Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 8 - Break and Commitment

Phillip: Ah, nice book. Good ending. I'll review it online later.
- The phone rings
Phillip: Ooh, who's that?

Phillip: She's done what? Running away? He's back?
Phillip: Oh no. We were just getting somewhere though. Well, thanks for ringing me Amelia.
Phillip: 7 sessions work down the drain.

Phillip: Time to catch a worried girl. Taxi! To the airport please. Fast.

Paula: Oh, I'll just have a nap...

November 1998, London Red Light Area

James: You're lucky I picked you up. Especially as winter is drawing on. How much to I owe you?
Paula: Nothing. But how will it work?
James: Every night, you get paid your rates, and a quarter of the money goes to me, each month.
Paula: And you put me up.
James: Yes.
Paula: What about...
James: We have enough dealers round here anyway. They sell cheap.
Paula: Good.

Paula: Thanks.
James: That's fine.
Paula: I really need to get a life.
James: You need the cash. I need you.
Paula: You're right.


Paula: Oh my God. Why have they started again?

Previously in Forsythe Manor...


Pauline: What's in this book?
- Inside, a newspaper article falls out

Maddie: Late night drink?
Amanda: The club's closed so, yeh.
Maddie: Why's it closed?
Amanda: Business troubles. Lack of cash or something.
Maddie: Oh. How's your married man then?
Amanda: I'm not sure anymore.
Maddie: He's only after you for fun. His wife probably never gives it to him.
Amanda: And what do you know about marriage?
Maddie: Nothing. I'll leave you to it.
Amanda: What? Oh.

Amanda: It's you.
Dan: She knows.
Amanda: Do I care about your stupid wife? I'm not someone to talk to for marriage counselling.
Dan: Never said you were. Come here!
Amanda: Not the luxury kiss I normally get.
Dan: She's living nearby!
Amanda: Amy probably knows you're cheating on her by now.
Dan: Cheating?
Amanda: What do you call it then? Friendly contact behind closed doors?
Dan: You're evil.

Amanda: Isn't that why you're here? For naughty fun?
Dan: How dare you! You're a sleeping partner, nothing more!
Amanda: And I control your woohoo button.
Dan: You're a low-lying tart.

Amanda: Why thank you. Now can you get OUTTA MY HOUSE!
Dan: Who's gonna make me?
Amanda: Go get back with your lifeless shell of a wife.
Dan: Are you dumping me?
Amanda: Yes. Yes I am! GET OUT!
- Dan storms out the house.

Maddie: Well done.
Amanda: Never thought you'd say that.
Maddie: Nether did I.
Amanda: Did I do the right thing?
Maddie: He beats his wife. It's no secret. You got out while you still could.
Amanda: Thanks sis.
Maddie: I'm going to have a bath then it's time for Pleasureview.
Amanda: I'll see you down there.

Amanda: I hope you're right sis. Or I'm in deep water. With a wife beater.