Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 20 - Mind Games

It can mean several things;
Being driven,
And being driven to madness.
In many cases it's the latter. And it often ends in tragedy.

Michelle: Dad, I'm off to school.
Pete: Okay darling. I'll see you later.
Michelle: Bye.

Pete: Good luck with the exam on Abraham Lincoln honey.
Michelle: Thanks dad.

James: Carla? Carla? I'm back with the milk.

Carla: Hide, Marco!

Amy: I'll see you after work Matt.
Matt: Bye. How is the commute by the way?
Amy: Well it's not that bad. Is Rebecca up?
Matt: I think so... She's in the bathroom.
- Puking heard
Amy: As I thought.

Maddie: Is this okay dad? The hair and the dress.
Charles: Lovely Maddie. Got a dinner today then?
Maddie: Yes, I'm going to Boston for a State dinner.
Charles: Have fun.
Maddie: Will do, Dad.

James: There you are.
Carla: James, I forgot to tell you, your work phoned, they needed to see you today for a meeting.
James: Oh, okay.
Carla: Like, now?
James: Thanks for telling me.

Marco: That was close.
Carla: Yes.
Marco: I thought you said no one would be here?
Carla: He's not meant to be. He should've moved out yesterday.
Marco: He is very packed up. Not.
Carla: Exactly. Coffee?

James: I forgot my car keys, sorry.
Carla: Err...
James: Are you okay?

Marco: Carla, can you make it black please?
Carla: Erm...
Marco: Carla?

James: Who is that?
Carla: No one, James, don't go in there...
James: Oh my god...
Carla: James, please.
James: I...

Carla: James, don't go!
James: You try to divorce me, then you sneak behind my back with divorce papers, then you sleep with another man!
Carla: Please James!
James: Forget it Carla. Forget it.

Amy: Hi, Rebecca.
Rebecca: What do you want?
Amy: I'm just saying hello.
Rebecca: How was work?
Amy: Okay.

Amy: Hi Matt.
Matt: Hey, Amy.
Amy: How's Rebecca after this morning?
Matt: She seems fine. How was work?
Amy: Really good, I learnt a lot.

Matt: Learnt?
Amy: Yes. I learnt from a colleague that I shouldn't be so protective. I should follow my heart.
Matt: Have you caught something off Rebecca?
Amy: No. But I need to start following my heart with you.
Matt: What's wrong with you?
Amy: Matt, Rebecca is pregnant.

Pete: Hey honey. How was school?
Michelle: Good. How was staying at home?
Pete: Staying at home was fun, yes. Watching daytime TV is brilliant.
Michelle: Don't tell me you watched Simmy and Simsanna repeats again?
Pete: No. I watched Sim Street repeats.

Michelle: Aren't you hungry dad?
Pete: Not really.
Michelle: Why not?
Pete: You ask far too many questions.
Michelle: I know. Just like you.

Pete: Listen honey, I need to tell you something.
Michelle: You know, James Hillside didn't look too happy today.
Pete: That's nice. But...
Michelle: You should go see him. He's your friend, isn't he?
Pete: Well, yes. But first I need to talk to you.
Michelle: About what?
Pete: Your mother.

Matt: What?
Amy: Pregnant.
Matt: Are you messing with me?
Amy: No! I'm serious. The sickness in the mornings, the moods swings, the positive pregnancy test!
Matt: Pregnancy test?
Amy: I found it in the bin.
Matt: Where is it now?

Amy: I don't know. I put it in my drawer last night and now it's gone.
Matt: Rebecca, I'm going out!
Amy: Matt, what are you doing?
Matt: I need time to think.
Amy: Think about what? The fact your wife is lying to you?
Matt: No. The fact I can't believe my own sister would try to break up my marriage.

Pete: I never meant for this to happen.
Michelle: What to happen? What's happened to her?
Pete: If I'd know she was here, I'd never have moved here...
Michelle: Wait, she's in this town?
Pete: Yes. She lives here.
Michelle: When did you find out?
Pete: Yesterday.

