Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 16 - No Love Lost

Amanda: Dad?
Charles: Hello, Amanda.

Amanda: What...
Maddie: Donte, get my dad a drink please.
Amanda: Why are you here?
Charles: Why do you think? To see my daughters.
Maddie: Come on dad, into the office.

Mark: Someone's coming!
Olivia: Damn it. Hide!
Mark: But...
Olivia: Get under the desk, idiot!

Donte: Why is your father here?
Maddie: I bought him.
Donte: Why didn't you tell me?
Maddie: I didn't want you worrying about what would happen.
Donte: But now I'm worrying!
Maddie: Look, I've got bigger problems to deal with. Like my sister.
Donte: Mark's here too. Somewhere.
Maddie: Oh no. That'll be a nightmare.
Donte: Why?
Maddie: They haven't seen each other in 14 years.

Amanda: Why are you here?
Charles: If you haven't forgotten, it's my daughters wedding.
Amanda: So you come to her wedding but not...
Charles: What? Not yours? You got married in Las Vegas for God's sake!
Amanda: I was young, dad.
Charles: Don't you forget it. At least your sisters found a man.
Amanda: For your information, my boyfriend is missing, presumed dead! Not that we really hit it off...
Charles: That's adultery.
Amanda: You'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

Donte: Amanda's married?
Maddie: When she was 18 she got married to her childhood sweetheart in Vegas.
Donte: Shouldn't Lucas have known that?
Maddie: Well, it never happened, did it? No harm done.
Donte: I never had your sister down as marriage material.
Maddie: No-one did. Especially since he's now in jail and she can't contact him to get a divorce.
Donte: Wow. She does know how to pick 'em.
Maddie: I'm going in there.
Donte: No. Come and get a drink, and let them talk.

Carla: Why are you back here?
James: I need to talk to you.
Carla: About what?
James: Our marriage.
Carla: What about it?
James: Did you ever love me?
Carla: What? Of course I did.
James: Did?
Carla: Still do.
James: Carla, don't lie to me.

Carla: What do you take me for?
James: You never loved me. Ever.
Carla: So, you make up that I never loved you, yet I married you, just because I'm infertile.
James: You didn't marry me to make a decent family, or for my good looks.
Carla: But I loved you. Once. Now you're just a heartless mess. You don't deserve my love.
James: Did you really love me? Or did you just marry me for my money?

Rebecca: Some fight going on in the club.
Amy: That's nice.
Rebecca: Why'd you leave?
Amy: I couldn't take it.
Rebecca: Dan?
Amy: No.
Rebecca: Well, I know what'll solve your problems.
Amy: Why are you being so nice?
Rebecca: Because, Matt thinks that you should start again. Move on.
Amy: What do you mean?
Rebecca: We're giving you the money to buy your own place.

Amy: Pardon?
Rebecca: You can buy your own place, start living again. It'll be perfect for you.
Amy: How dare you? How dare you?
Rebecca: What did I do?
Amy: How dare you come here all pretty and sweet, to buy me out!
Rebecca: But Matt said...
Amy: Matt said? Did he? Or did you just put it all in his head.
Rebecca: I'm going back out.
Amy: Dan worked in the army. He had a will. I have enough money to buy a house. I don't need yours.
Rebecca: Why are you here then?
Amy: Why are you?

Carla: Pardon?
James: You heard me. There was no other reason to marry me.
Carla: I don't believe you. Coming back in here and accusing me of gold-digging?
James: I should've known.
Carla: Get out James. Just get out.
James: You aren't in charge of this club.
Carla: No? But Tim is.
James: You know what Carla? When I met you, your father protected you. Whenever I got close, some other big man stopped me. Go off with your big man and leave me be. Go!

Carla: What did I ever see in you?
James: That's what I want to know.

Maddie: Dad? Is everything alright?
Amanda: Yeh, everything's perfect, sis. Charles is just leaving.
Charles: Not even Dad anymore?
Maddie: Erm, where's he going to go?
Amanda: Back to whatever hole he came from.
Charles: Oh, thanks.
Maddie: You can stay with me and Donte, Dad.

Maddie: Can't he, Donte?
Donte: Erm, yes, Maddie. Where're your things?
Maddie: In my car.
Donte: Oh, okay...

