Jacob: (gasps)
Morty: Don’t you dare shoot!
Tony: Then tell me where the files are Morty.
Morty: Okay...

Jacob: Morty, don’t tell him.
Morty: It’s okay Jacob, Sandra can make another invention up.
Tony: Where are they?!

Morty: Inside my office, behind my desk there is a small chest, inside is a lot of files and documents. Look for document number 3 and its there.
Tony: That wasn’t so hard now was it?

Cleo: I’m going back to the house.
Sandra: I’m coming with you.

Betty: Just spoke to Rosenberg; he’s not at the house.

Cleo: It’s been an hour since the wedding was supposed to take place...
Maid: How about we go home; we’ll Xander and just wait there.
Cleo: I can’t sit back and wait for something bad to happen.
Sandra: I’ll take Xander back to the house, you lot try and get hold of Jacob.

Cleo: This is supposed to be our wedding day.

Tony: Right, some of my friends have gone into your office now.
Morty: You’ll never get away with this.
Tony: Whatever. (Phone rings)

Jacob: (whispers) Morty, when i shout “5” you jump towards the guy behind you, i’ll jump for Tony and Shakeel will jump towards the other guy near the door.
Morty: But Jacob...
Jacob: Morty, this isn’t just about any documents anymore, they’re not letting you go. We need to fight back.

Rory: Seems like your office might be a bit of a mess right now.
Jacob: “FIVE!!!!!”


Betty: Rosenberg just called me again, he said that Marge from the office has phone up, she’s said that a load of armed men barged into Morty’s Office.
Cleo: (gasps)
Maid: He may be being held hostage.
Cleo: Oh my god, Morty.
Maid: I’ll drive you to the office if you want Cleo.

Maid: Cleo?

Maid: Cleo?!

Shakeel: This is my house!
Morty: I’m sorry Shakeel.

Jacob: The police are coming, you’d better tell us who you are and who sent you.
Tony: (coughs) My name is Tony...
Morty: Who sent you Tony?
Tony: You’ll never guess Morty.
Jacob: Tell us; now!
Tony: (coughs)
(Phone rings)

Morty: I’ll answer...(answers)
Voice: We’ve got the files...but they’re blank...there’s nothing in them.
Morty: (gasps) Andrew Martin!
Jacob: What?!
Morty: What the hell do you think you’re doing Andrew?
(Phone line goes dead)

Andrew: Damn it!

Jacob: That was my dad?
Morty: Yes.
Jacob: Why would he do this?
Morty: I don’t know.

Tony: (laughs) He did he’s not...yours.
Morty: Is that what this is about?
Tony: (coughs) Yes...
Jacob: So why did you plan on killing me?
Tony: I would never have up...if i threatened you...
Morty: Where is he?
Jacob: Hang on, i'll just go and see if that officer is here.

Morty: Where is he?!
Tony: I’ll never...tell.
Officer: Can you step back please...

Morty: What an idiot.
Jacob: Damn it Morty; the wedding!

Cleo: What happened here?
Marge: They just opened that box and took all the files; but they’re all blank documents.
Cleo: What about the paintings, the ornaments and all the other stuff?
Marge: They took them Cleo.
Cleo: (sighs) I hope he's alright.

Mr. Rosenberg: (answers) Hello?
Morty: Rosenberg, its Morty.
Mr. Rosenberg: Oh Morty, you’re alright!
Sandra: Daddy!
Morty: Listen, lock all the doors and windows, and don’t let anyone in.
Mr Rosenberg: Morty?
Morty: Don’t ask questions, just do it please. I’ll explain when i get back.

Morty: Is Cleo there?
Sandra: Dad, it’s Sandra.
Morty: Hi Sandra, where’s Cleo.
Sandra: Are you okay? What’s happened?
Morty: I’ll explain when i get back, listen, where’s Cleo?
Sandra: I don’t know, you didn’t turn up at the church, so i came home with Xander.
Morty: Look, i’m coming back to the house now, okay?
Sandra: Thank god you’re alright.

Marge: Cleo, he’s on his way home now.
Cleo: What?
Marge: The butler called, he says that Morty’s coming home.
Cleo: Oh thank goodness.

1 Hour Later:

Cleo: Morty?

Cleo: Morty where are you?

Cleo: (gasps) Oh my.

Cleo: (whispers) What the hell happened?
Morty: I’ll tell you later, but i promised you a wedding.
Cleo: (gasps) I was so afraid Morty, i thought you were dead.
Morty: Don’t be afraid my love, everything is going to be okay.
Cleo: I love you.
Morty: I love you too.

Guests: “We are gathered here today....”


Cleo: Morty, can you please tell me what happened?
Morty: No, it’s already spoiled our wedding day enough, i’ll tell you again.
Cleo: I’m just so happy!

Sandra: I hear that you were quite the hero Jacob.
Jacob: Well i must take some credit.
Sandra: My dad may have been dead if it wasn’t for you.
Jacob: Don’t talk like that Sandra, your dad will out-live us all.
Sandra: Well, i hope so.
Jacob: You don’t think he will?

Sandra: Now that Cleo is the new Mrs. Roth, she’s entitled to at least half of his fortune...
Jacob: Don’t start with that again.
Sandra: I’m not; i just hope there isn’t a radio near the bathtub on their honeymoon, that’s all.

Betty: I guarantee that the papers will print that Cleo got stood up today.
Maid: Let them, it's not true...
Betty: I brought two dresses today because i thought i'd be photographed...shouldn't have bothered.
Maid: Well i'm back in my uniform, so you're alright.
Betty: You look great Belle.
Belle: Thanks Betty.

Shakeel: (on phone) He signed it, you now own Tiger’s quite funny...the one thing he said was that it would never be a “rival for him” again. Wait until he finds out that you’re the new’s going to be great. Are you coming over here tomorrow? Great, i’ll make sure the champagne is cold for you.

Sandra: Can i speak to you Jacob.
Jacob: Sandra, we’re just waving your dad and Cleo off.
Sandra: (sighs) Okay, it can wait.

Morty: Everyone enjoy the champagne it's been awesome having you all here to celebrate me and Cleo finally being married. So, enjoy the cake, eat loads and get drunk. We’ll be back in two weeks time!
(Guests clap)

Morty: I love your Mrs. Roth.
Cleo: I love you Mr. Roth.

Betty: I don’t suppose they'd mine if we took all their furniture?

Sandra: You remember two months ago when you comforted me when i had an argument with Dad.
Jacob: Of course i do...the night we...the...we...
Sandra: Yes, that night. Well, remember how i told you not to use protection...because...
Jacob: You was on the pill?
Sandra: Yes...well...there may have been some difficulties...
Jacob: What kind of difficulties?

Sandra: I wasn’t on the pill.
Jacob: What?!
Sandra: And...i’m pregnant.
Jacob: Pregnant...what...
Sandra: I’m sorry, i didn’t plan this...
Jacob: That’s exactly what you did. You lied to me to get pregnant...
Sandra: Why would i do that?!

Jacob: Because you’re’re determined to ruin your fathers relationship and now you’ve tricked me into getting you pregnant.
Sandra: Tricked?! It was hardly a trick.
Jacob: Oh save it Sandra.
Sandra: Well at least i know how you feel about your own son now!
Jacob: Whatever Sandra.
Sandra: Jacob?

Sandra: Jacob come back here!

To be continued...