Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 22 - I Don't

Fruits of joy,
Or of new beginnings.
But sometimes,
Weddings are just cold.
Cold feet.

Carla: Marco, wait!
Marco: What?
Carla: Where are you going?
Marco: To the shop - why?
Carla: I need to talk to you. Now.
Marco: Can't it wait?
Carla: Now!

Marco: What do you want?
Carla: I need to tell you something.
Marco: Can you make it quick? Tina wants me back soon.
Carla: Okay. There's no easy way to tell you this, but...
Marco: Yes?
Carla: I'm leaving.

Marco: You're...
Carla: Yes. I need to go, today.
Marco: James?
Carla: He's history. The divorce can be settled by my lawyer. I won't ever see him again.
Marco: Where are you going?
Carla: Back to my mothers. In Ireland, she moved out their 8 years ago. Only for a while though. Then I don't know...
Marco: But why?
Carla: Stop asking me questions. I want you to tell James at the wedding, or something.

Carla: When I've left town though. I'm going at midday.
Marco: Aren't you staying for Maddie?
Carla: She doesn't need me. Beside, I'm not really a fan of marriage at the minute.
Marco: You can stay with me; you don't have to leave because he's got the house!
Carla: That's very nice - but I'm not leaving because of the house. I have nothing else here.
Marco: What about me?

Carla: I... Sorry.

Donte Penning, do you take Madeleine Littlewood to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Lucas: Just because I'm not wanted, doesn't mean I won't come.
Donte: Lucas, this is the one day of my life I don't want ruined. Please!
Lucas: So you've turned from angry businessman to grovelling pastor. Within two minutes.
Donte: I cannot... I will not, have you ruin my wedding.
Lucas: Back to businessman...
Donte: Get out of my club, get out of this town and get out of my life!
Lucas: Bro, you never learn. When I say that I am here to stay, that means I'm here to stay. Understand?
Donte: GET OUT!

Lucas: I'll be back, mark my words. I'll be there. Whether you like it, or not.

Carla: I...
Marco: I wasn't just a fling - a one night stand - I was your lover.
Carla: Was. It was stupid...
Marco: No, it wasn't. Please Carla.
Carla: Marco, just go if you're going to beg for me to stay.
- Marco sighs
Marco: Carla. I love you, I want to be with you. I don't care about James... Tina... Anything. I want you.
Carla: Are you saying you want to come with me?

Marco: Yes! At last.
Carla: Get your things. Don't tell your sister. Or anyone. I'm leaving in an hour.
Marco: But I've got to go to the wedding! I'll be there.
Carla: Fine then - As soon as the wedding is over, meet me by the bridge, by yourself. No-one needs to know.

Madeleine Littlewood, do you take Donte Penning to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Maddie: I...

Amy: Yes, I'll be right there.

Maddie: Who's that?
Amy: It's the prison, it's Nicholas.
Maddie: What's he done? Absconded?
Amy: No...

Amy: He's... He's had a heart attack.

Maddie: Go and see him Amy.
Amy: Are you sure?
Maddie: As long as you're back for the wedding. I need a bridesmaid - I still don't think Carla is up to it.
Amy: I'll be there. I promise.
Maddie: Good.
Amy: By the way...
Maddie: Yes?
Amy: You look gorgeous.
Maddie: I haven't even had my hair done yet!
Amy: You're still beautiful.

Rebecca: Ohh... where is it?
Matt: Hey, what are you looking for?
Rebecca: Oh, nothing much.
Matt: You look pretty worried.
Rebecca: Don't worry honey. It's nothing.
Matt: Ok then.

Rebecca: I'm erm, just popping out.
Matt: See you later.
Rebecca: Ok.
Matt: Be back in time for the wedding!

Matt: Just going out... Right.

James: Ready?
Michelle: As I'll ever be.
James: Good.

Carla: What the...
James: Hi Carla.
Carla: What... Why are you here?
James: Are you going out?
Carla: Erm, no.
James: Well then, can we come in?
Carla: Erm... sure.

Michelle: Hello.
Carla: You're Michelle, right?
Michelle: Yes.
James: We need to talk Carla.
Carla: Yes, we do.

Carla: What are you playing at? Is this some plot or something?
James: Can you just come and sit down, please.
Carla: Why have you bought a teenager I have hardly met before into my house?
James: Just come in the dining room and you'll find out!
Carla: This had better be a good excuse or I'll get a restraining order put on you.

James: Carla, sit down.
Carla: Gladly. Now, what's this all about?
James: Michelle has something to tell you.

Michelle: Carla, before you met James, you were dating my father.
Carla: Oh, ok, I see where this is going.
Michelle: Really? Well at least you know who I am.
Carla: This is a plot by James to get me to see other men are worse than him to get us back together.
James: What?
Michelle: No! No it's not mum...

Carla: Wait! What did you just call me?
James: Mum. She called you mum.
Carla: You're...
Michelle: Michaela.
James: She's your daughter, Carla. The one you gave up. Pete got her back, adopted her, and bought her up.

Carla: No, no, no. This is a lie...
Michelle: It's not. I am your daughter.
Carla: This is a plan by you James, to try and keep me here.
James: So you are leaving.
Carla: No. You are. Get out of my house, now. I'll see you at the wedding.

Carla: Not on my life. Goodbye, James. Sorry, Maddie.

Matt: What was she looking for...?
Matt: Oh my god.

Rebecca: Hey, Matt, how are you? Matt?
Matt: Hey honey, sorry I was on the loo.
Rebecca: Really? That's nice.
Matt: Oh, and I had a spring clean of the bathroom too.
Rebecca: You did?

Matt: I found something, I think its Amy's.
Rebecca: What is it?
Matt: A pregnancy test.
Rebecca: Erm, Amy's pregnant?
Matt: Well, it could be Amy. But then again, she hasn't slept with anyone since Dan.
Rebecca: How do you know that?