Amanda: I don't believe you Mads.
Maddie: He's my father. And yours too.
Amanda: Not anymore. I left him behind when I was 18.
Maddie: How's he doing again?
Amanda: Don't, Maddie. Don't be like him.
Maddie: You should give him a chance.
Amanda: Give Mark one then.
Maddie: That's different. And you know it.

Charles: Donte's ready, Maddie.
Maddie: I'm going now. Donte will stay with you here, until the club closes.
Amanda: I can look after myself, you know.
Maddie: Yes, sure you can.
Amanda: Go back to your luxury mayoral penthouse and play happy families with your father, Maddie.
Maddie: See you tomorrow. I might pop back later though.
Charles: Yes, see you tomorrow.
Amanda: No, I will not see you tomorrow. Charles.

James: Who's that over there?
Pete: Oh, hi James. What happened over...?
James: Don't ask. But please, never get married to a woman who doesn't love you.
Pete: Ouch. Why don't you go and talk to your brother?
James: Brother?
Pete: Yeh. Jon's over there. That is who you were asking about, isn't it?
James: Erm, yeh. Thanks mate.
Pete: You're welcome. Hey, James.
James: Yeh?
Pete: Stay cool. Don't get all ruffled.

Jon: So, you did decide to notice me.
James: Jon?
Jon: Hello James.
James: Why are you here?
Jon: To see the town my brother lives in.
James: Jon, you never do something unless it benefits you.
Jon: Shame you know me too well.
James: Where are you staying?
Jon: I got here half an hour ago.

James: You've got nowhere to stay?
Jon: No.
James: Typical of you, isn't it?
Jon: Dunno.
James: Look, you can stay in the b and b down the road, and I'll pay up tomorrow.
Jon: What?
James: You aren't staying with me. You can leave again tomorrow.
Jon: Hold on, you aren't throwing me out when I've only just got here.

James: Jon, I don't want you here. It's hard enough with Carla at the moment anyway.
Jon: Carla?
James: Yes, you know, my wife?
Jon: You're still with her? After everything that happened?
James: You can try and separate us all you want. You can sleep with her all you want.
Jon: That's in the past.
James: I know. So why are you here, if not to split us up?
Jon: I need a fresh start.
James: Let me guess, you got thrown out of your flat again?
Jon: No. Look, leave me to have a quiet drink, will you?
James: Gladly.

Amanda: Ah, Marco, Tina. Glad you could come.
Tina: Is this your party?
Amanda: No, but my future brother-in-law owns the club and my neighbour is a good friend of mine.
Tina: Interesting.
Amanda: This club is newly-built too.
Marco: After the flood, I guess.
Amanda: Erm, yes. Come through and I'll get the host.
Marco: Thanks, Amanda.

Tina: What do you think?
Marco: She's trying too hard.
Tina: Definitely. But do you want to stay here?
Marco: I don't know. Maybe in the morning we'll look around town a bit more.
Tina: I get the feeling there's tension.
Marco: Maybe it's because we saw Maddie and what looked like her father earlier?
Tina: Good point.

Michelle: Who are they?
Amanda: Old school friends. They're looking to move to a new town, and I suggested here.
Michelle: Married?
Amanda: No! But if you and your dad could come over and say hi, that'd be great.
Michelle: Are you scared of them?
Amanda: No way! They're just pretty high up in their careers.
Michelle: What do they do?
Amanda: They work in business and retail, quite high up.
Michelle: I'll get dad now. You go and get them some drinks.

Marco: Where are we staying again?
Tina: In some flats over the road. You'll see them later.
Marco: Is this it? The party's hosted by a bold guy and his daughter?
Tina: Marco, they're coming over.
Marco: Look, Tina, if this is what this town has to offer, it's not right for me.
Tina: Give some things a chance Marco...

Amanda: Maddie! You did come back.
Maddie: Dad's settling in, so I thought I'd come along and see how things are.
Amanda: Things are going well. And Donte's out back, so you can go and see him there.
Maddie: Is that...
Amanda: Marco and Tina, yes.
Maddie: Why are they here?
Amanda: They're looking to move here.
Maddie: Oh, okay. Well, I'll go see Donte.

Maddie: Oh, Donte, hi.
Donte: Maddie how's your dad?
Maddie: He's settling into the guest room now. But you need to make a speech in a minute.
Donte: Oh, okay.
Maddie: Come here, honey.

Donte: Lucas?
Lucas: What the hell is going on here?
Amanda: Lucas...
Maddie: Lucas???