The Specter Curse

The Specter Curse:



Mel: Hey Lewis, i don’t suppose you could hurry the hell up please...what do you mean, you can’t make it? Oh well thanks a lot for letting me know.

Mel: Lewis can’t come.
Jessica: You’re kidding?
Mel: No, seems he was far too busy to socialise with us.
Jessica: Oh please if that guy ever gets a social life, i’ll show my ass in the coffee shop.
Mel: Well, i guess we’ll just have to watch the movie?
Jessica: I have no complaints.

Oh my god the scary bit is coming up...
Jessica: I can’t look....

Both: (scream)
Mel:’s just the power.
Jessica: Just the power?
Mel: Yeah, there’s a flashlight under the sink, i’ll head out and flick the switch.

Mel: Ah, here we go.

Jessica: We’re on now...hurry up back in Mel.

Jessica: Mel come on, are you coming or not?

Jessica: Where did she go?

Jessica: Mel...are you in here?

Jessica: (gasps) Mel?

Jessica: (screams)

Jessica: (screams) Oh my god!


(gasps) Oh god...

Well, well, well, look who’s now in the land of the living.
Ophelia: What time is it?

Kristen: It’s 10:30, lucky it’s your day off huh?
Ophelia: (sighs) I’m still really tired, i think i drank way too much last night.
Kristen: You’re telling me, wasn’t it you who was sat on Mr James Jones’ lap last night?
Ophelia: Oh god...yeah it was.

Ophelia: Where’s Jamie?
Kristen: Still not got out of bed, he got lucky last night with that hunk behind the bar.
Ophelia: No way; i thought David was straight?
Kristen: Me too, but i’m sure it was him i saw making coffee in the early hours of this morning.
Ophelia: I don’t know how that guy does it.
Kristen: Anyway, i’ve got a few errands to run so i’ll go and get ready; what are you up to today?
Ophelia: Well there’s a musical on at 2.
Kristen: You need to get out girl.
Ophelia: I’m just fine Kristen, trust me.

Dale: How do we spot two teenage criminals at...a teenage hang-out?
Joe: We need to keep looking.

Dale: Oh wait, 3412 here...
Radio: 5120 here; there’s been a K situation at Methods street.
Dale: I’m about a block away, i’ll take it.

Dale: You going to be okay?
Joe: Sure, go on.

Dale: Excuse me guys, did you two call the police about two bodies?
Justin: Yeah we did, there’s two girls in a flowerbed over there.

(gasps) Jesus...

Dale: Are they...roaches?

Dale: I took some pictures of the evidence that was left behind.
Detective Jones: Thank you, you’ve done enough now.

Detective Sullivan:
This is stupid, what kind of killer leaves behind roaches like that.
Detective Jones: Some...crazy psychopath.
Detective Sullivan: Those two girls were reported missing earlier today as well.
Detective Jones: What are their names?
Detective Sullivan: Melissa Simlish and Jessica Eadie.
Detective Jones: Names don’t sound familiar.
Dale: Don’t know if this may help...

Dale: But i got the impression by the roaches that maybe it was a clue to who this killers next victim will be?
Detective Sullivan: Why would a murderer do that though?
Dale: No idea really, but the roaches can’t have been left there for nothing, i was thinking maybe it could be a hint towards the next victims death? Like how they may be covered with roaches, or it could be an exterminator...
Detective Jones: Thanks, we’ll take it from here.
Dale: Okay.

Jamie: Are you still in front of that TV Ophelia?

Ophelia: Yeah, it’s getting to the good part now, Julie is about to reveal all about her affair with...
Jamie: As much as i love a good old soap myself, we’re going down the pub.
Ophelia: Oh i’m not sure...
Jamie: Get upstairs and get dressed.

Detective Jones: You know something, this isn’t the first case where the killer has left clues.
Detective Sullivan: No...?
Detective Jones: No, looking here, over the last two weeks different bodies have been appearing and there’s been something...odd left at each one.
Detective Sullivan: Well...what was left at the last murder before the two girls?

Detective Jones: A date..
Detective Sullivan: Date?
Detective Jones: Sunday, August 30th, 2004.
Detective Sullivan: Hmmm, could it be a reference to an event?
Detective Jones: Why wasn’t this looked into properly?
Detective Sullivan: No idea, this case has only just been given to us.
Detective Jones: Let me check the date and year and see what we have...

