Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 2 - Confession

Ollingdale Town has one other resident. The town priest, Fr Phillip Johnstone. And today, he has one afternoon he will never forget. Ever.

Maddie: Going out again are you? I made some spaghetti for you.
Amanda: I would rather go and party without feeling bloated, actually.
Maddie: When are you going to be back?
Amanda: Don't know. When will you fly to the moon?

Maddie: As we're on the subject of coming back, when will you be getting a job?
Amanda: Who would hire a hung over party animal like me!
Maddie: Exactly my point. And do you want liver failure and diabetes?
Amanda: I'm too young to worry about that kind of stuff!
Maddie: Oh good. What happens when your 30 then?
Amanda: Live today, not tomorrow, sis.
Maddie: Great advice. Now get a job and stop killing yourself.

Amanda: Do you really care? Honestly?
Maddie: Of course I do. I'm your sister.
Amanda: The sister who only came here because it was rent-free.
Maddie: Oh, of course. And how did you get this house from the aunt I never heard of?
Amanda: For crying out loud, Mind your own business!
- Amanda then throws the glass of lemonade into her sister's face.
Maddie: Amanda!
Amanda: Go to hell!

6 months earlier

Amelia: So, Amy, you're telling me that your husband who's in Ranaville in the war is…
Amy: Yes. I know it's hard to believe and all, but it's the truth. You're the first person I've told.
Amelia: Oh my. I can't believe you live with that.
Amy: Since his regiment was bombed, he's been suffering.
Amelia: How long ago was that?
Amy: 4 years.
Amelia: Hang on. He's been...
Amy: Yes. My husband has been abusing me for 4 years.


Amy: Goodbye honey.
Dan: Yeh. Bye.
Amy: See you soon.
Dan: Goodbye.
Amy: I'll keep the bed warm.
Dan: And no seeing Maddie Littlewood or Amelia May.
Amy: I won't honey.
Dan: See you in a month or so.
Amy: I'll be waiting.

Amy: Bye!
Dan: I love you.
Amy: So do I.
Dan: Bye.
Amy: Again.
- The car drives off and Amy remembers what Amelia had said.
Amelia: He's not worth it if he's hurting you. Get out while you still can.

As the night became day, the towns party was still going on. But Amelia had no idea her mother was watching.
Amanda: What time is it? Ughh…
Amelia: 8am. Should we not go to bed son, I mean soon?
Amanda: No! Lets par-tay!
Amelia: I've got work though…
Amanda: Boo work! Party fun!

Then Pauline stepped out of the corner and stunned her drunken daughter back to soberness.
Amelia: Mum?
Pauline: Hello, Amelia. How was your dinner with salon experts?
Amelia: Oh. Please don't tell dad.
Pauline: I won't. Because he'll shout at me as well.
Amelia: Thanks mum.
Pauline: I'll cover for you at home. This once. You'd better lie low with your energetic friend here.
Amelia: I owe you one, mum.
Pauline: Oh yes you do.

Pauline heads towards the lake, where Nicholas Forsythe is having breakfast in the Manor's garden.
Pauline: Yes, I know. She's staying over at the stylist's house. She had 5 glasses of red wine. Apparently.
Pauline: I realise that, Alfred. Just forget it.
- Pauline sees Nicholas
Pauline: I knew it! No, no, it's him! Nicholas! He's alive! Alfred? Don't hang up on me! Hey, Nicholas! Hi.
Nicholas: Nice morning.
Pauline: So it is. Can I come over?
Nicholas: No. Go away.
Pauline: Oh, okay.. Goodbye then.

Amy: I'd like to confess.
Fr Phillip: Good. Now, Amy, what would you like to confess about today?
Amy: 6 months ago, I told a close friend my darkest secret. Since then I have bottled it up again.
Fr Phillip: Amy, what is this secret you would like to confess?
Amy: My marriage.
Fr Phillip: What about your marriage to Daniel?
Amy: Daniel, I mean Dan, is in the army. 4 years ago his brigade were fired at and bombed at several times for days on end and he came back scarred. Now, since then, he has… beaten me.
Fr Phillip: Oh, Amy. I'm so sorry. You have no reason to confess. You have committed no sin or crime. Really, it should be him confessing, not you.
Amy: Thank you Father.
Fr Phillip: oh, and, I know a wonderful councillor. She will really help, if you want.