Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 10 - Blood Water

James: We let you into our home. We trusted you!
Carla: Why'd you do it, Paula? Why?
James: She did it to hack us off and make us look like laughing stocks in the town!
Carla: James, no one has found out yet.
James: Yet! Exactly. What if someone does discover we had a druggie prostitute in our home!
Paula: I am here you know!

Carla: How long have you been using?
Paula: It all started when I was 15. 20 years ago. My boyfriend was a bad nut, and he got me hooked. I couldn't escape. 5 years later, he was in rehab and dumped me when he came out clean.
James: Why didn't you go into rehab with him?
Paula: I couldn't. Then I got desperate, and met him. He offered me a place to stay, and he gave me what I needed. Drugs and money.
Carla: So you became a prostitute.
Paula: Yes. Then he forged my qualifications, and got me a job where you work, after police tried to get me to confess as to who my supplier was and who was the prostitute ringleader.

James: Get out.
Carla: What?
James: You heard. Get out.
Paula: It's alright.
Carla: She can stay! Get clean?
James: I'm not having someone as dirty as her in my home.
Paula: I'll go.

- Paula runs out the house, just as the sun comes over the hills
James: Don't ever come back!
Carla: What about her clothes?
James: Burn them.
Carla: To think, we trusted her.
James: I know.

Carla: I hope she get's out of town before the others spot her running around town like that.
James: I'll see her off.
Carla: Good.
James: I'll get the car and follow her over the bridge.
Carla: I'll get breakie ready.
James: Thanks.

Amanda: And we sat down, watched the film, and he was just gross the whole way through it!
Maddie: Amanda...
Amanda: I know, He gets a date with the best chick in town and behaves like a woodlouse. Ugh!
Maddie: Amanda! How can you think about a date when our mother just died!
Amanda: Oh, sis, I know you were close but life moves on.

Maddie: I'm outta here.
Amanda: Maddie, I'm sorry, it's my fault...
Maddie: It sure is!

- Donte is on the phone, Lucas is cleaning up in the kitchen
Donte: Yes. Okay. Really?
Lucas: What is it?
Donte: Wow.
Lucas: Wo is it?
Donte: That's brilliant. Thank you so much.
Lucas: What?

Donte: That was the estate agent.
Lucas: Have we sold the flat?
Donte: Yes. For 500 grand!
Lucas: We can pay off the debts!
Donte: More than that. We're rich!

- The Littlewoods are talking on their balcony.
Amanda: I'm sorry.
Maddie: I know. I over reacted. Life moves on, I know.
Amanda: Did you say she was murdered?
Maddie: Yes.
Amanda: Did she have a will?
Maddie: What does it...

Amanda: What?
Maddie: How did that 'aunt' die?
Amanda: I don't know, and why should I?
Maddie: You killed them, didn't you?
Amanda: What? How on earth can you accuse me of that?

Amanda: I never thought you'd think so lowly of me. Ever.
Maddie: I'm sorry. I...
Amanda: We seem to be full of apologies right now, don't we?
Maddie: It's just...
Amanda: I'm going to bed. Good night!


- Amanda is relaxing on her bed, when ashe hears a knock on the door.
Amanda: Here to say sorry?
Maddie: Can I come in?
Amanda: Go on then.

Maddie: I don't take back what I said.
Amanda: Oh.
Maddie: Because I meant it.
Amanda: Really?
Maddie: Yes.
Amanda: Not the world's best apology.
Maddie: How else would you inherit this house?

Amanda: Erm, she died and I was in her will?
Maddie: No. You killed her.
Amanda: Evidence?
Maddie: Yes.
Amanda: What?
Maddie: Dad. He saw the 2 bodies. In the morgues.
Amanda: He did?
Maddie: Yes. And they both had long-range bullet marks in the face. Straight through to the brain.
Amanda: You cow.
Maddie: So you did do it?

- Amy is being forced into Dan's car, near the airport.
Amy: I'm going to miss my flight!
Dan: No you're not.
Amy: You're freeing me?
Dan: No. You're going to go home, not miss some flight to Canada.
Amy: If you don't love me, you will let me go!
Dan: You're my puppet now.

Dan: You'll do as I say, when I say it and how I say it. Understand?
Amy: And if I don't...
Dan: You'll die.
Amy: Please...
Dan: Let you go? No.
Amy: But...
Dan: Who's going to save you?
Voice: Me.

Amy: Father Johnstone?
Dan: A priest? Haha... Ha?
Amy: Father, you have a gun...
Father: I know.
Dan: Put it down, God.
Father: When you let her go.
Amy: Father...
Dan: It's a sin to kill, isn't it? You won't shoot.

Father: You want to test me?
Dan: Go on then.
Amy: Dan!
Father: Get out of the way, Amy. Your cheating husband needs some advice.
Dan: And what is that?
Father: Adultery is a deadly sin.
Dan: Oh right? So's murder.
Father: True.
Dan: You can't pull that trigger.
Father: Sure?

Dan: Oh my Gawd...
Father: You test the Lord, feel the wrath.
Dan: My puppet...

Father: I'm sorry it came to this, Amy.
Amy: My husband...
Father: I'll get rid of the body.
Amy: I'll do it.
Father: Are you sure?
Amy: Yes.

That evening...

Amanda: I forgive you.
Maddie: Let's start again.
Amanda: What is that...

Amelia: What is that... it's coming from the lake...

Donte: That sound...
Lucas: It's like an earthquake...

Alfred: I've heard that sound before. The sea is coming.

Alfred: The dam has broken. And the town will be buried again.