Ophelia: I know you guys think i’m a waste of space...
Jamie: Of course we don’t; it’s just we’ve all been friends since high school, and i’m moving on, Kristen is carrying on with her designer career...but you don’t seem to be doing much.
Ophelia: (sighs) I don’t know, i heart is still with my parents.
Jamie: You miss them right?
Ophelia: Yeah...a lot.
Jamie: You’ve got to let go of your past Ophelia, it’s time for you to focus on your future. Isn’t that what to said you were doing, when you left...your aunt’s home...
Ophelia: Thing is...i think i’m not going to be able to move on...because she’s out there still...

Jamie: Police not caught her yet?
Ophelia: No, and she’s just...disappeared. It’s like she never existed.
Jamie: Isn’t that a good thing?
Ophelia: Not really, because i can relax...because i’m unsettled by the thought of her walking into my life again...after she many people.
Jamie: But there’s no way she’d come near you...
Ophelia: You don’t think so? I think she would...
Jamie: She’s been out for two years now, if she wanted to make her move, she would have.
Ophelia: But why do i feel so uneasy about it...all the time?

Barry: Well, that’s me off fellows, another day at work tomorrow.
Dan: See you Barry, we’ve got some bug hunting tomorrow.
Barry: You’re damn right we have.

Barry: (whistles)

Barry: What is this.
Voice: They do say that it’s stupid to walk home alone.
Barry: What...who said that?
Voice: Shut your face old man...
Barry: I...i just want to go home...
Voice: (laughs) You’re too much...Barry...
Barry: What is this...some kind of game?

Voice: Oh yes...this is one big game Barry...and the rules...

Voice: Are dead!
Barry: (gasps) ...

Voice: Just like you.

Detective Jones: Here we are...that date...was the date a newspaper printed an article about a number of townies that had gone missing...
Detective Sullivan: Oh...
Detective Jones: Oh...of course...the Olive Specter case.
Detective Sullivan: The article was about that?
Detective Jones: Yes it was, it was about Melissa Sims...
Detective Sullivan: Wait, the name of one of the girls was Melissa...
Detective Jones: Looks like we may have a copycat killer?
Detective Sullivan: Could be; but if so, we need to get in touch with Olive Specter’s Niece...
Detective Jones: Couldn’t she be a suspect?

Detective Sullivan: Maybe, but it’s worth just speaking to her before we jump to any conclusions.

Kristen: Ophelia, the police are here to speak to you.
Ophelia: (gasps) Police?

Detective Jones: Hello Ophelia, i’m Detective Jones, this is Detective Sullivan; we need to speak to you for a moment...

Detective Jones: Ophelia, the murders that have been taking place have a connection to the murders your Aunt committed back in Strangetown.
Ophelia: What connection?
Detective Sullivan: All the victims names have been almost identical to those Olive Specter killed.
Ophelia: (sighs) Oh my god...
Detective Sullivan: Now we know that your Aunt broke out of prison a while ago...
Ophelia: But no one found she could be doing this again?
Detective Sullivan: Well that’s what we’re here to find out, i don’t suppose you’ve had any phone calls lately? Any strange signs happening that connect to your Aunt’s past?
Ophelia: Absolutely not, i would’ve contacted the police if i had.
Detective Sullivan: And can you tell us where you were late last night?

Ophelia: Me and Jamie went for a drink at the bar across the road...
Detective Sullivan: Are you aware that and elderly man left that pub last night and was found dead down an alley way at the side of it?
Ophelia: (gasps) So...the killer...whoever it is...they’re here?
Detective Sullivan: It appears so, but we think that if it was your Aunt, she’d have contacted you by now.
Ophelia: No she wouldn’t...she knows she wouldn’t get anywhere...
Detective Jones: The one thing your Aunt requested when she was in prison was to see you, that was it, nothing else.

Kristen: So there’s a crazed killer out there, Ophelia is definitely not the killer so...she could be a target?
Jamie: Yeah i mean, wouldn’t her Aunt kill her too?
Ophelia: I don’t understand though, why would someone want to re-create all this? Even my Aunt, what would be her motive?
Detective Jones: That we don’t know Ophelia....
Detective Sullivan: We can’t protect you from this because there’s no way of knowing if this killer will actually target you, so unless anything does happen, you’ll have to remain here.
Kristen: So basically you’ll only act when she turns up with a pole through her head...

Ophelia: Kristen please, just leave it.
Detective Jones: We’ll be in touch if there’s any other news; we’ll show ourselves out.

