Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 21 - I Do

Life, and Death.
The line between the 2 is so fine
That many snap it without knowledge.
Sometimes it's never broken by them,
But someone else.

Lucas: Or what? What will you do?
Amanda: Or... I don't know. Just get on with it and don't hurt Maddie. What do I have to do?
Lucas: You'll need this.

Amanda: I'm shooting him?
Lucas: I'll have one too.
Amanda: What's my role in all this then?
Lucas: You cover me. If anyone tries to hurt me, you shoot them.
Amanda: Right. Okay.

Lucas: Take it to your house. Hide it, until the wedding. That shouldn't be too hard - it's only 2 days.
Amanda: Fine then.

Amy: I saw your sister earlier.
Maddie: And?
Amy: She wasn't exactly sober.
Maddie: Blind drunk?
Amy: Yes. I took her home, kicking and screaming.
Maddie: You're a good friend, Amy.

Amy: I am your bridesmaid.
- The doorbell rings
Amy: Ah, that'll be Carla.
Maddie: You think she's up to a wedding when she's getting divorced?
Amy: That's a lousy rumour.
Maddie: It's true. Donte says James keeps coming in, getting drunk. She's happier though.
Amy: It's probably just a rough patch. They'll get through it.
Maddie: I don't know Amy. I cannot have my other bridesmaid crying through the wedding.

Carla: Hey, seems quite quiet round here. Everything okay?
Amy: Yes, it's going to be a quiet night. Not like the boys. And Tina couldn't make it, she's busy or something.
Carla: I don't know why she's a maid of honour - she's hardly seen Maddie in years.
Amy: Oh well. Come in, the bride is in the lounge.
Carla: Thank you, Amy.

Maddie: Carla, hi.
Carla: How is everything?
Maddie: Dress is upstairs, father's in town, Lucas is nowhere to be seen, and I'm ready to get married!
Carla: That's the spirit.
Maddie: How's your life coming then?
Carla: Forget about me, tonight is all about you, Mrs Penning.

Maddie: Are you sure you're okay, Carla?
Carla: Yes, I'm fine! I'm just remembering my hen night...

20th August, 1999

Carla: Can you believe I'm getting married tomorrow?
Suzie: No, it's amazing. And to a Hillside too. You're going up in the world.
Carla: After Pete, I needed someone better.
Suzie: Someone who knows how to put a condom on properly too.
Carla: Ha, yes.

Suzie: Do you miss her?
Carla: Who? Michaela? No. She was a mistake - as was meeting her father.
Suzie: Anyway, time to get drunk.
Carla: Yes. And then get married.

Suzie: ... Do you regret anything?
Carla: Never. Lighten up, Sue, it's my last night of freedom!


Amy: She shouldn't be here.
Maddie: Amy, let her reminisce her misfortunes. Just don't ruin my evening.
Amy: You think she should stay?
Maddie: No. But if we throw her out, we'll be lonelier then last night! And I can't have one bridesmaid and a maid of honour. It's not right.
Amy: True. Who's the maid of honour again?
Maddie: Tina, Tina Pierroni.
Amy: Ah, yes.

Maddie: To commitment!
Amy: Commitment.
Carla: Commitment... and Freedom.
Amy: Erm, Freedom.
Maddie: And yes, freedom.

Matt: What...
Olivia: Shhh.
Matt: Who...
Olivia: Shut up and...
Matt: I get the message.

Olivia: Good morning.
Matt: What on earth...
Olivia: Yes, we did. And you were rather good too.
Matt: Oh my god...
Olivia: Now, I expect your wife will be waiting frantically.
Matt: Rebecca...

Michelle: Hey, Amanda! Nice hair.
Amanda: Oh, hi Michelle. Thanks, I had it done today.
Michelle: Is something wrong?
Amanda: No, don't worry about me.
Michelle: I'd better be off to school then.
Amanda: Listen, Michelle...

Michelle: Yes?
Amanda: I will always be here for you, you know that?
Michelle: Erm, yes. Sure.
Amanda: No matter what.
Michelle: Okay. I'm going, off, now.
Amanda: I'll see you then. Just remember what I said.

Marco: Fancy meeting you here.
Carla: Don't talk to me.
Marco: Pardon?
Carla: Don't talk to me.
Marco: You've changed your tune since yesterday.
Carla: Well my husband found us in bed together, so yes, I have changed my tune.
Marco: It never stopped my mother...

Carla: Pardon?
Marco: I thought you were cross with me?
Carla: I am. Just tell me what's wrong.
Marco: Carla, don't...
Carla: Tell me Marco.

Charles: Amanda.
Amanda: Charles.
Charles: Will you at least talk to me?
Amanda: No.
Charles: You are cutting it fine, Amanda.
Amanda: What are you talking about?
Charles: Maddie is threatening to cut you out.
Amanda: What?
Charles: Why do you think you're not a bridesmaid? She wants to disown you.
Amanda: Don't wind me up.

