Ollingdale Series 3 - Episode X - The Secrets of the Emerald Book


“Sometimes, towns can become thriving communities with hearty and cheerful families and a friendly, calming atmosphere.

And that is what Ollingdale now is.

We live in a town of harmony, a place of tranquillity and a place of relaxation.

Family life is key in this town, and we all focus on creating a selfless and innocent place of harmony and family living at its core.

Because without families, there would be no future.

And Ollingdale deserves a future.

In all my years in this town, I have grown to love and cherish it as a part of me.

We have endured the hard times...

...and the good times.”

32 Years before the Flood

Nicholas: I’m pleased to open the newest addition to Ollingdale, 15th Street Park!

Applause from the community.

Reporter: Mr Governor, why have you decided to open another park in the town? Surely 11 within just two square miles is enough?

Nicholas: We can never have enough parks, Johnson. You of all people should know that.

Reporter: Yes sir.

Assistant: Sir, we have a committee meeting in an hour about the recent budget rises in recreation and education.

Nicholas: Tell them to move it. To never, possibly.

Assistant: Yes sir.

“Yes, Ollingdale is a place of true happiness. A Utopia.

But as we continue to ignore the warning signs on spending, and the increasing speed that the world is changing with new technologies...

...I doubt our small part of suburban Massachusetts will remain so perfect...”

32 Years before the Flood

Solicitor: Pauline, Margaret left you this book, it appears to be a journal of some kind.

Pauline: My mother’s journal?

Alfred: She wrote that for years. Never let anyone look at it...

Pauline: Yes.

Pauline: Can you put Amelia to bed Alfred? I’ve got to read the next part...

Alfred: Honey, you’ve been reading that for weeks now. Why don’t you stop?

Pauline: I’ve only just reached the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t got onto reading the main book – I’m still reading the original novel chapters Mum wrote.

Alfred: Well hurry up – Remember you do have a daughter to look after when I’m at work.

“My mother was a woman of patience and family values.

Sadly that sense has been lost in my hometown.

She lived in the heydays of Ollingdale, when it was a growing community based on the right values.

But towards the end of her days, she saw the start of the troubles that we now face. And she wrote about them.”

7 years before the Flood

Amelia: What’s this mum?

Pauline: Oh, it’s my mothers.

Amelia: What is it?

Pauline: Erm... It’s her journal. A book of her views on our town. Have a read; I haven’t looked at it in years.

Amelia: I’ll take it upstairs.

Alfred: We should’ve got rid of that book.

Pauline: I know. But she won’t get to the final chapters, will she?

Alfred: Well we’ll find out. It might help if you told me what was in them...

Pauline: No.

7 years before our journey ended, Amelia May made a discovery.

She found a book that had secrets that could destroy the town.

You could always tell it was going to happen. Amelia would discover the secret of our town, as first written by my mother, when she read the book.

But we had to stop her, or else.

So I began my mission, to protect my daughter from the truth about Ollingdale.

I began to cover my family’s tracks. And save Amelia.

Pauline: Nicholas.

Nicholas: Yes?

Pauline: She found the book.

Nicholas: What?

Pauline: She found Margaret’s book, in the bookshelf.

Nicholas: Brilliant, that’s all we need.

Pauline: Look, Nicholas. We have to work together to stop her.

Nicholas: Get Alfred to do it. I’m sure he would love to know the family secret.

Pauline: He’s going to San Francisco in 2 weeks. We don’t have time to sort this out with him. I need you.

Nicholas: Fine. We’ll sort out the book. Together.

The book contains the final chapters of a secret that will tear our town apart.

The way we live will be changed completely.

For the true story of Ollingdale will be revealed.

As my mother fought a lost cause against her cancer, she persevered with her diary.

She couldn’t leave the house at all, she was confined to her room like a slave.

But her book kept her going.

Nicholas kept us all in the dark for years.

He lied about the money, he lied about the state of our town.

He lied about everything.

2 weeks before my husband went to California, Nicholas told me the secret that would end up crushing the town, and his heart.

Nicholas told me the town had no money, and was slowly starting to fall apart around him.

He mentioned the fact he wanted it to all go away, to all leave us alone.

His selfish attitude had led to the town’s downfall, and he still carried on regardless.

I felt sick, and my feelings for him vanished instantly.

I had been forced to choose between him and Alfred, but now I knew who to choose. Alfred.

So I broke his heart. Within 3 weeks he had disappeared, whether it was because of my hatred of him, my restrained lust for him or even the state he had put the town in, I don’t know. But he left, and I didn’t see him for years.

My mother had seen this. She knew the town was going to sink under the weight of its financial mess, and she had worked out Nicholas’ secret.

She found out that Nicholas had spent the money on pointless services, a mansion for himself and failed businesses.

And if it came out in the public, then who knows what would happen.

“I’m suspicious. The new mayor, Nicholas, has been oblivious to the town’s budget, and has gone in a full-scale revamp of the town.

It’s nice to have a Utopia and a dream town.

But it’s also nice to have a secure future.

The good times are over for Ollingdale.

Our schools have no money.

Our city has no shine.

But still Nicholas lives the life of luxury, and builds his empire on cracked ground.

A manor, beside the lake. A series of flaky businesses. And empty parks.

And it’s time to reveal the truth.”

2 days later my mother died. She finished the book, and finished the story.

But the book survived on...

Until the very end.

Amelia May never finished reading the book. She died on the same night that she reached the final chapterk.

Pauline May died on that night as well, not knowing whether her daughter knew the truth about the town.

The book was never found.