Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 9 - Drink Hath no Fury

Pauline: Alfred.
Alfred: You're back. How was Mexico?
Pauline: Erm, ci, it was fine.
Alfred: Well, it's good you're back. Where are your bags?
Pauline: You know terminal 5. Chaos.
Alfred: Okay. I've made some lunch, and the beds warm and...
Pauline: No, no, no. I'm not staying.

Alfred: What? But why? Where are you going?
Pauline: I'm moving out.
Alfred: For good?
Pauline: For good.
Alfred: You can't! I WON'T LET YOU!
Pauline: Tough. You have to.

Alfred: Give me a hug before you go.
Pauline: Okay...
- Alfred punches her back, she collapses
Pauline: What have you done?
Alfred: I'm so sorry. I can't let you go.
Pauline: You, have, to...
Alfred: I WON'T!!!!
- Pauline struggles to stand up, but makes it

Pauline: You have to let me go. Because you caused this.
Alfred: How?
Pauline: You turned away from your beautiful daughter, so you turned your back on me. And our marriage.
Alfred: I want you back though!
Pauline: You've lost me. And your family.

Alfred: I'm going inside and when I come back, with your wedding rings you left here, you'll come inside.
Pauline: I'm not promising anything.
Alfred: You don't have to. You're my wife.
Pauline: Goodbye. My darling.

Alfred: Pauline? DON'T LEAVE ME! Please...

Later that day...

Alfred: No customers, 15th day running...
Alfred: Is this worth it? A one-man salon?

10 days later...

Alfred: Thanks boys. This place needs a makeover. And it won't be a salon again...
Builder: It's a shame... Oh well. Maybe someone else could rent it, turn it into something good.
Alfred: And my salon wasn't good? Don't answer that.
Builder: In it's heyday.

Paula: You took your time. Thankfully, the idiots that let me stay here aren't back yet.
Man: Where'd they go?
Paula: Don't ask me.
Man: Did you know they answered the door?
Paula: They did...!

James: Who were you waiting for?
Paula: Ohh..
James: Yes. Your friend never arrived. Well, never came through the door.
Paula: Look...
James: Save it. We aren't such big idiots that we'd let a junkie through the door of our home.
Paula: Please, I need the cash!
James: You're sicker and dirtier than I thought.
Paula: I've got nowhere to go!

Paula: I have nothing. He turned me out onto the streets, sacked me, and gave me no money, nothing. I have to live. I had no car, no food, no drink. So I stole a car, and sneaked here. I knew where you lived because it was on company records.
New Voice: What records?

James: Our guest has something she wants to tell you. Don't you, Paula?
Carla: What is it?
Paula: I'm a...
James: She's using our house as a prostitution hideout.
Carla: What? You're a prostitute?
Paula: I'm so sorry.
Carla: I can't believe it. Why?
James: She needed her next hit.
Carla: You're on drugs too?
Paula: I...

Amanda: What is your problem sis? All I did was go and see Lucas!
Maddie: You know he's trouble. First, you go behind Amy's back and sleep with Dan, now this!
Amanda: We had lunch!
Maddie: At the pub! With vodka involved!
Amanda: So? 2 glasses?
Maddie: That's enough. I'm sorry.
Amanda: You should be. You overreact about everything.

Nicholas: How's it going along?
Mystery Man: The final shipment arrived in dock yesterday.
Nicholas: How long?
Man: We're a few days away from completion.
Nicholas: Good.
Man: Sorry about the delay in the last goods shipment. Government got too close.
Nicholas: Doesn't matter. How much do I have to pay you?
Man: 200,000 dollars after the mission is completed. 50,000 today.
Nicholas: Here.
- He passes a cheque over.

Man: Thank you.
Nicholas: When's the flight back to England?
Man: 2 days.
Nicholas: Fine. Say thanks to the boys.
Man: I will.

Pauline: Nicholas?
- She hides behind a hedge when she sees the men talking
Pauline: What is he doing?

- The man walks off; Pauline walks up, pretending she didn't see the man.
Pauline: Darling, the County Chief wants a word. He's on the phone now.
Nicholas: Err... okay. Tell him I'll be one minute.
Pauline: Okay, darling.

Nicholas: Drat. I hope she didn't see me. Because, if she did, I couldn't leave her here.

Maddie: I'll just check my emails...
Maddie: None. That's a shame.
- The phone rings
Maddie: Hello? Oh, hi dad.

Maddie: Yes. Well, I don't really know...
- Amanda is upstairs
Maddie: Excuse me. NO! Sorry about that. It's Amanda. Yes.
Maddie: What about mum?

Maddie: What? No, she can't be! NO!!!!!

Maddie: Amanda. That was dad.
Amanda: Oh. What did he want?
Maddie: It's mum.
Amanda: What about her?
Maddie: She's ...
Amanda: Spit it out!
Maddie: She's dead. Murder.

Near the Airport...

Amy: Why did the taxi drop me off 2 miles from the airport? Nice trees.
Man: You always were a bit weird.
Amy: Who's there?
Man: Guess.
Amy: Father?
Man: 2 left.
Amy: Dan!!!

Dan: At least you haven't forgotten me, sweetheart.
Amy: I can smell you from here.
Dan: You can't shower when you've been kicked out of your own town. Can you?
Amy: I guess not. Can I smell gin?
Dan: What else can I live on? You should be a wine taster. You can smell booze from there.
Amy: I used to come home to it every day.
Dan: Used to? You will do again soon.
Amy: No I won't. My plane is in 3 hours and I will be flying back to Canada.
Dan: Really?

Dan: Because, you have no guts to get on that plane. You are coming home with me.
Amy: No!
Dan: Yes you are!
Amy: Get off me!
Dan: You'll drive the truck, and I'll go get a beer and we'll say nothing more!
Amy: You don't own me!
Dan: Yes I do!
Amy: Let me leave if you really do love me!
Dan: I don't love you! I never did!

2 women, distraught by news of death, or being given a bombshell by their lover.
What's in the future?