Richer Than Rich - Episode 1

Richer Than Rich – “The Wedding” (Part 1)

Morty: Welcome to today’s meeting gentlemen.

Man 1: What’s this about Morty?
Man 2: You drag us here at 7:30 in the morning.
Morty: Patience gentlemen, i’m here to announce that i’m going to be out of the country for two weeks...
Man 1: You can’t just leave like that; we’re running a company here Morty...
Morty: Whilst you all may be shocked at this, i’m going to explain why to you. I’m getting married tomorrow, to Cleo.

Man 1: Married, since when?
Morty: Oh it’s been planned for a few weeks now.
Man 3: And you didn’t think to tell us?
Morty: I’m telling you know, but i know you’re all very happy for me; right?

Morty: I’ve also elected someone to act in my place while i’m gone. I know that this company is heavily relied on, especially from the people out there that are buying our products.
Man 1: I agree, you need someone that is strong and ambitious that knows what the public wants.
Morty: Indeed, so i’d like you to meet Mr. Jacob Martin.

Jacob: Hello all!

Man 1: What, you can’t employ him, he’s barely a child.
Morty: He’s 23 years old; he’s old enough to run this company.
Man 2: We’re managing a selection of different products...
Jacob: These old-timers have no idea how to run.

Man 1: How dare you; we’ve been managing this company for almost 11 years.
Jacob: Exactly, and that’s why it’s working into the ground, you’re so close to losing everything, i’m here to give you a new perspective, i’m going to show you how younger people are viewing our products. You’re selling MP3 players that can only hold 50 songs; why? iPod’s are big enough to hold up to 8GB of songs.
Man 2: Talking all this gibberish won’t let us welcome you any better.

Morty: My decision is final, i know Jacob will do a great job, so i’ll leave you to it.

Sandra: Mr Rosenberg why is dinner being delayed today?

Sandra: Mr Rosenberg why is dinner being delayed today?
Mr Rosenberg: I’m afraid Mr Roth and his fiancée felt it was appropriate to delay the meal until your celebratory dinner this evening, can i fetch you a small snack instead?
Sandra: (sighs) What makes daddy think that any of us are attending is “special dinner”?
Mr Rosenberg: Oh...erm...well...
Sandra: Never mind, just make me a simple sandwich and fetch it to my room please.

Cleo: Oh, Sandra, i was looking for you.
Sandra: Why on earth would you be looking for me, Cleo?
Cleo: Well i was wondering if you’d like to help me with my flower selections, you know, for the wedding.
Sandra: Why would i want to do that?
Cleo: Because i thought we were going to put our differences aside and make the most of this, for your father?
Sandra: Yes, but i’m not going to be your best friend or nothing. I’ve made my feelings perfectly clear that i do not like you, i find your presence in this house some-what disturbing and i also believe that your love for my father is materialistic and that you won’t last five minutes. End of story.

Cleo: Now wait just a minute, your father made it clear that he wanted you to be part of this wedding, so why don’t you just help me.

Sandra: Please Cleo; don’t let me be a danger to your wedding.
Cleo: A danger?
Sandra: Yes, because if i help out, i will deliberately choose the worst flowers possible and your wedding will look disgusting, so unless you don’t want me to ruin your wedding, stay out of my face.

Morty: Hello Mr Rosenberg, how’s things?
Mr Rosenberg: Things are fine Morty, i’m just contacting the Church to let them know the times we’ll be arriving.
Morty: You’ve got them all written down of course?
Mr Rosenberg: Of course.
Morty: Well, i’ll leave you to it.

Morty: Hello darling.
Cleo: Hello Morty.

Morty: Are you okay? You seem down...
Cleo: Oh it’s nothing; i've picked the flowers, have you seen them?
Morty: They look fantastic.

