Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 5 - Predujice

Carla: I invited some of the neighbours round for lunch.
James: Why? We've already been forced out of London, now we'll be forced out of nowhere!
Carla: What's wrong with making friends? If we're gonna stay here, we should at least get to know the locals.
James: Can't it wait?
Carla: No. We have 2 hours to get ready.
James: You're the one still in your underwear.
Carla: Look, London didn't like us; let's not let this lot dislike us too?

Carla: Hi, I'm Carla.
Donte: Nice to meet you Carla.
Carla: So, what's someone like you doing out here?
Donte: I could ask you the same thing.
Carla: Erm, we moved.
Donte: We?
Carla: Yes, my husband and I. How much family do you have here?
Donte: My brother and I live just over there.
Carla: Oh, okay.
Donte: So, where do you work?
Carla: I'm still looking for a local job.
Donte: There's not much going around here, though.
Carla: That's a shame.
Donte: Yes. More people are expected to invest here soon though.
Carla: Yes?
Donte: Yeh, some new ferry link is being opened, so there will be more visitors.
Carla: That sounds good. Where are you working then?

Donte: I'm an executive's assistant at the nearest office centre.
Carla: Oh, my husband used to be an executive himself, back in London.
Donte: Oh? Why'd you move out here then?
Carla: Doesn't matter. Maybe you'd like to meet him.
Donte: Yes. Maybe he can give me some tips. I'm sure you can...
James: Go away and stop flirting with my wife.
Donte: Pardon?

James: You heard.
Donte: I did, but why do I have to leave? You invited me here.
Carla: Don't make a scene, James.
James: You will stop flirting with her now and stop asking questions!
Donte: Alright, calm down.
James: I won't do as you say!
Donte: No wonder you were kicked out of London with that attitude.
James: Excuse me?
Donte: People round here don't like snobs.
James: I'm not...
Donte: The first tip is that. And they hate city flyers that treat others as dirt.
Carla: Um, if you'd all like to come inside for lunch,
Donte: I might just head home.
- Donte answers his phone
Donte: Excuse me. He's where? In hospital? How? I'll be right there!
Carla: What is it?
Donte: It's my brother. He's in hospital.

Pauline: Yes, keep it down Amelia, your dads in the lounge. I did meet the new couple.
Pauline: And they are odd, yes. Well, I'll speak soon. Bye!
Alfred: Who was that?
Pauline: Another beautician. Up North. Giving me some tips for the advertising.
Alfred: Oh, okay.
Pauline: Close call.

Amelia: So, what did you think of the Hillsides?
Maddie: I'm not convinced. I think they have something to hide.
Amelia: I know. Why would they leave London and come here?
Maddie: They didn't inherit a house.
Amelia: No. According to Amy, it's worth at least £500,000. How can they have that much money?
Maddie: I know. But with London house prices so high these days, that's pretty cheap.
Amelia: Good point. What do you think Amanda?

Amanda: I don't know.
Maddie: You're a bit hung over, aren't you?
Amanda: No! It was free wine at their home.
Amelia: All you worry about is drink, isn't it?

Alfred: Good morning my sweetie!
Pauline: It must be a good morning!
Alfred: Oh yes. Amelia called.
Pauline: She, she did?
Alfred: Yes, said the college is great and is doing well.
Pauline: She, she did?
Alfred: You seem pretty surprised.
Pauline: I'm gonna have breakfast...
Alfred: You haven't had breakfast?

Alfred: Your not dressed, you haven't eaten, and it's nearly time to open up!
Pauline: I'm sorry it's the weekend and I wanted a lye-in. A girl needs her sleep.
Alfred: You're not a girl?
Pauline: Then what am I?

Alfred: You're a shrivelled up old prune!
Pauline: What did you just call me?
Alfred: A... Oh, I'm sorry.
Pauline: Yes. An old prune. You're sick.
Alfred: Come back here now!
Pauline: I won't! I'm leaving you!
Alfred: What?

- Lucas lies, tied to numerous machines, alone, unconscious in the hospital side room.
- A doctor is standing outside, when Donte runs up.
Doctor: Who are you?
Donte: I'm his brother. Let me in!
Doctor: Oh, okay. Here you go.

Donte: Why, Lucas? Why'd you do it?
Doctor: The police will be around soon.
Donte: What for?
Doctor: It's a suicide. They need to investigate whether it may have been attempted murder.
Donte: So he could die?
Doctor: At this stage, we can't tell.

London, October 2007

Manager: I'm so sorry. You've only been back 1 month.
James: Oh well. Life moves on.
Manager: But with your financial situation...
James: We'll leave London. For good.
Manager: Okay. A fresh start.
James: Yes. You'd better tell the others.
Manager: Definitely.
- The manager gets up on the stage, and gets everyone else's attention.
Manager: As you know, with the credit crunch, our company has come under increasing financial difficulty.
This means that sadly, we have had to announce a merger deal with Simoogle which will led to most of the executives losing their jobs. I'm very sorry. Please finish your drinks and clear your desks. We apologise.
James: Is that it? You fire us and then kick us off the premises. You make me sick!
Manager: I'm really sorry.
James: You should be.


- Donte has returned home, and is getting ready for bed.
Donte: Ugh, I feel horrid.

- 4 hours later, he wakes from a nightmare
Donte: Lucas! Lucas! Don't jump! Lucas!