Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 6 - Wake Up and Open the Door

Donte: Why'd you do it?
Donte: What's the point in trying to kill yourself? If you can't do it right.

Lucas: I tried. I failed. I'm good at that.
Donte: Yes, you are. The best failure I know!
Lucas: Here I am, lying on my deathbed, and all you can do is insult me.
Donte: It's my job. You'd do it to me. And you're not dying, because you're talking to me.
Lucas: You're right. Shame, isn't it?

Donte: I've got you a book.
Lucas: 'The book on how to beat suicide' .Sounds fun.
Donte: Considering you jumped 30 feet from a platform, I thought it would be useful.
Lucas: You're so kind. Get out. Now.
Donte: What?
Lucas: You heard. Get out of my room.

Donte: I'll go tell the man who saved your life you don't want to thank him.
Lucas: Oh, could you? It would be a big help.
Donte: Anything for you, brother!
Lucas: Close the door on the way out.
Donte: Don't worry, I will.

Pauline: Nicholas? Open the door please.
Nicholas: Oh. Hello Pauline.
Pauline: Hi. Can you let me in?

Pauline: Don't walk away! I need somewhere. Someone.
Nicholas: Why? You have your husband.
Pauline: I left. He called me a shrivelled old lady.
Nicholas: He called you what?
Pauline: Let me in. Please?

Pauline: Oh, Nicholas. You're my knight.
Nicholas: In shining armour. Thank you, my love.
Pauline: He's going to go berserk.
Nicholas: Who?
Pauline: My husband. I mean my former husband.
Nicholas: Divorce?
Pauline: No! Separation.

Nicholas: So, do you like Sim Brother?
Pauline: Not really. I prefer Pleasureview.
Nicholas: So do I. What time is it on?
Pauline: 10 pm. Tomorrow.
Nicholas: Oh.
Pauline: I know what we could do...

Nicholas: I haven't played this game in years.
Pauline: Neither have I. Not even with Alfred.
Nicholas: No? That's surprising. Then again,
Pauline: Yes. He's not very romantic.
Nicholas: Didn't think so.

Pauline: Oh, Nicholas! You dirty!
Nicholas: Pauline, your husband left some dust down here…
Pauline: Aah!

Carla: I'll have some cheese in mine.
James: Okay.
- Doorbell rings
Carla: Can you get it?
James: Sure.

James: Who is it?
Carla: Open the door to them!
James: I don't know who it is though!
Carla: Open the damn door.
James: Hel... Oh hi.

Carla: Who is it honey?
James: An old friend.
Carla: What? Here?
James: For some reason, yes.
Carla: Aren't you going to let him or her in?
James: Fine then. I will.

James: Hello Paula. What a nice surprise.
Paula: Long time no see. How're things?
James: Well, we've only just moved in.
Paula: I swear it's hard to track you down.
James: We like it like that.
Paula: Can I come in?
James: Yes, boss.
Paula: I'm not your boss anymore.
James: That's good, isn't it. Otherwise I'd be in trouble for not letting you see Carla...

Maddie: Oh, Donte! I've missed you.
Donte: Hang on, I've only been gone a day! And I was visiting my brother.
Maddie: I'd hate to have a heart attack in this place; the nearest hospital is 20 miles away.
Donte: I know. They had to airlift him there.
Maddie: Come here!

Donte: Whoa! What are you doing?
Maddie: Kissing my boyfriend.
Donte: Since when?
Maddie: What do you mean?
Donte: Just because I kissed you, doesn't mean we're going out!

Maddie: It's me. I'm in over my head, and I can't help you, and...
Donte: Whoa again! It's not you, it's me. With the Lucas thing and all, I can't worry about dating right now.
Maddie: Okay. I understand.
Donte: I really want to; I have for ages, but its bad timing.
Maddie: Some other time, maybe?
Donte: I'd like that.

- Maddie leans sideways shyly, and Donte pecks her lips tenderly.
Donte: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Maddie: No. Don't be.
Donte: I said some other time, and then I kiss you! It's not fair on you.
Maddie: Maybe that other time is now.

Donte: Maybe.
Maddie: Yes.
Donte: Oops! I'm late for work! And I've got a meeting!
Maddie: Darn it! So am I. Get in the car.
Donte: Pardon?
Maddie: I'll drive us in together.
Donte: Okay. Come on.

20 miles outside Ollingdale, 1 week ago

Amanda: Not as good a hotel as last time.
Dan: I can't afford to spend money on luxury hotels anymore. Amy is probably checking the accounts.
Amanda: Always about the wife, isn't it?
Dan: I'm sorry I can't be wild and free like you, but if she finds out…
Amanda: I'm your lady now. I need treats and luxuries that ugly cow never deserves.
Dan: How about this necklace?
Amanda: it may be satisfactory.
Dan: It had better be.


Amanda: Hello again. Didn't expect you to be back here so soon. Isn't it a bit risky with the wife in town?
Dan: She's away on business. Apparently.
Amanda: All right. So, inside again?
Dan: Not today. I'm back for some extra clothes.
Amanda: Why?
Dan: My term has been extended. I won't be back here for another 3 weeks.
Amanda: More hotels.
Dan: Yes. I can't wait.

Dan: I'm back, Amy. And I know where you are.