Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 13 - Reunion

Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we need to see death in the flesh, and count the scars. Sometimes, we need the Truth.

James: My new home.

James: Hello? Yes, I did receive your phone call earlier. Yes? Well, I'll be round now. Okay, good bye.

Carla: My new home.

Carla: Hello? Yes, I did receive your call yesterday. Really? Okay, I'll be over now.

Nicholas: Madeleine. I know you're in there.
Officer: Look, sir, the Governor has got no records of a meeting with Montague Sinclair today. I'm sorry, but you can't go in.
Nicholas: Just tell her butler that Mr Sinclair is here for his meeting about Forsythe Manor. Okay?
Officer: Yes, certainly.
- The Officer talks quietly with the butler, and they both scurry inside.
Nicholas: Well, this is just great.

Maddie: Forsythe Manor, hey? Send him up.
Officer: Erm, will you not be getting out, madam Governor?
Maddie: He is a 70-odd year old man, isn't he?
Officer: I'll bring him up in 5 minutes then, madam.
Maddie: Thank you.

Maddie: So, what do you want?
Nicholas: I want to know why, and how, you were elected Governor. Although half the town calls you Mayoress...
Maddie: Nicholas, with you "dead", and no one else wanting to do the job of rescuing Oasis Valley from not just a global recession, but also a major terrorist incident, and the commercial troubles afterwards, I was the only choice.
Nicholas: What political knowledge do you have?
Maddie: I went to England for half a year. I studied in Westminster, and then got some basic degrees from political institutes. That was my side of the deal complete. Then Washington did its bit.
Nicholas: Well done, I must admit. You've done well. Now I can take over.
Maddie: Pardon?
Nicholas: I am still the elected Governor. I'm in charge.
Maddie: Actually, you were elected Mayor and Governor of Ollingdale 40 years ago, by a group of men who were shot the one time they voted for someone else. And you were sacked when I took over.

Nicholas: You tricked me.
Maddie: You came of your own accord. I didn't make you come, did I?
Nicholas: Where are they?
Maddie: Right behind you.

Nicholas: You'll pay for this.
Maddie: Take him away, boys.
Nicholas: I'll get you for this... Littlewood!!!
Maddie: Yes, sure you will.

Amanda: Hello?
Maddie: Hey sis.
Amanda: Erm, Maddie, this isn't a good time.
Maddie: Why...
- Mark is in the lounge, and Maddie hears him
Maddie: Oh no.
Amanda: Look, I'm sorry; he had nowhere else to go.
Maddie: After last time, I thought you'd think twice before letting him in.
Amanda: He's moved on from those days. Look at him.
Maddie: I can't. Not after last time.
Amanda: Please, Maddie...
Maddie: No, Amanda.

Donte: Okay, thank you. Yes, Mr Harrison. That's okay. Thank you, really.
I will go up to the estate tomorrow. Thank you.

Donte: Driver, stop here.
Driver: Mr Penning, this is the Le-Manuel Estate. Why do you want to get out here?
Donte: It's the address I've been given. Why?
Driver: This is the most criminalised part of the state, sir.
Donte: Look, if he's here, I have to find him.
- The driver pulls over in an alleyway.
Driver: Whatever.
Donte: Thank you.
- Donte gets out, and the driver locks the doors and drives off in a hurry.
Donte: Hey!
Man: Looking for someone hey?

Donte: Yes, yes I am.
Man: Who?
Donte: My brother, Lucas. Do you know him?
Man: Who's askin'?
Donte: His brother, idiot.
Man: You callin' me an idiot???
Donte: N... No.
Man: You mocking me?
Donte: No, I just want to find my brother, Lucas.

Donte: Hang on...
Man: What?
Donte: Lucas?
Man: Who?
Donte: You, Lucas? My brother! Lucas?
Lucas: What do you want?
Donte: Lucas? I thought you were dead... We all did.
Lucas: Well, I'm not, am I?
Donte: Thank God.
Lucas: Well? What are you here for?
Donte: I needed to know...

Lucas: What? That I wasn't dead? That you didn't need to worry about who you spend your cash on?
Donte: Huh?
Lucas: I've seen her on the news. I've heard you two swan around town together.
Donte: You mean... Maddie.
Lucas: Who the hell else? What, you got her sister on your arm too?
Donte: I don't understand you. I didn't recognise you before I knew who you were, and I still don't recognise you now. You've changed.
Lucas: That's what happens.
Donte: I never got the answer to this question, and I need to know, now. What led you to suicide?
Lucas: You did.

