Night of the Living Dead

Barbara: They ought to make the time the day changes the first day of summer.
Johnny: What?
Barbara: Well its 8 o'clock and it's still light.
Johnny: Lot of good the extra daylight does us. We've still got a three hour drive back; we're not going to be home before midnight.
Barbara: Well if it really bugged you Johnny you wouldn't do it.
Johnny: Do you think i want to blow Sunday in a place like this?

Barbara: Well Mother can't make a trip like this.
Johnny: We may as well move her out here so she can come regularly.
Barbara: Johnny it takes you five minutes.
Johnny: Yeah, five minutes to shove the flowers down and three hours to get back.

Radio: "Ladies and Gentlemen we're coming back on the air due to an interruption...."
Johnny: Hey...erm...

Johnny: Y'know the radio wasn't faulty, it was the station...
Barbara: Which row is it again?

Barbara: Here it is.

Johnny: Hey come on Barbara, let's hit the road. We've got a three hour drive back.
Barbara: Johnny! I think you complain just hear yourself talk.
Johnny: Do you remember when we were kids? We used to come up here with Grandpa, and i used to hide by that tree in the corner and scare you. He always said "Boy you'd be damned to hell".
Barbara: Okay let's go.
Johnny: Do you remember that?
Barbara: Johnny! Stop it, let's go.

Johnny: Hey you're still afraid!
Barbara: Come on we're going...
Johnny: "They're coming to get you Barbara..."

Barbara: Stop it! You're acting like a child!

Johnny: They're coming for you! Look, there goes one of them now! I'm getting out of here.

Barbara: (screams) Ahh! No! Johnny Help me!

Barbara: (gasps) No!

Barbara: No Keys! Johnny has the keys!

Barbara: (screams)

Ben: Get Inside!

Ben: Is this your house?
Barbara: What?
Ben: Do you live here?
Barbara: I...i...
Ben: Is there anybody else in here?
Barbara: I...don't know...

Barbara: What's happening?
Ben: I don't know...

Ben: I suppose you've tried this...

Ben: Do you have a car?
Barbara: No...i
Ben: Look, we should be safe here until morning, it's too risky to go running out now, it's nearly dark. We're going to be okay...

Ben: I the City...with a few friends. We went to some flashy restaurant for something to eat. We sat thing...some guy ran in, screaming and shouting about some people biting his arm. The waitress went to call the police, next thing, i saw a truck, flying towards us, no signs of slowing down. It was flying towards us...everyone saw it. They ran out of the way...

Ben: I managed to get out...i thought my friends...i thought they were behind me. I got as far away as possible...the next thing, the whole restaurant went up in flames....the truck had hit it. I looked around...there were no sign of my friends anywhere...i left them inside the restaurant. The next thing i knew, there were...five...six of those things staring at me...walking towards me...shambling towards i got in a car and got as far away as possible.

Barbara: We came to put some flowers on my Father's grave. My mother...she could never make a trip like that. brother...he was so cocky, he was playing around...saying "they're coming to get you Barbara". I just walked old man walked by, Johnny said "he's one of them Barbara", so i went to apologise to him...but then...he grabbed me!!

Barbara: He ripped at me! And i screamed for Johnny! Then i ran away...
Ben: Look, i think we need to start boarding up these windows...there are some good pieces of wood around the house.
Barbara: No! We have to go and get Johnny! He's all alone.

Ben: Sorry Barbara, your brother is dead.
Barbara: No! He's alive, don't you tell me anything different. He's alive i know it.
Ben: Just sit down! Okay? We'll go and get him...but you need to stay here for a moment, i'm going to look around okay?
Barbara: Then we'll go and get him?
Ben: Yes...but please...stay here...

Ben: Hmm...

Barbara: (screams) BEN!

Tommy: Don't shoot, we're human.
Ben: How long have you been down there?
Harry: Long enough...
Ben: Didn't you hear us up here? We could've used some help!
Harry: Hey! Maybe you can see through walls Mister but i can't. We heard some banging around...could've been those things for all we know.

Tommy: That's not true, we heard the girl screaming but we were too scared to come up.
Ben: Do you guys live here?
Tommy: No, my and my girlfriend Judy-Rose, we were out for a walk, we saw some woman run in here, and something was chasing her. We came in to help...she was dead. Then some guy tried to bite Judy, we just ran into the cellar. Then Mr. Cooper and his family came knocking on the door for help.
Harry: Let's go, we can talk about this in the cellar.
Ben: I don't think going down in that cellar is such a smart move. We can board the windows up here and fight them off.
Tommy: What's up with the girl?

