Richer Than Rich Cast

Morty Roth:

Morty Roth moved to Riverblossom Hills several years ago, him and his wife Stella, believed that it would be the perfect fresh start. But what came after turned the Roth family around for the better. Morty became the owner of a successful Company, the Company specialises in selling all sorts of electrical products (TVs, iPods, MP3 players, radios, laptops, computers etc). Morty may appear to be quite harmless, a role he's willing to take if nessasary; however, Morty can be very ruthless if he wants to be, after suffering a messy divorce from his ex-wife Stella, Morty is ready for just about anything. Now he's prepared to marry Cleo, the love of his life. What more battle lines will Morty face? And will his wedding to Cleo be jeopardized in any way, or is it going to run smoothly?

Cleo Shikibu:

Beautiful, elegant and classy, Cleo adores Morty, she loves spending time with him, she loves living with him in Roth Manor and she really loves his children, it's a shame the children don't love Cleo. Cleo is considered to be the "other woman" to Morty's daughter, Sandra. Her and Cleo don't see eye-to-eye and Sandra will do everything she can to make sure Cleo's out of Morty's life for good. Cleo first appeared as Morty's secretary and as they bonded more, the pair confessed their feelings for each other. Not to be beaten by Sandra, Cleo has ignored all problems with Sandra and decided to just concentrate on her relationship with Morty, but could Cleo be embarking in a family that's "in too deep", and is the wealthy life really what she wants?

Sandra Roth:

Daddy's little Princess, is what Sandra Roth was always named when she was little, and that title still stands. Sandra really is Morty's little princess; Sandra has always been there for her father, supporting him no matter what, against other businessmen, against her own mother and now she's found an enemy in Cleo. Sandra can't accept that Cleo "loves" Morty, Sandra believes she "know her type" and accuses her of gold-digging. Whilst her rivalry with Cleo rages on, Sandra is in an on-off relationship with Jacob Martin, who works for her father. The pair have been romantically linked for some time now. But recently, one night lead to something completely different for the pair, their relationship will take an unexpected turn and it'll either break them, or make them.

Jacob Martin:

Jacob Martin was never an actual member of the Roth family, he lived near them when he was younger, and dated Sandra, but that was it. Now, he's executive at the company and it moving further up in the business industry. Morty see's Jacob as "one of the best workers" and the pair have a father/son relationship. This tore Jacob and his father apart, Andrew, as he now lives away from Riverblossom Hills. Jacob and Sandra both have regular liaisons with each other, which has lead to some interesting, but life changing consequences for the pair.

Xander Roth:

Little master Roth, is now 4 years old and his life is getting better and better. Xander could never understand why his mummy moved away from him, he only remembers her a little bit, but he was told by everyone how "adorable" he was, so it was difficult for him to understand why his mummy would leave her "adorable" child. Now, Xander has found a "mummy" in Cleo, he loves her and she loves him; Xander's happy to call Cleo mummy, but when his real mummy returns, it could spell trouble.

Stella Roth:

Manipulative, cruel and wicked; Stella Roth doesn't shy away from the labels that have been given to her by her family. Once a happy wife and mother, now a glamorous business woman. Stella's break up with Morty was a messy one, they drove each other insane and when Morty found out that Stella was having an affair with an old enemy, it was the final straw. Stella didn't hesitate to leave, she'd had enough of the Roth household and knew she'd make it big in New York; little did she know that her family would be the ones making it bigger and bigger. Stella decides to return to Riverblossom Hills for one reason; money. She knows how successful her ex-husbands company has become and she wants to take him down, she wants to make him pay for driving her away from Riverblossom Hills like he did. Stella will stop at nothing, she'll go to desperate lengths to bring down Morty and she doesn't care who she takes down with her.

Andrew Martin:

Andrew Martin is Jacob Martin's father, he could never understand why Jacob was so fond of working for Morty Roth. Andrew prefers a quiet life, just sitting in a small home and watching his favourite programmes, but when Morty and Jacob became closer, he saw that Jacob and Morty were becoming more like a father and son than he was with Jacob. So Andrew tried to change things, but this made the situation worse and Jacob now claims that Morty is more of a father to him. Andrew left Riverblossom Hills to start again, but he's been driven back and he's willing to make Morty pay for "stealing" his son.

Betty Goldstein:

Betty Goldstein is Morty Roth's cousin, she's lived in Riverblossom Hills all her life and knows the "ins and outs" of the town. It was Betty that pursuaded Morty to move to Riverblossom Hills all them years ago. Now, she's still a well respected member of the Roth family, Betty has never had to live in the Roth household before, but when her house is being re-furbished, she's forced to stay there for a while. Betty takes an instant disliking to Cleo, she see's how Cleo is with Sandra and believes that she's a "no good one" for the family. Betty and Cleo seem to have similar traits, can they overcome their fued and become friends? Or will these two be at loggerheads for the rest of Betty's stay?

Mr Rosenberg:

The friendly butler of the Roth's, Mr Rosenberg has served Morty for several years and he is well respected amongst the family members. Rosenberg enjoys working for the family and enjoys taking care of the house for them, he also quite likes the money he gets as well.