Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 18 - Abandoned

Love can play tricks on the mind - it's only after that you realise you're fool. When that happens, you're filled with guilt and regret, but there is no-one there to help you through.
Because they've left you behind.

Amanda: Hey, Lucas.
Lucas: What.
Amanda: I just wanted to say hi.
Lucas: Is that it? Bye then.
Amanda: Do you want a coffee?
Lucas: Are you trying to make conversation? Because it isn't working.
Amanda: Come back to my place. I'll go shopping later.
Lucas: Fine then. Let's go.

Donte: So we have 10 bouquets all along the aisle, right?
Maddie: Yes. And the bridesmaids will carry some too.
Donte: And we're having the venue in the club?
Maddie: Yes.
Donte: So we're sorted.
Maddie: I've got all the food ordered, clothes ready, you've got the suits done, we've got the venues, and all the guests have been invited.
Donte: Hen night?
Maddie: We're going to have a quiet evening inside - I don't want a fuss. The stag do?
Donte: The club. And then back here for some beers.
Maddie: We're all ready then.

Donte: I can't believe we've actually finished the wedding.
Maddie: I know. Isn't it wonderful?
Donte: I've got to go to the club, to check some orders.
Maddie: Fine. I'm going to go and see if dad is okay.
Donte: He'll be fine.
Maddie: I need to check.
Donte: I'll be back for lunch.
Maddie: Okay, that's good.
Donte: And Maddie?
Maddie: Yes?
Donte: Relax.

Rebecca: Yes. I'd like that one please. Thank you.
Shopkeeper: You look worried.
Rebecca: No, I'm fine.
Shopkeeper: You'll be fine, I'm sure of it.
Rebecca: Thank you?

Marco: Tina?
Tina: Yes?
Marco: You know how notorious this place is, don't you?
Tina: Sure.
Marco: You may think I'm being the annoying older brother, but you need to be careful.
Tina: All the men in this town are either married or dating. I won't have a problem.
Marco: Not that. I mean the fact this place is quite...
Tina: Rough? I think I can handle it, don't you?
Marco: I'm just looking out for you.
Tina: I don't need you controlling my life, Marco. I can look after my self.

Marco: This place has changed, Tina.
Tina: I know.
Marco: It's not how I remember it.
Tina: Marco, times change. Towns change.
Marco: I always thought...
Tina: That it would be the same? Life doesn't work like that.

Marco: It's dangerous here now. I want you to be careful.
Tina: I will. Just...
Marco: What?
Tina: Promise you won't leave.
Marco: I'm staying. Don't worry.

Rebecca: Come on... pee already!
Rebecca: Urgh! PEE already!!!

James: Where is that lamp...?
Carla: James? Why aren't you at work?
James: Erm, I just popped home for some lunch.
Carla: Right. I'm going to go and have a shower.
James: Good, okay, where is that damn lamp?
Carla: Pardon?
James: Nothing...

James: Michelle Persine...
James: Mother, what???

James: I can't believe...
Pete: James! Are you okay?
James: Erm, yeh, fine, thanks, got to, erm, go. Bye!
Pete: Err, okay, bye then.

James: She's her mum...

Rebecca: Finally!
Rebecca: Oh my...
Rebecca: Positive!
- Rebecca is crying.

Amanda: Now, come into the kitchen and sit yourself down. I'll get you a cup of tea.
Lucas: Why are you doing this?
Amanda: Because I'm helping you out.
Lucas: I only want tea. Nothing stronger.
Amanda: Milk and 2 sugars it is then.

Amanda: And some vodka on the side...

Matt: Hi Amy.
Amy: What do you want? Here to apologise?
Matt: Yes, actually.
Amy: Typical.
Matt: Amy, I'm sorry you and Rebecca don't get on, but don't take it out on me.
Amy: You always come and clean up her mess.
Matt: I'm her husband.
Amy: And my brother!

Matt: I know, Amy, but I need to choose one or the other.
Amy: Who's it going to be?
Matt: You. Rebecca has never really loved me, never.
Amy: Finally, you come to your senses.
Matt: But you need to come home.

Amy: I don't have a home anymore. It died, along with my best friend. And my husband.
Matt: Don't, Amy. Don't go back there.
Amy: Matt, how do I know you won't just go home, and Rebecca will say its good you left me here?
Matt: Because I'm not abandoning you. I'm your brother. And you need to trust me.
Amy: I can't Matt... I just can't.
Matt: I'm going back to my house. If you want to come back, you're welcome.

Lucas: I feel funny...
Amanda: Good. Now, up we go...
Lucas: Wha, what do you mean, up?
Amanda: To my bedroom, silly!
Lucas: Pardon?
Amanda: Come on Lucas. You always wanted me before. Why've you changed?
Lucas: Be... Cause I d, did.
Amanda: Time to go upstairs now... honey.

Sometimes things go wrong.
Sometimes your plans don't work out.

Sometimes you fall for traps,
Or set the traps that dig you into holes you cannot get out of alive.

Sometimes things just fall into place,
But at the wrong time for you, and those around you, are those that you must escape.

Judge: Charge of 26 counts of murder.
Jury: Guilty.
Judge: Attempted act of terrorism with intent to kill.
Jury: Guilty.
Judge: 12 counts of manslaughter.
Jury: Guilty.

Nicholas: Please, no...
Nicholas: I can't die in prison... please...

In those times, you need those closest to you to help.
But if you drive them away, you're in for hard times.