Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 11 - Merry Christmas

In this world, you can try your hardest and get nowhere. Because you have no power.
In this world, those who have power can ruin lives; even destroy them, with the flick of a switch.
In this world, there are no winners.
Only losers.

Amy Henderson. The lost lass who's seen too much.
Radio: Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Amy: Yes. What a merry Christmas indeed.

Radio: ... underneath the mistletoe, we'll kiss by candle light...
Amy: What a marvellous kiss, too.
Radio: Ohhhh, snow is falling...
Amy: All around me, alone.

Madeleine Littlewood, the girl who's seen it all before.
Donte Penning, living the rich man's world.
Radio: ... We're gonna have a party tonight...
Donte: Ohh... A party...
Maddie: Really? A lovely, Christmas... party?
Donte: Ohh, yes indeed...
Maddie: Sounds great...
Radio: That was a Christmas hit, Snow is Falling. Coming up next, a new chart hit from...
- The radio is turned off.

Donte: Let's take it upstairs...
Maddie: Come on, then...

Amanda Littlewood, the girl who feels the effects of her actions...
Amanda: Urgh, snow is fallin...
Amanda: All around...
Amanda: Mary, Merry Christ...
- She runs to the toilet.

Amy: My first Christmas. Without...
- Gunshot outside, she runs to the window.
Amy: Dan! Dan! No... Dan...
Amy: How could you? Father... How could you?
Amy: Why...
- She starts sobbing...

Donte: Oh, Maddie...
Maddie: Yes?
Donte: What about...
Maddie: Look, Amanda said she'd be alright.
Donte: I mean, Lucas.
Donte: He's been missing since the flood.

Maddie: Donte, it's been months. Almost a year.
Donte: And with you going to London next week...
Maddie: I need this job! The town needs me to get this job.
Donte: But I need you here, with me.
Maddie: Donte. He's been gone for ages, and he hated this place anyway. Its better he's gone.
Donte: How can you say that? He also dated your sister.
Maddie: Barely. She was too busy sleeping with Dan Henderson.
Donte: They had a spark, and you know it.

Maddie: Exactly. Had a spark.
Donte: How do I get through to you?
Maddie: I'm like my dad. Stubborn.
Donte: I'm going to check on the club.
Maddie: I'll see you, later.

Amanda: What do you want?
Caller: I need to speak to you.
Amanda: Go away. Leave me be.
Caller: It's Christmas! You're obviously on your own.
Amanda: Wow, you know my life story.
Caller: From what I've heard, you've been the wreck of the new town.
Amanda: So, you've been checking up on me, too?
Caller: I can't help it.
Amanda: Who are you?
Caller: You know me.
Amanda: No. I don't know you at all.
- Amanda hangs up

Amanda: Merry Christmas, Amanda.
Person: Merry Christmas.
Amanda: What? You?

Nicholas Forsythe. The cheater of death...
Nicholas: Room Service? Yes, please.
Massager: È questa bene, signore?
Nicholas: Yes, it is good.
- The phone rings, Nicholas stands up and walks over to his bed.
Nicholas: Hello?
Caller: Nicholas, it's me.
Nicholas: What do you want?
Caller: you know what I want.
Nicholas: Try all you like. You won't find me.
Caller: You killed her. You killed all of them.
Nicholas: I'm gone. I died in the flood. I had nothing to do with it, remember?
Caller: Not when the police knock on your door, in room 59, Roma Vista, Roma Square, Italy.
Nicholas: How...
- Knock on the door.
Man: Polizia!

James and Carla, unlucky in friends, unlucky in enemies.
James: Honey, have you packed the clothes?
Carla: Yes, I have.
James: Honey, have you packed the shower gel?
Carla: Yes, I have.
James: Honey...
Carla: Just! Get in the car, and drive! And we're going in the car with the boot, right?
James: Yes, I'm just checking the Lexus.

Carla: How long until we get to the airport?
James: An hour.
Carla: What? We're only going to Heathrow!
James: It's nearly rush hour. It'll take us ages to get onto the M25.
Carla: Why did we move to a town in Massachusetts? That floods, as I recall!
James: Why did you leave me in America, and come back to London? Anyway, what happpeened was a terrorist act.
Carla: Ehh... And they still haven't found out who did it.
James: They think it could have been Nicholas Forsythe, from down the road?
Carla: He died, didn't he?

James: That's what they think.
Carla: What do you mean?
James: He's probably not dead. He just... I mean, he probably just wanted revenge.
Carla: James...
James: Honey, when do you want to stop for tea?
Carla: Erm, 2 miles.
James: Okay, good. Is pizza okay?
Carla: Yeh, sure...

January 21st, 2009.

When disaster strikes, everyone pulls together.
Enemies, friends, no matter whom. When things go wrong, people rally together. It's human nature.
Amy: It's good to be back.
Maddie: Friends and family, reunited.
Donte: Not all of us.
Maddie: Honey, they'll find him, I know they will.
Amy: Your brother is out there, I'm sure of it.
Donte: Yes, I hope you're right.
Amy: At least you have a new life, with Maddie, and the club.
Amanda: Yeh, great life.

Maddie: Look, 'manda, can't you just get over us being happy?
Amanda: No, I can't. Because I get left out in the cold. Don't I?
Maddie: No way! Not at all! Isn't that right, Donte?
- Donte looks across to Amy, and sighs.
Maddie: Donte??
Amanda: See what I mean, sis?
Donte: Sure, whatever.
Amanda: Get over yourself.
- She storms out, and Amy follows.

Amy: You think everyone should respect you, for what you lost in the flood?
Amanda: Huh?
Amy: Well it ain't happening. What did you lose? Hey?
Amanda: Uhh...
Amy: Exactly! Nothing. You mope around all day long, and you lost nothing. You got it easy!
Amanda: What do you mean?
Amy: I lost my husband! I lost my best friend! I saw my husband get shot! And you think you deserve sympathy! Well, I'm here to say you aren't getting it!
Amanda: I'm... I'm sorry.
Amy: And you know the worst part? Who was the last person he slept with?
Amanda: Me.
Amy: Yes you, bitch!

Sometimes we lose it. Sometimes, it all goes wrong.
All we need a pick-me-up.
Well, sometimes, it never happens, even in the close-knit town of Ollingdale.
So just forget it. It's only Christmas. Don't expect miracles.