Ben: Her...her brother has died.
Tommy: Oh...
Ben: So what are your names?
Tommy: I'm Tommy, this here is Harry Cooper. His wife and daughter are in the cellar, Helen and Karen Cooper. Karen is hurt, Mr. Cooper's wife has been nursing her...but she's hurt real bad.
Harry: Do you have a car?

Ben: Yes, but it's out of fuel.
Tommy: There's a gas pump out at the back, it's locked though.
Ben: Which means the keys will be here somewhere.

Harry: Look...

Harry: Into the cellar now!
Ben: No Cooper! We're not doing it! We're staying up here.

Judy: Tommy, what's going on?

Tommy: Judy, we're going to board up the windows.
Judy: Board up the windows? Are you sure we're going to be okay?
Tommy: This is Ben, he seems to know what he's doing Judy.

Harry: You can forget it! You guys can stay up here; we're not opening the door again. Do you hear me?!

Ben: Get lost Cooper.

Helen: What's going on?
Harry: They're going to board up the windows.
Helen: And you won't help them...typical.
Harry: They have no idea what they're doing!

Helen: Harry! Look, that is your daughter laying there; we've got to get her to a doctor. You may sit down here and let your pride get the better of you, well i'm not.

Helen: Tommy! Open the door, we're coming up!

Ben: Right, get these book shelves in front of the windows and the furniture in the doorways.

Judy: They're so slow! We can walk right pass them, we wouldn't even have to run. We have a gun; if we rush we can make it.

Ben: Sorry girl, it's too dangerous to go out there now.

Helen: What's happened to that girl?
Ben: Her Brother died, she's been out of it ever since i found her.

Helen: Oh...don't be afraid, i'm Helen Cooper. What's your name?
Barbara: My name is Barbara. What time is it?
Helen: Oh...erm...i don't have a watch.
Barbara: What's happening?
Helen: Well, we're boarding up the windows...
Barbara: Did Johnny make it?
Helen: Johnny...who's Johnny?
Barbara: My brother of course...
Helen: Oh dear...i...just a minute dear...

Helen: Have you tried this?
Barbara: No.

Radio: #...and because of the crisis which is now in motion, this radio station will remain open.

Ben: I didn't check that...
Helen: Ssh!

Radio: #Many TV stations and radio stations are currently pulling all their resources to inform you about the crisis. The facts we have so far are, that there is an epidemic of mass murder being committed by a group of unidentified assassins. The murders are taking place in Villages, Cities and suburbs for no apparent matter or reason for the slayings. It appears to be an explosion of mass homicide. Eye witnesses say that the creatures are "ordinary looking" but have a pale blue effect to their skin. They also appear to walk with a shamble and seem to be in a trance-like state, a state which has not been explained in full detail yet.

Tommy: My god it's everywhere...
Ben: The Cities are in more danger than us. I've just come from Evans City, it's a war zone.

Helen: Is there anything i can do?
Ben: Is there any bookcases in the cellar?
Helen: Yes, one.
Ben: I'll go and get it. Will you watch over Barbara for me?

Judy: Oh my god! There's one of the porch!
Tommy: Keep still Judy!

Judy: Just push this in front of the window quick!

Harry: You'll not last five minutes up there...
Ben: Cooper, just keep down here and we'll be fine.
Harry: You're going to die! But when they break in me, Helen and Karen will stay up here.
Ben: Why don't you listen to your wife Cooper? She seems to be speaking more sense at the moment.

Barbara: Oh, it's so hot in here.
(a large crash comes from the other room)

Judy: (screams) Tommy! Help!

Ben: Come on guys, we need to keep this place secure.

Judy: How's Karen?
Helen: Still the same, Harry's watching her.
Judy: I'll go and check on her.

(window smashes)

Helen: (screams) Help!
Judy: Wait here!

Judy: Helen! Bring that bookcase over here!

Helen: Can someone tell me why this part of the house still isn't secure?

Harry: Helen! Get down in the cellar now! They're breaking in.
Judy: No Mr. Cooper, we have it under control.

Ben: Judy, we could do with you checking upstairs, if it's okay.
Judy: Sure!

Harry: Judy, i'll check upstairs, can you watch Karen for me?
Judy: Are you sure?
Harry: Positive.
Judy: Okay.

Harry: Awesome! A TV!