Cleo: Morty, are you sure about this dinner tonight?
Morty: Of course i’m sure, why wouldn’t i be?
Cleo: It’s just, i don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.
Morty: Why? What’s happened?
Cleo: Nothing, i know Sandra’s not exactly my best friend right now, i’m just wondering whether we’re playing our “happy family” card too much.
Morty: Nonsense, Sandra’s fine with it all.
Cleo: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.
Morty: Why? Has she said something?
Cleo: I’m a girl Morty, i know how girls work, and if she’s not comfortable, i’d rather just leave it off.

Morty: Hey, you’re not getting cold feet are you?
Cleo: No, of course not.
Morty: Then let’s just go for our meal and tomorrow, we’ll be on our way to Twikkii Island for our honeymoon.
Cleo: (sighs) Okay then, if you’re sure.
Morty: I’m going to go and check on Xander, is he in his room?
Cleo: Yes, he “requested” some strawberry milkshake earlier...
Morty: He takes after his dad.

Morty: Hello Xander, what are you up to?
Xander: Hello daddy, i’m just playing with my castle.

Morty: So are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Xander: Yep! Daddy, will Cleo mind if i call her mummy?
Morty: I don’t see why not, why?
Xander: It’s just, my mummy went to visit that county a long time ago and she’s not been back for ages, so i think it’s time to replace her.
Morty: (laughs) Well, for a start, it’s a “country” not a “county”, and i’m sure your mummy thinks about you every day.

Xander: Yeah, but Sandra said that “family has to be earned” and if mummy’s not here, she’s not earned her family thingy...
Morty: (sighs) Yep, you’re right Xander. I’m sure Cleo won’t mind you calling her mummy though; she loves you to bits you know.
Xander: I know i love her too.
Morty: Right then, are you getting ready?
Xander: I can’t get myself ready yet daddy.
Morty: I’ll get Cleo to come help you, okay?
Xander: Yep!

Jacob: (phone rings) Hello...this is Mr. Roth’s office. How can i help?
Shakeel: Hello is this Mr. Roth?
Jacob: It’s Mr. Martin and i’m filling in for Mr Roth, how can i help?
Shakeel: Well, i was hoping to speak to Mr. Roth about an important business agreement we came to, he said he’d visit me today at 5:30pm and he didn’t show up, i’m curious to know where he’s been.
Jacob: Oh, i’m ever so sorry, i’ll contact him right away.

Morty: Hello Jacob?
Jacob: Morty, there’s been a Mr. Ahmed on the phone to speak to you; he says you arranged a meeting today.
Morty: Oh damn it! I knew there was something i missed today; tell him i’ll see him tomorrow morning.
Jacob: But Morty, it’s your wedding day.
Morty: I can mix the two, trust me.
Jacob: Okay.

Voice: Can’t believe that our company is going down the lake and that Morty Roth is sitting on a big fortune.
Voice 2: I know, he’s going to see Shakeel tomorrow.
Voice: In Belladonna Cove?
Voice 2: Yes.
Voice: Hmmm, will he be alone?
Voice 2: I think so..
Voice: (laughs) Give Tony a ring...I’ve got a plan.

The next morning:

Mr Rosenberg: Good morning Cleo, how are you feeling?
Cleo: Oh i feel quite excited actually. I’m really happy...
Mr Rosenberg: Nice meal last night?
Cleo: Yes, it was lovely.
Mr Rosenberg: I hope Morty managed to get to Jacob’s okay.
Cleo: He did, i saw him in.
Mr Rosenberg: Splendid, now it’s just time to get your dress up here.

Morty: Right Jacob, seen as you’re manager now i’d like you to come and see Shakeel with me.
Jacob: I...i’d love to Morty.
Morty: We won’t be long, we’re just settling an old agreement.
Jacob: Is this about your shares in the “Tiger Productions” company?
Morty: Yes, i don’t want them hanging off my like they are, Shakeel’s got a lot of experience with developing phones, so i’m selling it to him.
Jacob: But Morty, the reason we bought the company was because it was initially a threat to “Roth & Co”.

Morty: We’ve become too relied on to have a rival now, trust me.

