Black Christmas


: "Dear Diary, this year I'm going to spend Christmas with my sister Leigh, it's been a long time since I saw her and It's going to be nice to re-kindle our sisterly relationship..."

Claire: Is there someone in there?

Claire: (gasps)

Clarke's Sanatorium:

Warden: Merry Christmas from the employees at Clarke's Sanatorium.

Warden: How did you get in here?
Santa Clause: Door was open; I was looking for the children's ward and I got lost.
Warden: This ain't no place for Santa Clause...not at Christmas...

Santa Clause: Lenz? Billy Lenz? The guy that killed his family at Christmas? A lot of people say he's dead.
Warden: Pop your head inside, check if he's been naughty or Nice.
Santa Clause:'s okay. Do you guys keep him locked up with...just a padlock?
Warden: Our system has worked for years. Besides, it'll make him feel at home.
Santa Clause: Right, because his Mother kept him locked on the basement?

Warden: The attic; this is chicken, it's the only thing we could get that used to taste like Mum...

Kelli: Kyle, the girls will be waiting for me...
Kyle: You can be with them any time though...
Kelli: But it's not anytime though; it's Christmas.

Kyle: And it's our first, we should be together.
Kelli: We will...on Christmas day. We'll be together all week, well, besides when I have to work. I'm excited baby, but I've got be with my Sorority sisters too, I mean I've never really had a big family.
Kyle: I'm your family now.

Barbara: Girls I can't find Billy's present under the tree here...

Barbara: Erm hello...who drew Billy's name?

Melissa: Erm Mrs Mac, it's a "Secret Santa"?

Dana: Can we just get on with this please so I can party for a few days before spending "family time"...

Melissa: Have you seen it outside?
Dana: The party Gods won't allow me to be by myself over Christmas break.
Kelli: Oh I'll be here Dana...oh wait...I'm working.
Melissa: That sucks, everyone should be home for Christmas.

Barbara: Okay who's not here? Chelsea?
Kelli: She went home.
Barbara: Didn't I see Claire earlier?
Kelli: Isn't she upstairs writing a card to her sister?
Melissa: No I think her sister picked her up this morning, remember this is the time for Claire and her family to re-discover each other and bury the hatchet.

Dana: I'd like to bury the hatchet with my sister...right in her head...

Billy: I'm going to be home for Christmas.
Warden: Billy? What did you just say?

Warden: Billy?!

Warden: (Yells) Help!!

Kelli: Lauren, we're opening up Presents.

Kelli: Claire, it's present time.

Lauren: Okay, I realize you're a lonely child so let me explain - Christmas is survival of the fittest, the weak get eaten.

Lauren: (shouts) We're opening up presents in five minutes, if you're not downstairs your presents are mine!

Kelli: (shouts) We're opening up presents in five minutes, if you're not downstairs then I'm gonna take your presents.
Megan: Just fuck Christmas; fuck it!

Lauren: Jeez what a bitch.
Kelli: Let's go downstairs.

Megan: Please tell me those jackasses haven't gone in the attic...

Megan: Are you guys up here?

Megan: (gasps) Claire?!

Megan: (screams)

Heather: Mrs Mac, why don't you open the present we got you?
Barbara: Because we have to open Billy's present first; it's a Delta Kappa Tradition.

Heather: Can I say, I'm really not okay with any of this, I mean, buying a present for a serial killer?

Melissa: No, you see serial killers murder repeatedly for sexual thrill, Billy Lenz was a spree killer, he just lost it.
Heather: Well whatever, I'm just offended that we have to open a present for Billy when he's murdered people.

Lauren: Christmas is more about warning off evil spirits than Halloween. What Christmas shit in this room resembles anything Christian, huh? It's all neo-pagan magic.

Lauren: The Christmas tree...a magical right insuring the return of the crops...

Lauren: ...the mistletoe is a conception charm...

Lauren: And...fucking Santa Clause? This fat lawyer that watches you all year long to make sure you live up to his standards of decency before breaking into your house? And that is different to what Billy Lenz
Barbara: Billy didn't break in...

Barbara: ...Billy lived here...


Barbara: "Billy Edward Lenz was born with a rare liver disease, which made his skin disfigured."

Mr Lenz: Merry Christmas Billy.
"His parents hated each other...

"The mother hated Billy, he was not the child she'd always wanted. When she looked at her son all she saw was her husband".


Mrs Lenz: I don't know why your bothering putting those cookies out. Santa ain't coming to see you, the Russian's shot his sleigh down...Santa Clause is dead.

Mr Lenz: (whispers) Don't listen to her, if you head upstairs Santa left you a present...

Billy: Thank you Daddy...and Mister Clause of course...

(from downstairs)
Mr Lenz:
I mean it...I'm taking Billy and we're leaving...
Mrs Lenz: No you're not!

Billy: (gasps) Daddy...