Ophelia: I can’t believe this is happening again...
Jamie: Don’t you worry Ophelia, nothing is going to happen to you whilst we’re around, i promise.
Kristen: Yeah, it’s going to take more than an old lady to bump me off.

Detective Sullivan: I don’t think she has anything to do with these murders...
Detective Jones: Me neither, but we’ll see....

Dale: Detective Jones, Detective Sullivan, another body has been found by the beach...
Detective Sullivan: Jesus the residents are dropping like flies.
Detective Jones: What’s the story this time?
Dale: Not a scratch on the victim, just a lot of trauma to the back of the head. It’s what the body was posing as that was interesting...
Detective Sullivan: Oh...
Dale: The victim was laying down with her arm pointing towards the North Pier...i figured it was a point to the Pier itself, but when i looked closer i noticed that on the Pier itself was a name carved into the wood...
Detective Jones: A name carved?
Dale: Yes...the carved name was “Ophelia loves” with a question mark.
Detective Sullivan: (sighs) Looks like we know who the next victim is then...
Detective Jones: Okay...we’re going to have to get Ophelia in hiding before tonight.

Kristen: Make sure you take clean bedding, no matter what those detectives say, you could be going to a hostel.
Ophelia: I wish you and Jamie could come with me.
Kristen: We’re not the ones being lined up for murder though Ophelia, you are, you need to get to safety.
Ophelia: I’m scared though...i don’t want to leave you.
Kristen: Oh don’t be scared for us, no one will even think of coming for me and Jamie, not unless they want a slap anyway...

Ophelia: (giggles) I mean it though Kristen, you guys have been there for me since High school...since all this...evil...started.
Kristen: Hey, what a friends for. Now let’s get downstairs, that police officer who’s going with you is hot.

Detective Jones: Dale here will be accompanying you whilst you stay in hiding, he’s one of our best officers so you should be safe.
Ophelia: Okay, i appreciate it.
Dale: I’ll make sure no harm comes to you Ophelia.
Detective Sullivan: Now there is a condition to all this, when you leave here you must lose all contact with this town, even your friends.

Ophelia: No contact at all?
Detective Sullivan: None, we need to ensure you’re whereabouts is kept secret; Kristen and Jamie have the home number, but they're only to ring you if there is an emergency.
Ophelia: (sighs) Yeah, okay i understand.

No police car?
Dale: No, we don’t want to draw any attention to ourselves.
Ophelia: Says the one in the police uniform.

I don’t think they actually understand how scary this is for me...
Dale: Maybe they do, but they don’t know how to show it.
Ophelia: (sighs) Maybe...

Detective Sullivan: So where do we take this investigation now?
Detective Jones: We need to head back to the station...

Dale: Here we are...
Ophelia: It’s actually really nice...

Dale: There’s not much really, it was all we could get in the last minute but i gathered this would be the best place to go.
Ophelia: You picked this place?
Dale: Yeah, well it was either this or a small apartment...

Jamie: It feels empty here without Ophelia.
Kristen: Yeah it does...oh damn, stop moaning, we should be having a laugh, it’s Saturday night for god’s sake.
Jamie: We have some beers in the freezer?
Kristen: Then what are you waiting for?

Jamie: Okay, maybe there isn’t...

Jamie: Looks like we drank them, i’ll head to the store, it’s still open.
Kristen: Okay, hurry up then.

Ophelia: So you’ve been working for the long?
Dale: About three years, the training was a really slow process, i actually started training about 4 years ago...
Ophelia: your parents live in Strangetown?
Dale: Erm no...they were both killed when i was young.
Ophelia: (gasps) Oh my god...i’m so sorry...
Dale: Don’t worry, i’ve healed up from it all now.
Ophelia: Do you mind me
Dale: They were visiting the store, with my with them of course, a passenger stopped to ask for directions, when my mum went over to him he pulled out a gun and shot her...he turned on my father and...well...that’s all i remember.

Ophelia: I’m so sorry Dale...
Dale: Like i said, i’ve healed from it all now...
Ophelia: I wish i could heal up from this nightmare right now...
Dale: Did you ever speak to your Aunt about her murders?
Ophelia: No, i never saw her again after i went to school that morning.
Dale: Maybe it’s closure you’re actually looking for?
Ophelia: Well i never got a chance to ask her why...why would she want to murder those people?
Dale: I guess running away was the last thing you needed then...
Ophelia: (sighs) I don’t know.