Maid: You look stunning Cleo, you really do.
Cleo: Thank you, i really like it.

Sandra: Cleo, have you seen my gold bracelet....

Cleo: Do you like it?
Sandra: Yes...but...
Cleo: But what?
Sandra: Well there’s going to be photographers there, couldn’t you try covering up your...erm...cleavage more...
Cleo: They’re not on show Sandra.
Sandra: Maybe you should take a look in the mirror; it’s a wedding, not an orgy. Anyway, i’m going to check up on Daddy and then i’ll return.

Maid: You pay no attention to her, you look beautiful Cleo.
Cleo: Thank you Belle.
Maid: I better go and check on the little guy.

Cleo: (sighs)

Voice: He’s just arrived now.

Morty: Hello Shakeel, it’s nice to see you.
Shakeel: Welcome Mr Roth, and...
Jacob: Jacob, Jacob Martin.
Shakeel: Welcome, would you like to take a seat.

News Reporter: Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s a fine day for a wedding. The sun is shining and the birds are singing and the guests are arriving as Morty Roth is about to marry Cleo Shikibu. Right now, we’re going to be speaking with Betty Goldstein, who is a distant relative of the Roth’s.

News Reporter: So Betty, are you excited for your cousin’s wedding?
Betty: Oh yes, you can’t beat a good Roth buffet.
News Reporter: So what’s Cleo like then?
Betty: Oh she’s a lovely girl, from what i remember.
News Reporter: What’s it like being related to a millionaire?
Betty: It has its rewards and privileges, but when some of the girls at bingo ask me for money, it gets a bit tiresome.
News Reporter: I see; well your dress looks amazing.
Betty: I have two with me, because i'll change into a red on later, i know how you reporters like to bitch about what dresses i wear.
News Reporter: Oh...erm...not us...
Betty: Try telling that to "Ok!".

Morty: So Shakeel, we’re here to discuss this business arrangement?
Shakeel: Yes, i understand that the Tiger Productions company was a little...slow when you picked it up, and you’ve really changed things around, but i think that with Roth & Co hitting off now, you’ll want to focus all your attention onto this, so i’d like to take it over.

Morty: We know the facts Shakeel, but what about your offer?
Shakeel: Well my original offer was £300,000, but i’d like to increase that offer to £400,000
Morty: That’s a lot for the company, you understand that the building needs refurbishing and that it’s been working at a loss for some time now?
Shakeel: I am, and i’m confident...that this person will make it better.

Tony: Right, move in!

Cleo: Oh the cars are here.

Sandra: Daddy’s already at the church, let’s go.
Cleo: Great.

Morty: Okay, so that’s a deal right?
Shakeel: Yes, thanks for this.
Jacob: This is great...

Tony: Everyone put your hands behind your heads! Now!
Morty: What the hell?!
Tony: Do as i say!

Cleo: There’s the church, let’s go.
Maid: Wait, there’s no signal to go in.
Sandra: Look, they’re all in there waiting, let’s just go.
Cleo: Oh, alright then.

Morty: What is this?
Tony: Morty Roth?
Morty: Yes.
Tony: This can be over nice and quick, all we want to know is where your documents are to create the “Sandra Pod?” 
Morty: What?! That’s one of my products...
Tony: Well spotted, now tell me where it is.
Morty: I’ll never tell, that’s my daughters own creation, you can forget it.
Tony: Fine, i’ve got people over at your place now, they’ll barge straight into your offices and search for it that way, but this can be over nice and simply, if you tell me where it is?

(Guests mumbling)

Woman: Wait! Go back, Morty’s not arrived yet.
Cleo: What?!
Sandra: Then where is he, he wasn’t at Jacob’s house.
Cleo: He should be here.

Woman: I’m so sorry, he’s not contacted us or anything.
Sandra: I thought he was keeping in touch...
Woman: Me too, but there have been no phone calls, nothing...
Sandra: So what does this mean?

Cleo: Morty’s...missing?

To be continued...