Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 12 - The Anniversary

1 town. 1 story. Ollingdale is back.

-Donte Penning is at the launch of his new nightclub, the Grreen Room.
Donte: Now, Ollingdale has had a hard time these last 2 years. But this new nightclub will give the residents the new fun and relaxation they need. Ollingdale, I give you, the Grreen Room!

- The trumpets echo around the town square. The organiser talks over a megaphone.
Organiser: Now we will hear from Governor Littlewood, as she talks about the future of our town, on this sorrowful day.

Governor: Today, as you all know, is the first anniversary of the Ollingdale Flood.
I think I talk for everyone here, when I say, It's time to reflect on what's happened over the past 2 years to this town and the residents. We're still looking for the cruel individual who killed your friends, family and neighbours. Everyday we will look, until they are found.
Ollingdale needs you, and me, and everyone else to pull together. We have rebuilt our town, and it's now time to rebuild our lives. We need to move on.
We all need to look at our future, and what lies ahead. We are from Oasis Valley, from Massachusetts, from America, and we will always, always stand united in the face of trouble and danger!
- The crowd cheer around the memorial site.

Governor: Thank you.
Aide: Who was that?
Governor: Someone who just told me we've found our terrorist.

Governor: ... in the face of trouble and danger!
- The TV is switched off.
Rebecca: What a looney. Giving a speech like that at a memorial ceremony.
Matt: Well, she is kinda hot.
Rebecca: She's engaged!
Matt: According to O.K USA!
Rebecca: Oh, forget it.
-Someone knocks at the door
Matt: Oh, that's probably Amy.

Rebecca: Fine. You go and get her stuff in.
Matt: She has no stuff. She's been living in a motel for the last year. Remember?
Rebecca: Why is she moving in here again?
Matt: Her house was destroyed in the flood, just like ours.
Rebecca: Except we lived further out of town.
Matt: But when a reservoir blows up, everywhere around it gets destroyed!
Rebecca: Just open the bleeding door...

Amy: Matt!
Matt: Sis!
Amy: Rebecca.
Rebecca: Your room is down the hall, the bathroom is on your left and the kitchen is right next to me.
Amy: Good afternoon to you too. Matt, can you bring in my clothes?
Matt: Okay. Have you paid the cab?
Amy: Umm...
Rebecca: Just as I remember you. Except you weren't a blonde!
Amy: I changed my hairstyle. It's a new me.
Matt: It suits you.
Rebecca: Yes. It really does!

Michelle: Hey, Dad, can I go see Survivors at the cinema?
Pete: Sure.
Michelle: Are you paying?
- Pete comes into the room
Pete: Look, I'm trying to save up for your college fees.
Michelle: But I'm not going to that posh college in... England!
Pete: But it's the best thing for you! And anyway, England's not that bad.
Michelle: Did you see that place last summer? There were twisters in July! By the sea! And snow! In February!
Pete: You're going to England. And paying to see the film yourself too.

Pete: Honey. Honey! Don't run off!
Michelle: Dad...
Pete: Yes?
Michelle: Haven't you got more important things to do? Like go to your check-up?
Pete: Erm...

Donte: So, how do you like the new club, Mr Harrison?
Mr Harrison: Well, I have to say, this is remarkably busy. Hopefully you can keep it up.
Donte: I'm sure we can. Now, how do we settle this... thing?
Mr Harrison: Your brother has gone off the radar before. You saw him alive after the flood, didn't you? He's our there somewhere. And don't you worry, we're the best investigators this side of the Mississippi - we'll find Lucas.
Donte: Thank you. Now, if you'd excuse me.
Mr Harrison: Of course.

Donte: Hey, darling. It's sorted. Yes. They'll find him. I'll see you at home. Great speech earlier, by the way.

Nicholas: Right then. Let's get this over with.
Taxi Driver: Hey, mate, do you wanna cab?
Nicholas: Yes please. Ollingdale Lake Manor. Pronto.
Taxi Driver: Ya what? That place was bulldozed last year, after the flood.
Nicholas: Okay then... Ollingdale Boulevard Manor. I'm sure she'll be glad to see me.
Taxi Driver: Are you sure? That's the Guv'nors temporary place!
Nicholas: Just drive you peasant... How the hell can you afford a car like this when you speak like that?
Taxi Driver: I found it, after t' flood!

Amanda: Now that was one good episode of Sim Street. Boy, I could watch him get shot so often, the DVD would break!
- Someone knocks at the door
Amanda: Huh? Who is it?
Man: Open the door and find out.

Amanda: Mark?
Mark: The one and only!
Amanda: Aren't you meant to be in prison still?
Mark: I got out a year ago. It took me this long to find you.
Amanda: But...
Mark: Just, let me stay one night.
Amanda: Okay. One night. But that's it, okay?

One year on, only the survivors can contemplate what happened, and what could have been. But for the actions of one person, the town would have remained the same, and lives would have continued as normal. But there is always one...