Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 7 - Escape or be Caught

Pauline: I'll be 1 minute Nicholas! Hmmm... Where does this door go to?

Pauline: What is this place? He never told me about it.

Pauline: Where am I?

Nicholas: Pauline? Where are you?
Pauline: Oh, I'm err, coming!

- Pauline is thinking
Pauline: What's he got up in that room?

James: So, Paula, why'd you come up to Ollingdale?
Carla: Yeh, you could've just called if you wanted to chat, why'd you go the whole hog and come to us?
Paula: Erm, Well, it started 3 months ago, in our new offices in Southampton...

Southampton, 3 months ago...

- I had just come back from Newcastle, on a business trip, and was behind on paperwork.
Paula: Oh, why didn't I take these up to Newcastle? I'm now 2 weeks behind!

Boss: Hello, Paula, how are you?
Paula: I'm, fine. I've got some work to do, so if you don't mind...
Boss: Sure, what is it?
Paula: The papers.
Boss: What!

Boss: Everyone else finished those weeks ago!
Paula: I know, but with the Newcastle visit, I couldn't finish them in time.
Boss: Not good enough.

Boss: You've had enough chances. You've been warned enough times.
Paula: Please, I need this job!
Boss: Go get another one. You're sacked.
Paula: Please, don't do this to me!

Paula: You made me go up to Newcastle to check on the new offices, and you also expect me to finish work at the same time as others who didn't spend a week away? It's not right.
Boss: Life's not right. Or fair. Get used to it.


- Dan walks around the edge of town, trying to avoid the inhabited houses, and walks past Amelia's cottage.
Dan: I just hope no one saw me around the lake... Oh no.

Dan: Amelia!
Amelia: Dan? What are you doing here? Amy's inside!
Dan: What are you 2 doing 'ere?
Amelia: We, I mean, I live here!
Dan: She's living with you?
Amelia: No, but she'll be out with the drinks in a minute and she won't be happy to see you.
Amy: Amelia, who's out there?
Amelia: Err, no one, talking to the butterflies, you know me.
Dan: Why is she here?
Amelia: She's my friend. But I bet you're back to see a female friend too, aren't you?
Dan: No...
Amelia: Scumbag like you don't deserve wives like her.
Dan: She'd better be back home when I'm back from Ranaville!

Donte: Are you ready?
Lucas: For what?
Donte: You're going home.
Lucas: So that's why you came back!
Donte: Like I'd want to take you home.
Lucas: Of course you would. Life's no fun without me.
Donte: Then why try and take it?
Lucas: That's in the past.
Donte: It was 2 days ago. Get up, and get dressed. I'm going to get some coffee.

Lucas: How was it?
Donte: What?
Lucas: Life without me, what do you think? Your coffee.
Donte: Hospital coffee is as bad as hospital food.
Lucas: Ouch.
Donte: Come on, get in the car.

Donte: Here we are then. I can't believe they said you could drive.
Lucas: You're not exactly up for it, are you?
Donte: I drowned my sorrows.
Lucas: With Maddie, no doubt.
Donte: None other.
Lucas: Love is in the air... Dudududu...
Donte: Get in the house.

Donte: I've changed your room, with the money I got from my promotion.
Lucas: Great.
Donte: How's your new bed then?
Lucas: Fine.
Donte: I'll go make tea.
Lucas: You do that.
Donte: While you sit here and wonder what life is all about, you selfish pig.

Lucas: Am I really a selfish pig? No, I'm a selfish person!

Amelia: So, how was your day?
Amy: I was here all day...
Amelia: Oh, yes, so you were.
Amy: I may be a bit thick, but I know you're hiding something.
Amelia: Don't get upset, but its Dan.
Amy: What about him? Has he been...?
Amelia: No! Nothing like that. He's back.

Amy: Oh no, oh no, oh no, I knew it was too good to be true!
Amelia: Don't get all worked up about it.
Amy: My violent husband is back! How much worse can it get! Hello, taxi please.
Amelia: He's cheating on you.
Amy: Great! I should've known. Yes, 14 Lakeside Terrace, Ollingdale.
Amelia: You can't leave!
Amy: He knows where I am. I've got to start a new life! Without him there to beat me up!
Amelia: Hang up.
Amy: 2 hours?
Amelia: Say no, and stay. Amy?

Amy: And then what? Is his mistress gonna protect me? Huh?
Amelia: Everyone else will.
Amy: How can a bunch of Looney's and old folk stand up to a military strongman?
Amelia: Put the phone on the hook and we'll find out. What do you say?

Amy: I'll take it. I've got to get out of here!