Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 4 - Fun, Games and Death?

Donte: Why'd you do it?
Lucas: I, grub, grub, had to, grub, grub, for us.
Donte: But I have a job! A proper job!
Lucas: Oh what, how is me working in SimDonalds gonna pay the bills?
Donte: You should have been at school then.
Lucas: I'm sorry the bike sheds looked more fun than PSHE!

- Lucas goes into his bedroom, Donte continues talking
Donte: Try going back! It worked for… Aunt Betsy Boo.
Lucas: And where did she end up? Working in SimDonalds!
Donte: Oh well, bad example, but you know what I mean.

- Meanwhile, in the centre of Oasis City, was a small, hotel. Dwarfed by city skyscrapers.
Manager: Hello, may I see your booking card?
Man: Here. It has a double bed, don't it?
Manager: Err, yes man who does not speak English very well.
Woman: Let's take it up to room,
Manager: 14. Have fun!

Amanda: Oh, Dan, my!
Dan: Room 14 is very good. Isn't it?
Amanda: Yes, it is? Come on!
Dan: Oh, you shouldn't rush.
Amanda: Christmas is coming quicker than ever!

Dan: Christmas came today!
Amanda: Oh! Stop talking, fool! Kiss me!
Dan: You're very rushed...

Amelia: Mum! How did you know I was here?
Pauline: I got a letter from the cosmetics academy. You didn't show.
Amelia: Does dad know?
Pauline: I burnt the letter.
Amelia: Thanks mum.

Pauline: You're so stupid! That's the second time I've had to save your backside!
Amelia: Hey! Mum! Don't turn like dad.
Pauline: I'm sorry. But you have to understand I can't protect you forever!
Amelia: You haven't. It's only since he threatened you that you've started helping me.
Pauline: How dare you!

Amelia: You're the one slapping me!
Pauline: I'm trying to knock some sense into you!
Amelia: 30 years dad's done it to me! It hasn't worked, has it?
Pauline: Point taken.
Amelia: Look, mum, I'm sorry I'm a disappointment to you and dad, but I don't want to be a beautician!
Pauline: Fine!

Amy: Hey, Mrs Amelia's mum!
Pauline: Yes? That's me.
Amy: Why are you hurting your daughter?
Pauline: Hang on.
Amy: No! I know how it feels to be hurt, but not mentally! You're psychologically killing her!
Pauline: Brave words. There's hope for you yet. Now get out my way!
Amy: And don't come back!

Amy: Your mum's evil.
Amelia: Your husbands twisted.
Amy: Point taken.
Amelia: Point taken.
Amy: How do we stand up to them though?
Amelia: If we knew, we wouldn't be hiding here, would we?

Maddie: What the...
Donte: Don't stop.
Maddie: Why? Why would you want, me?
Donte: Because.
Maddie: Because what?
Donte: You're beautiful.
Maddie: Oh, Donte.

London, October 2007

- James is at a work party, and has drunk 5 bottles of beer
James: This beer is great! Ain't it?
James: Alright Boss?

Boss: No I'm not, actually James.
James: I know Billy's a rubbish DJ, isn't he?
Boss: Mr Thurlow is a rather good, DJ, according to everyone else.
James: He probably paid them. Naughty, naughty! Want some beer?

Boss: No I don't want some beer! I want you to leave! You're sacked!
James: Where's the broom?
Boss: You are fired.
James: Just like on the Apprentice! With Sir Alan Sugar! Shame it was axed…Good joke.
Boss: I'm not joking. Your sacked, fired, get out!
James: Really?
Boss: Yes!


Lucas: Aah. He's at work, I've got 100 grand below my bed, and I'm feeling great.
Lucas: Do I?

- In the centre of town is a new car park being built. And Donte is on the 20th floor...
Lucas: Whoa. It's high up here. A long way...

Lucas: Doooooooooooooown!!!