Matt: She's my sister. She still won't go out on a date with anyone. So that only leaves one person.
Rebecca: Me? I'm not pregnant!
Matt: Rebecca, you said you couldn't get pregnant again. After your miscarriage.
Rebecca: I...
Matt: You never were pregnant, were you?
Rebecca: I was!
Matt: Not after you phoned an abortion clinic last year. To get rid of my baby.

Rebecca: You went through my stuff!
Matt: You lied to me! Rebecca, how can I trust you? You lied.
Rebecca: Matt! How dare you find a pregnancy stick, think it's me then go through my files and papers!

Matt: I'm going out. Goodbye.
Rebecca: Wait!

Amy: I'm here, I'm here! What's happened?
Officer: Who are you?
Amy: Amy Walker, I'm his friend. Nicholas Forsythe, what's happened?
Officer: Oh. Erm... I shouldn't let you through lady...
Amy: Just do it!
Officer: He's through here. The ambulance is on its way.

Amy: Nicholas...
- Nicholas croaks as he talks to Amy.
Nicholas: Amy...
Amy: I'm here, you'll be fine.
Nicholas: No I won't Amy.
Amy: Stop talking like that...

Nicholas: Goodbye, Amy.
Amy: No, Nicholas, stay with me!
Nicholas: Goodbye...
Amy: NO!!!! Stay with me... Come on...

Amy: No...

James: Have you seen Carla?
Pete: No, sorry James.
Michelle: She's gone, hasn't she?

James: I don't know.
Pete: Maybe she's just late?
James: She was a bridesmaid.
Pete: Amy's not here yet.
James: Amy was going in the car with Maddie.

Michelle: Don't worry. She's stunned. And she might just not feel like a wedding right now.
James: Yes, sure.
Pete: Right. Definitely, Michelle.

Charles: Come on Maddie. Let's go.
Maddie: Where's Amy???
Charles: She's, erm, coming behind us.
Maddie: Oh god.
Charles: What?
Maddie: Amanda is here.

Charles: Stay by the car. I'll send her away while we wait for Amy.
Maddie: Ok, thanks dad.
Charles: That's alright honey.

Charles: What the hell are you doing here?
Amanda: It's my sister's wedding. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Charles: What did I say to you? Huh?
Amanda: Forget it Charles. I'm staying.
Charles: Get out of here Amanda. Or I will use force. Maddie will not have her wedding ruined.
Amanda: You haven't won Charles. I'll be back.

Maddie: Is she gone?
Charles: Yes. Now, who wants to get married?
Maddie: I'm coming, dad.

Donte: Is she coming?
Marco: Yes, Donte. Tina says she's outside in the car.
Donte: Good. This is really it, isn't it?
Marco: Good luck mate.
- Marco looks at his watch, worried. The music starts playing and the doors open.

Charles: Ready darling?
Maddie: Let's go.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Donte Earl Penning and Madeleine Elizabeth Littlewood. They are deeply in love, but as always, I must ask whether anyone knows of any reason why these two cannot be married today, or forever hold your peace.
- No reply
Priest: Good. That's the worst part out of the way. So, now, repeat after me Maddie...

Priest: I Madeleine Elizabeth Littlewood, take you, Donte Earl Penning...
Maddie: I Madeleine Elizabeth Littlewood take you, Donte Earl Penning...
Priest: To be my lawfully wedded husband...
Maddie: To be my lawfully wedded husband...
Priest: To have and to hold, in sickness and in health forever more.
Maddie: To have and to hold, in sickness and in health forever more.
Priest: To love and hold forever more.
Maddie: To love and hold forever more.

Priest: I, Donte Earl Penning, take you, Madeleine Elizabeth Littlewood...
Donte: I, Donte Earl Penning, take you, Madeleine Elizabeth Littlewood...
Priest: To be my lawfully wedded wife...
Donte: To be my lawfully wedded wife...
Priest: To have and to hold, in sickness and in health forever more.
Donte: To have and to hold, in sickness and in health forever more.
Priest: To love and hold forever more.
Donte: To love and hold forever more.

Priest: Now the final part of our ceremony today.
Priest: Maddie, do you take Donte to be your husband, to love, respect and protect for the rest of your life?
Maddie: I do.

Priest: Donte, do you take Maddie to be your wife, to love, respect and protect for the rest of your life?
Donte: I definitely do.

Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

- The guests applause and wolf-whistle.

Tina: Congratulations, Maddie.
Maddie: Thank you, Tina. I'm glad you could be here, since Carla's done a disappearing act and Amy's with Nicholas. Have you seen Donte anywhere?
Tina: I think he's by the other balcony.

Maddie: Donte?
Donte: Oh, hello Maddie.
Maddie: What's wrong?
Donte: Nothing. It's just...
Maddie: It's too late to get cold feet!
Donte: This hall really isn't finished... No banisters, no roof...
Maddie: That's not the real reason, is it.
Donte: Lucas said he would come. He hasn't and I'm worried when he'll come.

Maddie: Dad can deal with him. Amanda hasn't arrived yet either.
James: Hey guys, it's time for the first dance.
Maddie: We'll be right in James.

Maddie: We need to go in there. We need to show a united front, against my sister and your brother.
Donte: Don't go all political on me now! Come on...

Donte: I love you, Mrs Penning.
Maddie: I love you, Mr Penning.

Lucas: And I hate you, Mr Penning.
Amanda: Erm, hello, Maddie. Err, Charles.

Charles: Get out, Lucas. And you Amanda.
James: You heard him. Get lost.

Lucas: Night night, bro.
~ Gunshot ~

A wedding,
The best day of your life.
Or last.