Kristen: Good god Jamie where are you...

Kristen: I bet he hooked up with a guy down at the shop or something...
(glass smashes)

Kristen: (gasps) Who’s there?

Kristen: that you...answer me damn it.

Kristen: Who the hell left the fridge door open?

Kristen: Jamie...are you home yet?

Kristen: Oh come on...i need to get a grip...there’s no one here. Relax're okay...
Voice: WRONG!


Voice: That’s right!

Kristen: (screams)

Kristen: What do you want?!
Voice: I want you...Kristen...
Kristen: But...i haven’t done anything to you...
Voice: Did you honestly think that those stupid clues where pointing at were pointing at Ophelia’s friends. If those smart detectives had investigated properly they’d see that Ophelia’s friends wrote that to mock one of her love interests...

Kristen: Well guess what...this is one friend you’re going to have to chase.

Ophelia: I guess i should thank you for coming all this way with me...
Dale: Oh it’s my job Ophelia...although...i’m glad they asked me to.
Ophelia: I’m glad you came...

Ophelia: Erm...that shouldn’t have happened...
Dale: Why not...
Ophelia:’s not right?
Dale: Did it feel right?
Ophelia: Strangely...yes it did...
Dale: Then kiss me again...

(Phone rings)

Ophelia: Oh, fancy that!
Dale: I’ll answer it...

Dale: Hello?

Kristen: Dale put Ophelia on...quickly!
Dale: What’s the matter Kristen?
Kristen: I haven’t got time, put her on quickly.

Dale: It's Kristen...

Ophelia: Kristen what’s going on?
Kristen: was all a set-up...the killer wasn’t hinting at killing you...he was hinting at killing your friends.
Ophelia: (gasps) What’s happened Kristen?
Kristen: He turned up and tried to kill me...and Jamie...oh god...i don’t know where he is.
Ophelia: Kristen look, go to the station and get help!
Kristen: Everyone is at the North Pier fair at the it’ll be pretty dead.
Ophelia: Okay, maybe a big crowd is the one thing you need right now...i’m coming home...i’ll call you when i’m home.

Kristen: To the Pier i go...follow the lights.

Dale: We can’t go back.
Ophelia: I have to Dale, she’s in trouble.

Dale: It could be a trap, maybe the killer’s luring you there.
Ophelia: I have to go.
Dale: Ophelia...NO!

Ophelia: Listen here Dale, i’m sick of running away from this, i’m sick of looking over my shoulder all the time, i’m sick to death of being a coward, i need to face this, this my Aunt's you hear Aunt's doing. I want to find out who this killer is, if it’s my Aunt, then i want to ask a few questions. Now...if you don’t take me home, i’ll walk.
Dale: (sighs) Right, we’ll head to the North Pier party then...

Detective Jones: Here we are gentlemen...inside here could be Olive Specter, so just go easy...

Detective Sullivan: (gasps) That’s...her?
Detective Jones: That’s her alright.

Detective Sullivan: But...she's dead...who killed her?
Detective Jones: No idea, but it looks like we’ve been set up here. Turn the light on.

Detective Sullivan: But we got a tip-off from someone...she looks like she’s been dead a bit...shot in the head...
Detective Jones: Yes...i didn’t see anyone waiting to show us the house did you?
Detective Sullivan: one.
Detective Jones: Why would someone want to get us away from town though?
Detective Sullivan: Not a clue, but we need to head back there straight away.

Detective Jones: Damn it...
Detective Sullivan: What is it?
Detective Jones: Someone has stabbed the tire...

Barmaid: Can i help you miss?
Kristen: Erm...can i just have a glass of water please?

Kristen: (gasps) Jamie?!

Kristen: Jamie wait it’s Kristen...Jamie wait...

Kristen: Jamie....

Kristen: (screams) Help me!

Ophelia: It looks like everyone’s leaving the Pier, let’s go.

Dale: Wait Ophelia...just remember that this could be a trap...
Ophelia: I don’t care we have to hurry up...

Ophelia: Everyone has gone...
Dale: Yeah, looks like there’s another party somewhere...
Ophelia: Kristen would have stay here...
Dale: Try calling her...

(phone rings)

It’s coming from over here...

Dale: Here it is...

Ophelia: (screams) Dale! Behind you!

Dale: Argh!!

Ophelia: (screams)

Ophelia: (screams) Why won’t it open...someone help me please!