Mrs Lenz: (gasps) Billy!!

Mrs Lenz: You stay up there Billy...I mean it...

Mrs Lenz: ...Stay up there!

(Phone rings)

Kelli: Alpha Kappa...(silence)....Hello?...(silence)...Hello, Hello?...

Kelli: I think someone's in trouble...

Voice: You want a christmas cookie? You're my cookie and I could gobble you up. Billy...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? What have you done? Where's Agnes? She's my family now...

Lauren: Hey shouldn't you get going, don't you have lots of toys to deliver to good little boys and girls?

Voice: I'm going to kill you...(line goes dead).

Heather: Call the police...

Lauren: Oh please, police aren't gonna do shit about one "whack job" phone call.
Dana: Let's call him back.
Lauren: Is there something you wanted him to clarify?

Melissa: Called ID says "Claire's Cell".

Heather: You really shouldn't provoke someone like that.

Lauren: What would you know about dealing with anyone other than your "credit card" Daddy?
Heather: That's it, I'm going home.
Lauren: That's to Daddy.
Heather: At least my family wants me to come home.

Kelli: You guys come on, it's like...Christmas time.

Barbara: Yeah, come on Heather open your present.
Heather: Give it to Billy.

Heather: Jeez Eve, you scared me.

Eve: Merry Christmas Heather.


Mrs Lenz: Give me a child Charlie...give me a child...

Charlie: Lady i've told you, I can't have kids, so if you want a kid so're gonna have to get it from somewhere else.

Mrs Lenz: Billy...let's talk...

1 Year Later:

Mrs Lenz: Merry Christmas're my family now.

Barbara: Oh Eve, let me find your gift.

Barbara: Kelli...Lauren...Eve...

Barbara: To Eve from Santa...

Barbara: ...Eve?

Melissa: Does Eve have someplace to be?
Dana: The island of misfit toys.
Barbara: Her Mother was a legacy.
Dana: So...her mothers dead. She has no boyfriend, no family, I mean really, where does she have to go?
Barbara: Who hasn't got a gift yet...Lauren?
Dana: Just give her a bottle of Vodka, wish her happy christmas and she's good to go.

Melissa: Happy holidays!

Melissa: Alright look, I know this is the whole "Secret Santa" thing but I know Claire drew your name.
Lauren: Oh really? Did she get me anything good?
Melissa: Oh yeah, it's a music box.
Lauren: You're kidding right?
Melissa: Please dance to the Sugar Plum fairies.
Lauren: Oh fuck no...I'm certain to see Sugar Plum fairies, I don't wanna hear the little fuckers too.

Barbara: Language, Language.

(Phone rings)

Melissa: I got it...

Melissa: Why is Megan calling here?

Melissa: Hey where are you?
Voice: She's my family now. Everyone should be home for christmas. I'll be home for christmas. I'm going to bury the hatchet in her head.

Melissa: That was not Megan.

Kelli: Is Megan in her room?
Heather: I don't know...I was about to come and wish you a Happy Christmas before I left...

Kelli: (screams)

Kelli: (screams)

Lauren: Why exactly are we rushing? It's gonna be to late to save her if she's being murdered...

Kelli: Oh my god...Kyle...what are you doing here?
Kyle: I wanted to spend the night with you...

Heather: It's's Kyle.

Kyle: So I tried to sneak into your room, but I wasn't sure which one was yours...and that one was open.

Barbara: Is Megan in her room?
Kyle: I dunno.
Heather: You climbed up into her room and you don't know if she's in it?
Kyle: It's dark.

Lauren: Does he think we're fucking stupid? You were in Megan's room; the call came from Megan's cell.
Kyle: What call?

Melissa: Can I just say...that voice wasn't Kyle or Megan...that was the devil. They weren't even talking to us, they were talking to Billy.

Kyle: Billy Lenz the guy who used to live here? Well you're deffinitely being lied to...
Lauren: Billy Lenz is our life...
Kyle: No, you're spoilt bitches who come here for a year and leave. I live here; I stay here; I used to play on this street before it got turned into Frat houses. This was the house that scared the shit out of me...
Barbara: What happened?
Kyle: You mean after he washed down his Christmas Cookies with a glass of milk?


Mrs Lenz: Agnes would you like a Christmas Cookie?
Agnes: Sure Mummy.
Mrs Lenz: You're my Christmas cookie...and I could gobble you up.
(phone rings)

Mrs Lenz: Merry Christmas...Merry Christmas....Hey! I said Merry Christmas...
Voice: She's my family now.
Agnes: (screams)

Mrs Lenz: Agnes...BILLY!!!

Agnes: (screams) Mummy!
Charlie: Living room!

Charlie: What have you done? You evil...evil...

Charlie: (yells)

Mrs Lenz: (screams) How could you do this?!