Charles: I'm not lying to you, Amanda. I'm trying to help you.
Amanda: When was the last time you did that?
Charles: Amanda, I've changed. Why don't you let me back in your life, just like Maddie has?
Amanda: Because I don't trust you. Neither should she.
Charles: If you don't solve your issues, she'll stop holding that safety net.
Amanda: What on earth are you on about?
Charles: Who saved you from the booze after your marriage fell apart? Who protected you for so long?
Amanda: Oh...

Charles: Who helped you when you nearly died???
Amanda: Don't you dare bring that into it. Don't you dare!
Charles: You were trapped in the car. Drowning. She dived in and saved you!
Amanda: Don't...
Charles: You couldn't breathe, and all around you were people choking. You were about to die!
Amanda: Dad!
Charles: She never went over to Amy, no, or even her struggling boyfriend. She saved you. And now she might kick her family out of her wedding - because of your selfish feuding.

Charles: And now she's fed up of rescuing you. She's finally learnt the truth: You're worthless.
Amanda: I...

Marco: Don't try and get me drunk, Carla.
Carla: I'm not! You're trying to get me drunk...
Marco: Well, you seemed drunk when you walked in here earlier. Have you met my sister?
Carla: Err, yes.
Marco: Not her biggest fan? No, I wasn't either.
Carla: What do you mean?
Marco: She's not my whole sister. We have different dads.

Carla: Really?
Marco: Yes - She's got the cruel Forsythe blood in her, I'm just a Pierroni.
Carla: Forsythe? Are you telling me that she's Nicholas daughter?
Marco: Yes. Where is he, anyway?
Carla: Prison. They arrested him for the flood here last year.
Marco: No way.
Carla: Yep, I'm sorry. I'd thought you knew...
Marco: Tina will be devastated. And she's meant to be going to a wedding tomorrow... I'll tell her after that.
Carla: Well, she shouldn't be worrying about her father when she's maid of honour.

Donte: I can leave you in charge?
Barman: Yeah, fine.
Donte: Good. I'll see you later then.
Barman: Actually, I'm not here until Monday again. I'm at someone's wedding...
Donte: I wonder who that could be...?
- They laugh.
Donte: See you then.

Donte: What the...
Lucas: Hello, Donte.

Donte: What the hell are you doing here?
Lucas: I'm visiting you for your wedding, of course.
Donte: If you come anywhere near the church, I'll personally throw you in the lake!
Lucas: That's unlikely.
Donte: You will not ruin my wedding. Ever.
Lucas: You'd think you'd let your brother come...
Donte: Maddie doesn't want you there. Or Amanda. Or me.

James: Hey, Pete. Can I come in?
Pete: Why?
James: Your daughter called me over.
Pete: What?

Michelle: Just let him in, Dad.
James: Thank you.
Michelle: You're welcome.
James: Why am I here then?
Pete: I was going to ask the same thing.
Michelle: Oh come on, you both know why you're here. Carla!

James: Oh, right. So you did tell her then, Pete.
Pete: Yes I did. And now she's gone insane.
Michelle: No I haven't. We just need to talk about what we're going to do.
Pete: We're not going to do anything.
James: Michelle, I know you think we should tell her, but we shouldn't.
Michelle: Don't you see? She is losing her mind. She can't have kids, she's lost you...
Pete: That's enough, Michelle!

Michelle: Dad, we need to tell her. Hopefully before she does a runner!
Pete: What are you on about?
Michelle: She'll leave town as soon as the divorce comes through.
Pete: How do you know that?
Michelle: It's obvious. What will she have to stick around for?
James: Her new boyfriend...

Pete: I'm sorry you had to here all this, James.
James: No, no.
Pete: She's over the top...
James: She's right.
Pete: What?
James: We need to tell her. Before she goes.
Pete: I'm not being a part in all this...

Crusher: What happened Oldie?
Nicholas: Nothing. The guys won't budge.
Crusher: You said we'd get food!
Nicholas: Don't shout at me. It's not my fault.
Crusher: You've got some nerve, Oldie.
Nicholas: I didn't become a millionaire with brawn, did I?
Crusher: Don't talk back at me! Now clear those East-Wingers and get some o' their food!
Nicholas: Fine then, I'll try again.

Eastey: What've we got 'ere then? A North-Winger? Get outta here!
Nicholas: Crusher wants food.
Eastey: I've been 'ere 27 years, newbie, havin' moved round from t' old prison to this one. So he'll 'ave to com 'en get it 'imself then. Wont he?
Nicholas: He ... wants me to get it... Argh!

Punisher: Hey, is 'e alright?
Eastey: Yes, he's fine, stupid Northey. Just playin' wit us.
Punisher: 'r' you sure Eastey?

Eastey: Holy... He ain't breathing much!

Some say your pain is another's gain,
Someone, somewhere else.
Or maybe someone near,
Someone with atrocious needs,
That could ruin your life,
Your death,
Or your own wedding...