Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 14 - Forgive Me

When you ask to be forgiven, you can only hope that the answer will be yes. But when you go down the unforgivable path of deceit and darkness, be prepared to face the consequences.

Carla: James?
James: Carla?
Carla: Why are you here?
James: Erm, I live here? What do you think!
Carla: Um, yes, er, sorry.
- James stops Carla from walking into her bedroom.
James: Honey, what did I do wrong?
Carla: You stormed out on me yesterday!
James: Carla, I'm sorry...

Carla: You keep on doing this. You keep tripping up, and messing me around.
James: Honey...
Carla: Don't, James. Just! Don't.
- Carla walks out the front door, leaving him standing there.

Pete: Hey, Michelle, I've had an idea.
Michelle: For what?
Pete: A party. To celebrate my all-clear.
Michelle: That's a great idea.
Pete: I was thinking of hiring out the club.

Michelle: And... will there be alco...
Pete: Yes. But none for you.
Michelle: Dad!
Pete: No, Michelle.
Michelle: Fine.
Pete: And anyway, it's not going to be a big fancy party, just a few friends.
Michelle: Dad, we've got no friends. We only just moved here.
Pete: Yeh, okay, a few neighbours then.
- Michelle walks off, and leaves her dad cooking.
Pete: Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive...

Rebecca: Hey, Amy.
Amy: Yes?
Rebecca: Come inside for a cuppa, will you? I need to talk.
Amy: I'm gardening though.
Rebecca: Er, yeh. Just come in, green fingers.
Amy: Fine.

Amy: What do you want then?
Rebecca: To talk.
Amy: Rebecca, you've never done that. You're a slapper. And you know it.
Rebecca: Yeh, right. Anyway...
Amy: No. Don't anyway me. If we're gonna get on here, I need to lay down my rules!
Rebecca: Except, you don't own 50% of this house. I do. I make up the rules.
Amy: Go on then. Tell me the rules.
Rebecca: No, that's up to Matt. But what is up to me is to tell you when he's unhappy.
Amy: What do you mean?
Rebecca: Matt is unhappy that you're here.
Amy: Pardon?
Rebecca: He wants you to go.

Rebecca: And so, do I.

Donte: Hello? Lucas?
Lucas: Why have you tried to find me?
Donte: I thought you were dead.
Lucas: You never cared the past year.
Donte: I couldn't find you. I tried, really, I did.
Lucas: Well you didn't look hard enough.
Donte: Lucas, I thought you were dead!
Lucas: You never looked hard enough though, did you?

Donte: I had other things on my mind.
Lucas: Oh yes? Like spending our 500k on your petty little girlfriend?
Donte: Actually, she's not my girlfriend.
Lucas: Really? Did she come to her senses and dump you?
Donte: She's my fiancée.
Lucas: What?
Donte: You heard.
Lucas: Just get in your posh car and go back to your happy family.
Donte: See you at the wedding.
Lucas: Unlikely.

Pete: Michelle?
Michelle: Yes dad?
Pete: I spent all of last night thinking, and I've decided.
Michelle: What?
Pete: We're gonna have the biggest party in the town's history. And everyone's invited.
Michelle: Isn't... that a bad idea?
Pete: why?
Michelle: Both Littlewood girls, plus their brother, and don't forget Amy and Rebecca Walker.
Pete: How do you know everyone?
Michelle: I went to the park the other day. The memorial?

Pete: But what's wrong with Amy and Rebecca?
Michelle: They hate each other. It's obvious!
Pete: So I don't invite them?
Michelle: It's up to you.
- Michelle walks off down the hallway.
Pete: So, who do I invite??
Michelle: Dad! Think! And make sure Amanda comes. Otherwise it'll be boring.
Pete: Okay...

Maddie: Why'd you do it?
Amanda: What?
Maddie: Let him in.
Amanda: He's my brother. And we've been over it already.
Maddie: But I still don't get it. Why'd he come to you?
Amanda: He's hardly likely to go to dad, because he disowned him. Mum's dead, and he hates you.
Maddie: Yes. But why did he come to any of us? Why didn't he just get a job?
Amanda: That's what I want to know.
Maddie: Weird. He came out just before mum died too.
Amanda: You don't think...
Maddie: It's possible.

Amanda: I don't believe you. One minute you're accusing him of having a motive to come here, then...
Maddie: I just think...
Amanda: If he's done anything, he won't get away with it. Now, pay for the coffee.
Maddie: You always make me pay.
Amanda: You're the Governor, you can afford it.
Maddie: You're right, I suppose.

Maddie: Hello? Yes, bring the car round please.
Amanda: I'll see you later.
Maddie: Bye. Yes, I need to go to the airport please. From Café Michelin. Please.
Maddie: 20 minutes? Okay, thank you.

Policeman: Nicholas, you're up.
Nicholas: Thank you.
Policeman: The officer will need to talk to you, and then will ask you some questions.
Nicholas: Fine.
Policeman: Do you want a lawyer?
Nicholas: No.

Officer: Nicholas Forsythe, where were you on the 3rd July 2007, when Ollingdale Dam flooded?
- Nicholas sighs, and looks defeated.
Nicholas: I... I did it.
Officer: Pardon?
Nicholas: I flooded the town. I destroyed the dam. I killed my lover.
Officer: Pardon?
Nicholas: It was me.
Officer: Are you confessing to the charges put before you?
Nicholas: Yes.
Officer: You do realise you'll still be sentenced harshly?
Nicholas: Do I care?

But when you do go down the road of lies, remember that when you weave a web of lies, eventually you will get caught out. And have to give up.
But is giving up the answer?