Joomla: How To

Joomla is an easy-to-use program, which is utilised to make the web pages for the SimTV site. Its capacity for multiple accounts means that any writer can upload their shows at their own discretion. However, new writers might feel a little lost when they first use it.

This is an idiots' guide to using Joomla, which will demonstrate its use with a pre-existing SimTV Comedy show called “Werewolf!”. To make it appropriate for your show, just change “Comedy” to the relevant genre and use the correct name of the show.


Getting an Account

Having an account created for you is the first obvious step. Contact Jason, Sam or Jon via forum PM or through email (contact details here), and they can create a new account for you and supply the details of how to log on. Remember to change your password in the User Manager.

Note: You must first have your show approved for SimTV by any one of the media management team.


Uploading Images

To upload pictures, go to: [Component / Joomla Flash Uploader / Upload]

Once there, make a new folder in [Images / Comedy] from the left menu, and call it “Werewolf!”.

Then within the “Werewolf!” folder, create a new folder called “s1e01” (where “s1” refers to series 1, and “e01” refers to episode 1). Click “add files” and select your relevant files.

Tip: when the Windows Explorer box is open at the correct folder, click and drag your mouse over all the images, then select Open, instead of clicking on each individually.

Now click Upload. There is a limit to how much you can upload at one time (3 MB), so you might have to do it in two or more sittings.


Creating a Category

If you’re creating a brand new show, you need to make a “category” for it.

A “section” corresponds to the SimTV genre (i.e. Reality, Comedy, Drama, Mystery), whereas a “category” refers to the name of your SimTV show. You do not need to make a new section for your show, as they already exist!

Go to: [Content / Category Manager]

Click New. Enter “Werewolf!” into Title, and leave Alias blank (Joomla will automatically fill it in for you). Under Section, select “Comedy”, and leave everything else unchanged. Click Save.


Creating an Article

To create the main body of your page, you need to create an article. To get started, go to: [Content / Article Manager]. Click New.

In Title, enter “Werewolf! Series 1 – Episode 1 – Werewolf?”. It’s important to have details of the series number and episode number there, and a name for your episode (in this case “Werewolf?”) is optional.

Select the appropriate Section and Category from the drop-boxes. If you don’t want other people to see your page yet until it's finished, click “No” under Published. Remember to go back and click "Yes" once you finish all of these stages. Leave Alias blank.

Now you’re free to get typing away. My personal advice is to type up your shows in a Word or notepad document first, and then later copy and paste the text into the Joomla article editor. Alternatively, you can enter html directly by clicking Toggle Editor.

To save what you’ve got without leaving the article, click Apply. To save and exit the article, click Save.


Making the Homepage for your Show

Every show needs a homepage. To do this, create a new article and put the name of your show in the Title. Leave Alias blank and select the appropriate Section and Category. Click Save.


Making Menus

Menus are compulsory for navigating through the pages of your show. To make a menu, click on [Menus / Comedy Sub Menu]. NB: Please make the menu within the relevant genre’s submenu! Click New.

First, let’s make the comedy menu item for the Werewolf! homepage.

Where it says Select Menu Item Type, select “Articles” under “Internal Link”, then choose “Article Layout”. Enter “Werewolf! under Title, and “Werewolf” (STRICTLY WITH NO PUNCTUATION MARKS) into Alias. What you enter here in Alias will end up in the final URL for your show on the SimTV site. Leave Link blank. For Display In:, select “Comedy Sub Menu” (or relevant menu). For Parent Item, the ONLY item selected should be highlighted is the name of the section - in this case “Comedy”.

Under Parameters (Basic), click Select. Then select the article you previously made for the homepage (in this case titled “Werewolf!”). Then click Save.

Secondly, create a separator.

Click New. This time, under Select Menu Item Type, select “Separator”. Enter “Series 1” or “Season 1” under Title, enter “s1” under Alias, select “Comedy Sub Menu” for Display In:, and for Parent Item, the ONLY item selected should be the name of your show - in this case “Werewolf!”. Then click Save.

Thirdly, create a link for your episode.

Click New. Select “Articles” then “Article Layout”. Enter “Episode 1” under Title, and “ep01” under Alias. Again, what you enter under Alias will be present in the final URL for that page.

Select “Comedy Sub Menu” for Display In:, and for Parent Item, the ONLY item selected should be the separator you have just created - in this case “Series 1”. Under Parameters (Basic), click Select. Then select the article you previously made for episode 01 (in this case titled “Werewolf! Series 1 – Episode 1 – Werewolf?”). Then click Save.


Getting the Menus on Every Page

As of yet, the menus will not actually appear on every page. To correct this, you need to create a menu module for every page you create.

Go to: [Extensions / Module Manager]

Click New, then select Menu and hit Next. Enter “Werewolf!” (the title of your show) into Title. Under Position, select “right”. Under Order, select make sure that the order is anything ABOVE “Right Advertisement”.

Under Menu Assignment, select “Select Menu Items(s) from the List”, and select ALL ITEMS RELEVANT TO YOUR SHOW. (See picture for details!)

Under Parameters, and Menu Name select “Comedy-sub” (or relevant -sub). Start Level should be “2”, and End Level should be “0”. Make sure Always show sub-menu Items is set to “Yes”.

NOTE: Every time you release a new episode and therefore make a new menu item, you have to go back to this module manager step and correct the Menu Assignment so that it highlights the newest menu items created.


Once You’re Done

The next thing to do is to list your episode on the front page (, under Updates.

To do this, go to: [Extensions / Module Manager / Updates] and go to the form at the bottom called Custom Output. Add a link to your episode and click Save.

Now you’re ready to advertise and promote your show wherever you want!