Mrs Lenz: (screams)

Billy: Now for my christmas cookies...

Kyle: The remains of Agnes and the mother were never found, they presumed he'd...feasted on them.
Barabara: Why would anyone do such a thing?
Kyle: seemed to him...that's how they showed their love.
(front door slams shut)

Barbara: Claire? Megan?

Barbara: Can we help you?
Woman: She was supposed to call...I'm Claire's sister, where is she?

Kelli: Megan this is Kelli, if you get this message please call back.

Barbara: You're a legacy? What year?
Leigh: '93...'94...I dunno, I started late and quit early.
Barbara: 1993 was the year I became house mother...I don't remember....
Leigh: This was supposed to be a big weekend, I drove all the way out here in this awful weather, I blew off a weekend....

Dana: Can I just say...I love that coat.
Leigh: Oh please...

Kelli: Kyle are you...

Kelli: Kyle...where did you go?

Barabra: Claire's second name is Crosby, yours is Colvin...
Leigh: The divorce will be finalised next month. What else do you need? Look I can't tell you any secrets about my sister because I don't really know her that well; I can't tell you anything about this place because I really hated it.
Lauren: It's obvious she's been making the phone calls.

Leigh: What are you talking about?
Lauren: You showing up randomly when we've been having funny phone calls, funny that.
Leigh: Are you actually giving me shit when none of you can tell me where Claire is? Where's her room?

Leigh: I'm her half-sister...12 years older...Claire was in second grade when I moved in here. Weird, looking at us grown up 12 years seemed like nothing but back was a real difference.

Heather: I'm going to check out Eve's room and see if there's anything in there...she always was the creepy one...
Barbara: Harsh...but true, go and check it out.

Lauren: You know something...I'm starting to feel a bit sick; I dunno, maybe that milk on my cereal this morning was off?
Dana: Yeah, that'll be it...

Leigh: Maybe she changed her mind and just left?
Melissa: I don't know...but I know she was looking forward to building bridges with you guys.

Heather: (gasps)

Barbara: Okay...the power's gone.
Leigh: No shit...
Melissa: I'm going to look after Lauren.

Dana: Don't worry Kelli; this is Claire's sister by the way.

Leigh: strange is it...that the only over house on the street...

Leigh: ...has power...but this one doesn't.

Lauren:'re a better sister to me than my real sister...
Melissa: Yeah...a mass murderer is a better sister to you than your real sister.
Lauren: You know what I mean...
Melissa: Yeah, I love you too...but you're really, really smelly hon. If I run you a shower...can you handle it?
Lauren: Sure...

Dana: Oh shit; the main breaker is underneath the house.
Leigh: How the hell do you know?
Dana: I'm not the helpless daddy's girl these bitches make me out to be.
Leigh: Okay, go outside and turn the power on.
Dana: You're joking right? It's freezing, I'm not going out there.
Leigh: It'll take two seconds; you know where the power is, so I'll keep looking for Claire.

Melissa: I'm gonna go and put a trash can by your bed, will you be okay?
Lauren: Yeah...

Melissa: You good drunky?
Lauren: I guess...
Melissa: Good, no more drinking.

Melissa: Trash cans beside the bed okay? Merry Christmas honey.

Dana: (sighs) Let's get the power back on then...

Barbara: Don't worry Kelli, I'm sure everything will be okay.

Dana: Eve...or whoever is under there...I can see your breath...

Dana: (screams)

Leigh: The attic?

(Kelli's mobile rings)
It must be Kyle...what do I do?
Melissa: Answer it!

Kelli: It says Dana's Cell...

Voice: Ahhh help me! Help me! She's my family now...

Kelli: (gasps) Dana!

Melissa: (shouts) Dana where are you?!
Leigh: She went round the back to the fuse box.

Kelli: Argh!
Melissa: Kelli are you alright?

Kelli: (gasps) What the...

All: (screams)

Kelli: Damn it come on...
Barbara: What is it?
Kelli: "911 are experiencing heavy called traffic". Oh...hello...yes...a girl is dead...yes I know her...Dana Mathis and we're positive she's been murdered.

Barbara: Billy's home for Christmas...
Melissa: No...Billy is dead...

Kelli: And three other girls are...
Leigh: Missing...Missing...
Kelli: ...missing. 566 Oakdale, we're the second house on the left. It's the Alpha Kappa name is Kelli Presley. Wait how long until you can get out here...WHAT? No, no we think he's still outside...would you wait around that long after what I just told you?
Barbara: Right...get your purses...

Kelli: There's delays because of the storm, so they said that maybe...maybe...they'll be here in 2 hours.
Barbara: Well we're all going to be out of here in 2 minutes, get your things.
Kelli: And what about Lauren...and the others?
Heather: We'll go to the AVG House and get help.
Melissa: No...they've all gone home for the holidays.
Kelli: Okay, who's family lives the closest? Just call them...
Melissa: Lauren...her family lives in Boston.