Harry: Oh my god...we need to hurry...


10 Minutes Later...

TV: #The attacks we have seen are not the result of mass hysteria. The murders which are being committed across America tonight are at the hands of those who feast on the flesh of their victims. First development of these attacks came from people who were chased into their home at 8 o'clock this morning by two of the assassins. They were understandably frightened. Medical scientists have experimented on some of those victims; they revealed that the victims had been partially devoured by the murderers.

TV: #Sorry, we interrupt you with another news bulletin coming from the scientists. It has been established that people who have recently died have been returning to life and committing acts of murder. Reports from funeral homes and morgues have announced that the bodies of the recently dead have been returning to life and seeking human victims. It's hard for us here to believe what we're reporting to you, but it does seem so. When this emergency first began, we were advising you to stay indoors for safe keeping, but that situation has now changed, we're able to report a civil defensive group which has been part of the US Government for 30 years has been put into action. They're currently in the Pennsylvania area and are working towards Evans City.
Tommy: That's right near us...

Ben: You seem to know this area, are you from around here?
Tommy: Yeah, i grew up around here.
Ben: The gas pump you mentioned out there any other way we can get the keys for it?
Tommy: Well, we can always use a pick lock! Judy knows how to do it.
Ben: We can drive my car out there now, take Judy and we can get this car back on track. We'll come back and pick the rest of you up!

Helen: I'll go and tell Judy to come up.

Ben: Yes! Harry, Helen and Barbara can stay here with Karen.
Harry: I think we should get Barbara in the cellar for now...just in case...
Ben: Yes, i agree.

Barbara: What's happening?
Ben: You need to go in the cellar now with Mr. Cooper, and then we can leave.
Barbara: Oh yes I'd like to leave...

Judy: What's happening?
Ben: Tommy says you can pick locks; well me, you and Tommy are going to the gas pump.
Judy: Fine, we'll have to hurry though....
Tommy: Why?
Judy: Because there are loads outside right?
Ben: Right...

Ben: Ready?
Tom & Judy: Ready!
Ben: Cooper, keep watch, make sure we get back in...
Harry: Right!

Harry: And now we wait.

Ben: Hurry up Judy!
Judy: I'm trying...
Tommy: We're drawing a crowd here guys...

Ben: Urghh! Get off me!
Judy: Ben!!

Judy: Ben, watch your back...
Tommy: Hurry up guys!

Ben: Damn! The Gun!

Ben: Tom what are you doing!

Judy: No! Tommy!!!

Ben: Judy, we need to run back to the house!
Judy: No! Tommy's dead!
Ben: Come on...there's nothing you can...

Ben: Judy! Come on!

Judy: (screams) Ahh!

Ben: Damn!!

Ben: Cooper! Cooper, open up!

Harry: No, cellar time for me.

Ben: (smashes door in) You b*stard!

Helen: Ben! What happened?!
Ben: They died...Judy and Tommy...they're dead and we don't have a car anymore either.
Helen: No!

TV: #For those of you, still out there in Pennsylvania, the Defence team will be approaching you shortly. They have covered the south side of Pennsylvania and many have been saved...

Harry: If Tommy were still alive he could've told us how close we are to them.
Ben: But he's maybe we should try and get on with it...

Helen: What's going on?!
Ben: They've tricked the power box.
Helen: They're breaking in!

Barbara: No! Go away!

Ben: Quick, we need to get this bookcase back!

Harry: I'm checking on Karen...
Helen: Harry!
Harry: Sorry Helen.

Helen: (screams) Oh no!

Harry: Baby?

Harry: Oh my god...

Harry: (yells) Ahh! Help!

Helen: No, go away! Help us, please God, someone help us...

Ben: Barbara! Can you help us?
Barbara: Yes!

Barbara: Get out!
Ben: Help me with this bookcase.

Barbara: Ben, they're coming in the other room...i'll go and check it out.
Ben: Great work Barb...

Helen: Harry...we could really use your help...oh...
Helen: (screams)

Helen: (screams) No! Help! Help me someone! Please! Somebody help me.

Barbara: No! No! Get out!...

Barbara: Johnny?! No! Johnny, get off me!

Ben: Barbara!

Ben: (yells)


The Night is over...

Man with beard: Here we are, the old "Reage House".
Woman: I knew those monsters wouldn't be here...

Man with beard: There's one in the doorway right now...go on Lisa...shoot it.

Lisa: Here goes...

Man with beard: There you go, another one for the fire.


The End