Donte: No. No I didn't. You did. You had no hope.
Lucas: If you already knew the answer, why come and find me? Or maybe so you don't have to worry about me wanting to buy penthouses?
Donte: I don't buy penthouses - I bought one house..
Lucas: I have no money. No "manor house", no business, no life. Now just go back to your magnificent one, and leave me alone.
Donte: My door is always open. Visit me.
Lucas: So was the doctors, but it never helped!
- Donte walks away to his chauffeured car, which has turned up again. He gets in, and speeds off.

Amanda: Maddie, please. Don't ignore me.
Maddie: You let that man into your house! How can I trust you again?
Amanda: He's your brother too, remember?
Maddie: No he's not.
Amanda: How can you say that?
Maddie: He's a criminal!
Amanda: Just because he's an ex con doesn't mean he's still bad.
Maddie: I gave up on him years ago. I hate him.
Amanda: But Maddie, he's changed...
Maddie: You can't prove that. Look, if he bails on you, or gets you into trouble, don't expect me to help out.
Amanda: Mark...
Maddie: Yes, Mark, who do you...

Mark: So, that's what you think of me.
Amanda: Look, Mark...
Mark: No! Let's hear her out.
Maddie: Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Once a criminal, always a criminal.
Mark: You're so bitter. Lighten up, Maddie.
Maddie: And you're such a selfish man, you should still be a child.
Mark: Talk about being hypocrite.
Amanda: Guys! Stop fighting.

Mark: You haven't seen me in 7 years, you never replied to my prison requests, and you didn't even tell your own sister I was let out of prison!
Amanda: You knew?
Mark: Of course she did. She was my next of kin when mum disowned me.
Maddie: Well, we don't talk about mum anymore.
Mark: Why not?
Amanda: She's dead!
Maddie: They still don't know who killed her, though.
Amanda: Someone who wanted money. From Dad.
Maddie: That's someone else I want to hear things from.
Mark: Well, one thing is for sure, you'd be the only one to hear from him.
Maddie: Have a good day.
- Maddie steps into her car, and the driver speeds off.

Amanda: Can't you just leave her alone?
Mark: She deserves it.
Amanda: At this rate, you'll get us both kicked off the wedding list.
Mark: Wedding?

Doctor: So, Mr Persine, welcome back.
Pete: Thanks. Have you got my results?
Doctor: Yes, I do. Now, let's not beat around the bush, I'll tell you now.
Pete: Am I clear?
Doctor: Yes. Your chemotherapy worked. At the moment, you have no cancer cells in your lung.
Pete: Yes! Oh god, thank you doc, thank you, so much.
Doctor: Now, we still need to do some secondary checks on the rest of your body, to make sure, but you should be okay.
Pete: That's brilliant, thank you.
Doctor: Now, go back to your daughter, and tell her the good news.

Pete: I will, doc, thank you, thank you so much.
Doctor: No problem. It's my job.

Matt: I don't know, Rebecca.
Rebecca: About what?
Matt: Amy.
Rebecca: Oh, finally, you've come to your senses.
Matt: What are you on about?
Rebecca: Well, it's obvious she's using you.
Matt: Really?
Rebecca: Yes! You just didn't know it. But now you do, you can throw her out, can't you?
Matt: What? No!

Matt: She's my sister! I can't throw her out. I just... don't know what she'll do now.
Rebecca: I can't believe you.
Matt: She has no job, lives with us, and is still recovering from losing her best friend, let alone her husband.
Rebecca: Do I look like I care?

James: When do you want to try again?
Carla: I don't know...
James: But you said you wanted kids. And I really want them.
Carla: But we've been trying for over 10 months now.
James: There's been so much stress, moving house, new job, new life, you probably can't conceive with all that going on..
Carla: James, I just don't know...
James: I've got a job now, a home, we've settled into our town now, and we don't have any creepy people following us around!
Carla: James!

James: Carla? What's wrong?
Carla: I went to see the doctor, okay?
James: But... Why?
Carla: I want babies too, you know, but it's not going to happen.
James: Why not?
Carla: I... I can't have kids!
James: You mean...
Carla: Yes. I'm infertile.

Carla: James! Where are you going?
James: Out.
Carla: Out where?
James: For a walk, okay?
- The front door slams.
Carla: Honey...

Facing the end of the line, facing death, is hard. But watching helplessly as someone else loses the battle is much, much harder. Luck. Hope. Dreams. It's the only way.
But one extra, that is always forgotten, is Forgiveness.