Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 19 - Truth and Lies

Lying causes misery - it's a short term gain, long term loss.
When you lie, it causes heartbreak.
To yourself, and those close to you.
But when you think you'll get away with it,
You don't.

Lucas: Amanda. What did you do...
Amanda: Don't you worry. I haven't had anyone in a long time. You knew this was coming.
Lucas: I need to talk to you then.

Michelle: Dad? Why are you out here?
Pete: Erm, I was just thinking. Go back to bed, you've got school tomorrow.

Rebecca: What's wrong?
Matt: Nothing, nothing. I can't sleep.

Carla: James, go onto the sofa.
James: Honey...
Carla: Go! Or you're out now.

Amanda: I...
Lucas: Amanda, say something.
Amanda: No.
Lucas: I need to trust you on this.
Amanda: I can't believe you're doing this!
Lucas: Amanda, he ruined my life!

Amanda: How the hell is shooting him going to help?
Lucas: I need to get him out of my life.
Amanda: Then leave. Go to another town, leave the country!
Lucas: That won't stop him.
Amanda: Lucas, you were never scared of him before. Now you are so scared you want to kill him?

Lucas: I need to know that you won't tell him. Considering you spiked my drink to sleep with me...
Amanda: Just be quiet about that.
Lucas: Don't worry. If you stay silent about the gun, I'll stay quiet about the drinking.
Amanda: What are you going to do if I do tell him?
Lucas: Amanda, listen to me. He has controlled me for years now, and I'm fed up!
Amanda: When? When are you going to kill my brother-in-law???
Lucas: He won't be your brother in law for very long. If I get my way.

James: Pete? Hi, it's James Hillside, from down the road? Yeh, can we meet up at your place later? Okay, that'd be great, thanks.

Amy: That's the last box. Thank God. I need a pee...
Matt: Nice to know.
Amy: You're welcome!
Matt: Yes...

Amy: Ahhh. Huh? Whats this...
Amy: A pregnancy test?

Matt: What was that?
Amy: Erm, nothing, just talking to myself.
Matt: Right, okay.

James: Hi Pete.
Pete: Hey, what's up?
James: Well, I need to talk to you about Carla.
Pete: Right... why me?
James: I was going through some boxes, and found this.

Pete: What is it?
James: It's a birth certificate.
Pete: So? Whats this got to do with me?
James: You tell me, Pete. Because my wife, is Michelle's mother.

Pete: Carla is... the Carla?
James: Obviously. You didn't know?
Pete: No, or I would never have moved here.
James: So now what do we do?
Pete: We say nothing. We do nothing. We pretend this never happened.
James: We can't do that! This will change Michelle's life!
Pete: Maybe you should've thought of that before telling me.

James: Pete, don't walk away! We need to settle this, for Michelle's sake!
Pete: No, James.

Tina: Hey.
Jon: Hello, stranger.
Tina: Cut the chit-chat, Jon. We both know why you wanted to talk to me before.
Jon: Someone's changed their tune.
Tina: Have I? I never noticed.
Jon and Tina: Want a...
Tina: Drink?
Jon: I was going to offer you one. Actually.

Tina: I offered first, you have to take it.
Jon: Oh fine, let the lady pay.
Tina: I'll have a vodka martini.
Jon: Beer.
Tina: Typical.
Jon: I'm a very typical man.

Olivia: Over here.
Mark: Hi.
Olivia: Yeh, great, hi. Look...
Mark: What's the rush?
Olivia: I need to see you.
Mark: That's why I'm here.
Olivia: I need... you.

Mark: Thanks.
Olivia: I need you, now.
Mark: Right. Are you feeling okay?
Olivia: Yes. Let's go to the Grreen Room.
Mark: Okay...

Tina: Another Jon?
Jon: N... no... thanks...
Tina: Are you okay?
Jon: Ye, Yeh, I'm err, fine. Yes.
Tina: Good. So Jon, why'd you come here?

Jon: Wha, what do you mean?
Tina: You don't think I'd get you drunk for any other reason, do you?
Jon: Ye, I mean, No.
Tina: So, answer my question.
Jon: I cameded her case of his...
Tina: You aren't making sense!
Jon: I'll be a minute...
- He staggers into the female toilets.
Tina: Wrong ones!

Maddie: Hi Dad. Sleep well?
Charles: Yes, yes I did.
Maddie: Good. We finished the wedding plans yesterday.
Charles: Oh, that's good. Have you got the lists?
Maddie: Yes, here.
Charles: Amy Walker... Matt Walker... Rebecca Walker... Where's Amanda?

Maddie: She's not coming.
Charles: Why not?
Maddie: She'll cause trouble, I know it.
Charles: Is that all?
Maddie: Yes.
Charles: Really? Look, there must be something else.
Maddie: Okay. She's letting Mark stay with her.
Charles: So you aren't going to invite her to your wedding, just because she's looking after her brother?
Maddie: You want her to come?

Charles: I want you to be happy. That's all.
Maddie: She can't come. If she comes, Mark has to come.
Charles: ...
Maddie: Exactly.
Charles: It's up to you Maddie. But she's your sister.
Maddie: And you're my dad. So if she comes, Mark has to come.

Marco: Hey.
Carla: Hi.
Marco: Do you want a drink?
Carla: That'd be great. Double vodka.
Marco: 2 double vodkas.
Carla: 2?
Marco: One for you, and one for me.
Carla: Are you going to go and get yourself a table?
Marco: Only if you're coming...

Marco: What are you doing?
Carla: What does it look like?
Marco: It looks like you've got the wrong idea.
Carla: Ssh.

Marco: What the...
Carla: My flat is right here, and we can go in now. No one is there.
Marco: Right.

Lying is tied in with trickery, the way it stops the mind thinking correctly.
You don't have to lie just to others,
You can lie to yourself.
And when you do that, the truth becomes slowly harder to find.
It's just one big hole. And the only way out is to be Determined.