Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 1 - Introducing

In the heart of Oasis Valley, sits a quiet town, home to just a few families.
All of the unique, all with stories to tell about themselves.
This town is Ollingdale.

Lucas Penning moved to Ollingdale 6 months ago, hoping to escape the past and rebuild his life.
But the attractions of his old career are tempting him back...

His brother, Donte, dreams of opening his own nightclub, and wants his brother to learn that life is a luxury,
But his own lust for women overshadows his lectures to his younger brother.

Donte: How could you even think of returning to... crime?
Lucas: We have no money! We're skint! Your job barely pays for the mortgage, let alone pleasure!
Donte: There's no restaurants, no clubs, nothing in this town!
Lucas: I meant out of town.
Donte: Have you been going back to Gerantford? You know it's not safe anymore!
Lucas: Who cares?
Donte: I do! And so does, did, mum.
Lucas: She's dead! Get over it!
Donte: Do you even have a heart?

Maddie Littlewood left her career in New Sim City to move to her sister's new home in Ollingdale 2 months ago.
She then discovered her sis had inherited a posh home from a distant aunt she had never heard of. She now does housework and more around the house that her lazy sister owns.

Amanda Littlewood is Maddie's younger sister, and her party-lifestyle really shows up Maddie's sit-at-home-till-10pm-watching-film routine. But her partying means a career is out of the question.

Maddie: What time is it now, Amanda? 3pm?
Amanda: I see you haven't made breakfast?
Maddie: More like afternoon tea!
Amanda: Do people still have that these days?
Maddie: In Buckingham Palace, yes!
Amanda: Where's that? And where's my paraceta-whatsit?
Maddie: We ran out. Because you popped 10 yesterday.
Amanda: Oh. Go get some then!

Amy Henderson has been living in Ollingdale for 18 months now, with her husband Dan serving in the Army for most of it.
But now he's returned, her close ties with the towns' residents have vanished and she hardly ever leaves the house.

Dan's Army upbringing and career led to him devoting his life to the military, and not his wife. But his strength and short-temper may be perfect for the army, but not his marriage, or his wife.

Dan: So, how's Maddie Littlewood then? Getting on well with her, and her scantily-dressed sister, are you?
Amy: No, Dan. Please...
Dan: I go to work to pay for your life, and you just sit at a desk ticking off names? I think my life's harder!
Amy: Please, don't shout.
Dan: I can shout if I want to! It's my house! Isn't it?
Amy: Yes Dan.
Dan: So, if you don't like the way my house is run; then you can leave, can't you?
Amy: Yes Dan, but I don't want to...
Dan: Well, then, their's your decision. Now clean the dishes, honey!

Pauline May runs a salon business with her husband Alfred, and daughter Amelia. But with them aging quickly, Alfred and Pauline want to hand the business down to Amelia. But her lack of skills in cosmetics means Alfred gets angry with his daughter, who wants to open her own boutique in Ollingdale.

Alfred: Get a grip! Your single, 40, no career, and we are giving you the chance to make it big!
And with us having to pay for the new wall after last year's ram-raid, we have so little left!
Amelia: But I want to open a fashion shop, not run a salon.
Alfred: No one in this dull town wants in-style, new clothes! They want haircuts!
Amelia: But daddy...
Alfred: No buts! Go to cosmetics school! I've packed your stuff.
Amelia: Fine dad.

Lord Nicholas Forsythe lives in the mansion by the lake, the biggest and oldest house in the town.
He has been the mayor of the town for 37 years, but hasn't been seen for 6 of them.
His rejection by married Pauline May 7 years ago has been thought to be the reason he hasn't been seen.

August 2001

Nicholas: So, Pauline, how much are you worth now?
Pauline: Oh, Nicholas, enough. Not as much as you, I admit.
Nicholas: Of course.
Pauline: So, why did you want to meet me?
Nicholas: As you know, I'm about to become a Lord, and I was wondering...
Pauline: Yes?
Nicholas: Whether you would like to accompany me to London for the ceremony.
Pauline: I'm, err, sorry, but Alfred is coming back from San Francisco that week.
Nicholas: Oh. Yes, all about Alfred. I forgot.
Pauline: If he wasn't I would come...
Nicholas: Sure you would. Forget it.


But now the Lord is back. But is it from the dead or from hiding away from his crush on Pauline?
Nicholas: Pauline May. I'm back. And this town will pay.