Voice: Running will only make this worse Ophelia...

Ophelia: Who...who are you...because you’re definitely not my Aunt...
Voice: I’m someone that you forgot about Ophelia...

Ophelia: (gasps) Ripp...Grunt?

Ripp: That’s right Ophelia; it’s me...all grown up.
Ophelia: But...why...why would you do this?
Ripp: (laughs) Oh you sound so’s sickening!
Ophelia: You’re murdering innocent people and i’m sickening?
Ripp: Don’t you dare mock me Ophelia...don’t you even think about it...

Ophelia: Sorry, i don’t understand why you’d do this...
Ripp: Your Aunt....yes...that old wicked witch...Olive Specter...murdered my mother...
Ophelia: Yeah i know she did...
Ripp: Yes...that evil horrible witch tore away the only person who ever loved mum was my world...the rest of my family didn’t understand me...
Ophelia: But were a victim in that horrible nightmare...why would you do this to other people?

Ripp: Do you want me to tell you the story of my life Ophelia, chapter by chapter? It would start off with my childhood, my amazing father was so disappointed when i grew up and told him i had no interest in the family business. Everyday he’d beat me for not being like the others...but my amazing mum was the only person that was there for me. I began gaining my strength and then...then...she was gone. The one person that was responsible for killing her was behind bars and i read in the paper that “moving on with your life”. But don't worry...i got revenge on your darling Aunt see i knew she'd be trying to find i kept an eye out for her and when i spotted her in a old home in the middle of town...bang bang!

Ophelia: What was i supposed to do?
Ripp: You could’ve taken responsibility for your Aunt’s actions, you washed your hands of it and “moved on”. The victim’s families couldn’t, we had to go on with our lives...but without that person there any more...but treated it like it was all okay. Then you left college, you with your good looks and all your friends...who do you think you are?!
Ophelia: Like it or not Ripp, we have to move on with our nursing yourself because of something that happened years ago won’t bring your mother back.
Ripp: You just don’t understand...but then again how could moved on right?
Ophelia: killed innocent people because you were jealous of the fact i moved on?
Ripp: See...more evidence that you don’t understand. I killed those people because i wanted to scare you...i wanted you to remember what happened...i wanted to re-create everything so i could make you feel the pain i did.

Ripp: Yes did it...i am the murderer this one can hurt me...but i can hurt others. How does it feel now you’ve lost your friends Ophelia? Both are dead...
Ophelia: Yeah Ripp...i’m really hurting right now...because you know something...your mother would be ashamed of you!
Ripp: How dare you!

Ophelia: Yes she would, if she could see you now she’d be disgusted at what a monster you’ve become...and i was originally going to say...actually’re crazy...and you’re just like my Aunt...a cold blooded killer!

Ophelia: (screams)

Ripp: That’s right...scream Ophelia...

Ripp: ...because you’re going to join your Aunt hell!


Ripp: (gasps) No...

Dale: Ophelia...
Ophelia: (gasps) Dale...

Ophelia: I thought you were dead...
Dale: I only fell into the water...i waited for him to move from the entrance so i could get a clear shot.
Ophelia: Thank god; Jamie and Kristen...they’re both dead...
Dale: I know....they’re both...under the pier...
Ophelia: And from what he Aunt is too...
Dale: I guess this is the closure you wanted.



Detective Jones: (gasps) Ophelia...Dale...
Dale: Detective Jones...i believe we have the killer...

Detective Jones: You can finally rest now; i’m just sorry your friends suffered...
Ophelia: You’ve done so much; all i can do is thank you.

Dale: He was wrong you know...about this being your fault.
Ophelia: (sighs) I know it...but i don’t think it right now.

Dale: Look at’ve done nothing wrong were a victim just like everyone else.
Ophelia: She was my Aunt, Dale...and i feel like i have some responsibility for the crimes she committed.
Dale: You really don’t Ophelia, she was wasn’t your fault.
Ophelia: Was Ripp...twisted?
Dale: Ripp was the same as you...he couldn’t move on. But the nightmare corrupted him so much that it turned him into the thing he hated.
Ophelia: So why wasn’t i corrupted?

Because you’re a warm, beautiful person that that could never be corrupted by anything...
Ophelia: Thank you for being there for me has been a massive support to me.
Dale: Well, i was hoping that maybe i could continue being a massive support to you?
Ophelia: Hmmm...yeah...i think i’d like that a lot.