Barbara: Even if we called them it would take them 4 or 5 hours before they got here. Let's go...

Kelli: No, we stick together. Lock up the house, we've got a fire and we can find some weapons and for the next 2 hours not let anyone out of our site...
Babara: No, we're driving to the police station.
Kelli: In this weather?
Barbara: Even if they can't do anything at least we'll all be safe there.
Kelli: Yeah but we're not all here, if we were, then I'd go.

Leigh: Unless I see otherwise, I believe that Claire is alive and when she comes back it is not going to be to an empty house.

Kelli: We are safer sticking together.
Heather: Alright, then get your coats. Melissa...come on we're leaving.
Melissa: I'm not leaving Lauren...
Kelli: We're act like it.
Barbara: We'll get the police here as soon as we can.

Melissa: We can't see the car, try Megan's room.

Barbara: Come on...start you stupid thing...

Kelli: They got the car started...

Barbara: I need to dig us out of this snow...

Barbara: Heather? Where did you go?

Barbara: Why won't this

Barbara: (gasps) Billy...Lenz....

Barbara:'t kill me...

Barbara: Argghh!!

Leigh: Why aren't they leaving?
Kelli: Let's go and check on them.

Leigh: Argh!
Kelli: Leigh!

Leigh: Is this...
Kelli: Blood!
Both: (scream)

Michelle: (shouts) Kelli?

Melissa: Kelli! Answer me! What's happening?!

Melissa: (screams) Help me!

Melissa: Ouch!

Melissa: No...please...

Melissa: (screams)

Lauren: What's all the screaming about?

Billy: You're my family now.
Lauren: (screams) Get off me!

Kelli: Let's go back inside, it's not safe out here.

Kelli: Lauren where's Mel? Lauren...where is Melissa?
Leigh: Ssh, he'll hear you...
Kelli: (whispers) I'll call her...

(Melissa's phone starts to ring)

Leigh: (screams) Get away! Get away!

Kelli: Lauren...will you...

Kelli: (screams) Lauren!

Kyle: Will you get out of my face? There's two bodies in the driveway.
Leigh: Maybe you did it...
Kyle: Maybe you killed killed Lauren!
Kelli: It wasn't either of you...
Leigh: How do you know?

Kelli: Listen...

(Melissa's phone rings)

Leigh: The attic?
Kyle: Stop ringing the phone now...
Kelli: What do we do?

(Kelli's mobile rings)

Voice: Where's Agnes?
Kelli: What have you done...Billy?
Voice: She's my family now.(line goes dead)

Kelli: He's in the attic...and that's where all the cell phones are ringing to.

Leigh: I think we should go up there...
Kyle: Hey, no way, let's go.
Leigh: But Claire might be up there...
Kyle: This guy is not joking around you know...
Leigh: I've searched the whole house.
Kelli: (whispers) Please be quiet.
Leigh: (whispers) Until I see her dead; she is alive.
Kyle: (whispers) This is not some game here, he's probably listening to us right now.
Kelli: (whispers) She wants to find her sister, you can't expect her to just leave.
Kyle: How would you know, you don't have a sister.
Leigh: She does.
Kelli: (whispers) Let's go...
Kyle: Okay, let me go first...

Kyle: Argh!!
Kelli: Kyle!

Kelli: Oh my god...Kyle...

Leigh: (screams) Claire!!

Kelli: (screams) No! Leave him alone!

Kelli: (screams) Run!!

Leigh: (screams) Argh!!

Kelli: Leigh are you okay...Leigh!!

Kelli: Get away from me!!

Kelli: Leigh come on we need to get out of here...

Kelli: (screams) Leigh come on...

Kelli: Come on...let's go!

Kelli: (sighs) It's over...
Leigh: I can't believe sister...
Kelli: Our...sisters...

Kelli: I'm sorry Leigh...I'm so sorry about Claire.
Leigh: You have nothing to be sorry about; I just wish we had built bridges...before...

Detective: Sorry to interrupt, we need a visual ID of Billy Lenz's body.
Leigh: I'll go, I'll be right back Kelli.

Leigh: (gasps) That's Claire...that's not's my sister.

Detective: This girl was not here before...
Leigh: Where is Billy?! Where's he gone?

Leigh: Kelli we have a problem...Kelli?

Leigh: (screams) Billy!!

Billy: You're my...forever...

Leigh: (screams)

Doctor: That's your tests done with for today Miss Presley, you can sleep now.
Kelli: Thank you.

Kelli: What the...?

Kelli: (screams) Leigh!! Oh my god...Leigh!!

Kelli: Help, is there anyone here?

Kelli: Ouch!!

Kelli: Urgh! Why won't you just die?!

Kelli: (gasps)

Kelli: Merry Christmas Fucker!

The End!