Michelle: Who is it?
Pete: Carla, Carla Hillside.
Michelle: You're kidding me right?
Pete: No. She's changed her name, her look; she's gone up in the world.
Michelle: So James is... my step-dad?
Pete: No! I'm your father. She's just... Look, don't tell her. She doesn't remember me either. I think.

Michelle: Is that why James was upset?
Pete: No. Rumour is that their going through a divorce.
Michelle: Oh. And does he knows about Carla?
Pete: Yes. He told me. Was I right telling you?
Michelle: Dad, if you hadn't I would've found out another way. I always do.
Pete: You're a determined girl, I'll give you that.

Matt: Urgh...

Matt: What on earth?
Olivia: Hey, Matt.
Matt: Do I know you?
Olivia: Probably not. But you'll know more after tonight is through...
Matt: I will?
Olivia: Yes...

Matt: I know a hotel nearby. Double beds...
Olivia: I thought you'd say that.
- They kiss again.

Amanda: Hey, Donte, wanna come home with me?
Donte: I'm actually working.
Amanda: Oh, right, 'cause everyone is this bloody town has to work all the time!
Donte: Actually, yes. We do.
Amy: Do you want me to...
Donte: Would you Amy? Thanks.

Amanda: What the hell are you doing?
Amy: Taking you home, that's what I'm doing.
Amanda: No you bloody well aren't!
Amy: You can get drunk all you want, but I'm still going to help you. End of.
Amanda: Get off me!
Amy: No! Amanda, No!

Amanda: Why are you helping me?
Amy: Because I want to. Because I'm your neighbour.
Amanda: Everyone else would just turn a blind eye and bitch about me!
Amy: I'm not everyone else though. And I'm helping the next helpless woman whose husband you sleep with.
Amanda: Not that again...
Amy: Because It'll happen. Just not tonight. Not when I'm here.

Amanda: Go on then. This is my house. Go home.
Amy: You're still grieving, aren't you?
Amanda: For your stupid husband? Get over yourself.
Amy: Not him. Your mother.
Amanda: Where did you...
Amy: Maddie likes playing the grieving daughter.
Amanda: What are you on about?

Amy: She was shot dead. People know, Amanda. They know.
Amanda: Well they don't need to. Because she was shot. And no one has been arrested. There's no lead.
Amy: There is! Everyone knows! They all know, Amanda. And you can't keep lying to them.

Jon: What was that?
Donte: You mean who was that.
Jon: Amanda Littlewood, I know who she is.
Donte: Doesn't everyone...
Jon: Why'd she do that?
Donte: She was sort-of dating my brother last year. Before he left.
Jon: Didn't he die?
Donte: Your brother isn't very with the times, is he?

Jon: Nope. I guess he didn't die then.
Donte: No. He did a disappearing act, and now sleeps on the park bench.
Jon: Oh, right. Sorry.
Donte: She's a loose cannon. She thinks everyone fancies her, and wants to sleep with her.
Jon: Don't they?
Donte: I'm marrying her sister. No I don't. How is your brother anyway?
Jon: I don't know. He won't answer his phone, and people are saying him and Carla are getting a divorce.
Donte: Wouldn't surprise me.
Jon: Why not?
Donte: Well, they've not been the best couple since they came to town last year.
Jon: Huh?

Donte: They had a prostitute living in their house. They weren't very close after the flood, and when he nearly died, she returned to London instead of staying in town, in the shelters they built for us.
Jon: He never mentioned any of that.
Donte: Apparently you haven't been in much contact since, well, ages.
Jon: You can say that again.

Amanda: Lucas.
Lucas: Made your mind up yet?
Amanda: Yes.
Lucas: And?
Amanda: I'll help you.
Lucas: Good choice.

Amanda: But there's a catch.
Lucas: What?
Amanda: You don't harm Maddie.
Lucas: You realise we're killing her husband, the day they get married?
Amanda: I know. But I must hurt her. No one else.

Lucas: Why?
Amanda: She knows who killed my mother.
Lucas: What???
Amanda: And I have to kill whoever knows what happened. Or else...

It can mean many things;
And most of all -